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Kate A. Boorman is the creator and the author of the Winterkill series of fictional novels. The debut novel came out in 2014 and carries the same name as the series, Winterkill. The second installment of this series came out a year later and is titled Darkthaw. The third book in the series was published in 2016 and is titled Heartfire, making the series a trilogy.

Winterkill is the exciting first novel in the Winterkill series by Boorman. Whether you are a young adult reader or just a fan of fantasy, you’re going to want to check out the debut tale in this series for yourself.

In this debut, readers get to meet the main character of Emmeline for the first time. Emmeline lives in a unique fictional place where freedom of choice and pursuing what you want are absolutely off the table. The place that she resides has a moratorium on love and also controls whether you leave or not.

The settlement where she lives is governed by a body called The Council. They have their own rules, which are comprehensive and also strict. They’re purported to be put down for the greater good of this settlement so that everyone can survive and maintain quality of life.

The people that live there see the Wall that divides them from the outside. They believe that on its other side, nothing lurks there for them but danger. Everyone knows this and it would not be in their best interest to risk things to go and see whether that is true or not. Besides, they have to annually prepare for the winterkill, a period of freezing cold that they have to get ready for if they want to survive it.

Emmeline is the one person that doesn’t seem to blindly believe what they are told. She finds that the rules of the Council are suffocating as opposed to protective in a parental way. She tries to be obedient to what they dictate, but then she finds out that a leader in the Council is planning to get her as their betrothed and marry her.

This is the last straw and a major catalyst for Emmeline. When she starts to hear the trees behind the wall calling for her, will she listen to what they are saying? Are they truly speaking or is it her drive to get out from under this oppressive culture that she has grown up in? Read the first book in the Winterkill series to find out!

Darkthaw is the second book in the Winterkill series of fictional novels by Kate A. Boorman. In the first story, readers got to see the world that Emmeline lives in. Now they get to continue the story and see what happens in this engrossing universe!

Emmeline can recall back her entire life, and for as far back that she is able to remember, she hasn’t been content with living there. For years she has wanted nothing more than to get out of the fishbowl life that she has in the settlement. Sick of the isolation and the culture, she has longed to get out of there and pursue her desire to explore all of the wilderness outside.

It’s not just her waking life, either. When she’s dreaming, she hears the trees and that wild place call out to her. Things have changed significantly in the settlement, however. The Council has come down and now she feels that she is finally able to get the opportunity to get out of there and explore. So she sets out with Matisa, a guide, along with her.

Emmeline is also able to get a group to come with her, which includes her love Kane and his two brothers, both younger. However, it appears that their journey will be fraught with peril. There is disease, slavers, clans at war, colonists, and even natural disasters to contend with.

Emmeline’s dream is starting to reveal that perhaps she was not prepared for the dangers they would face. Now she’s wondering whether she should have left at all, let alone get others involved. She’s worried that she may lose Kane due to this. Her guide suggests that she goes to Matisa’s people and to try and put things right. But is this good guidance or another potential pitfall? Read the second book in this series to find out!

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