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Publication Order of Pinch of Nom Cookbooks

with Kay Featherstone, Laura Davis
Pinch of Nom (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Food Planner (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Everyday Light (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy Food Planner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Comfort Food (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Family Meal Planner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Enjoy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Allinson is a bestselling author of recipe books who usually writes alongside her life and business partner Kay Featherstone. She met her partner about 15 years ago when they saw each other profiles on Gaydar Girls.
Once they met, they had ended up in Rhyl, North Wales and within a few months, Featherstone was living in New Brighton, Wallasey at the Allinson family home.

Kate and her partner live with Lisa her older sister and her father and has been living there for the better part of more than four decades. At some point, she lived at the small house in the backyard which used to be her grandmother’s Bed and Breakfast.
At the time she met Featherstone, she was the proprietor and manager of Cromwells” her own restaurant based in the small town of Irby.

It was not long before Featherstone took charge of the front of the house. Their relationship was driven by food and they used to work even when the restaurant was closed.

During their downtimes, they used to eat a lot of Chinese takeaways and watch all manner of TV programs to do with cooking.

Having always been interested in cooking and catering, Kate Allinson went to catering college. Over the years, she had worked for the Boddingtons chain as a head chef.

On her part, Featherstone had worked at the florist’s shop run by her parents and did some voiceovers at a Liverpool radio station. It was Allison and food who offered her what at last felt like home.

Running a restaurant was always hard work particularly when Allinson’s mother who was the chief accountant had a brain hemorrhage. Since she had to take care of her mother the restaurant remained closed.

It hit her hard but she gathered herself and found a job working for an IT company in Canada. She did not understand much about what her company did other than it sped up the internet using data centers in the cloud.

While it does seem that Allinson was totally unsuited to such type of company since it had nothing to do with food, it paid the bills. In between taking contract work with the Canadian company they would just lay around and did not do anything much.

In January 2016 Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone were persuaded by Lisa to attend Slimming World. It was there that they got the inspiration and began making recipes for dishes that would be in their first tiny family kitchen book.

In the beginning, Kate Allinson used to photograph the food they made on the dining room table just for keeps. During this time, her father lost a Stone just eating their food and they started believing they could make a difference.

Things really came to a head when they heard someone random discussing their Pinch of Nom recipe at Slimming World. With renewed confidence, they put in even more effort and now have an army of followers and a team of almost a dozen.

To take ownership of their bodies they love to describe themselves as two fat chefs.

Kate Allinson’s “Pinch of Nom” is what you need to be reading if you need to lose weight but are fed up with no dressing and salads.

If you often find that trying to work out how many calories are in some food and as such just decided to eat preprepared foods when you prefer to cook it yourself then this is for you.

This recipe book includes categories such as sweet treats, breakfasts, sides and snacks, fakeaways, roasts and bakes, quick meals, soups, and stews.

It is a great cookbook as the recipes provide detailed instructions for a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and oven cooking whenever applicable.

The cookbook was inspired by the writings in a food blog that Kate Allinson used to write to encourage people to make lower-calorie food on their own.

It is packed with all manner of ideas as every recipe has a certain number of calories and is easy to incorporate into other popular diet plans.

The author also includes everyday food and some more indulgent celebrations and treats. These are healthy treats for the whole family even if you are on a diet.
It also includes suggestions for adapting the recipes for alternative diets such as dairy-free or vegan diets.

Kate Allinson’s work “Pinch of Nom Everyday Light” is another great cookbook. It makes for an interesting tool that you can use for some experiments in the kitchen.

What this cookbook is good for is that whenever you are lost but have close at hand a specific ingredient, you can usually just check the index and get a few ideas.

The good thing is that the recipes are very adaptable and you can always manage to make something, even if you do not have some ingredients. Most of these recipes are under 400 calories if you adhere to the measurements given.
Still, the meals are always filling and very tasty. Some of my favorites include minced turkey wraps, Mediterranean roasted vegetables, root vegetable soup, and minced pork burgers.

Coming with batch cook recipes, they make cooking for the week easier. The selection of quick meals makes for some great variety that you can sometimes make without much effort.

These are healthy and tasty recipes that are very easy to make with even easier-to-find ingredients.

“Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy” by Kate Allinson is a work that combines everything from speedy sweet treats, to batch cook basics, and all-in-one family favorites.

The work comes with some very delicious dishes but what is even better is that they are filling, even as they are slimming.

Coming with satisfying and tasty meals such as Apricot Oaty Crumble, Apple and Pasta, Creamy Cajun Chicken, and Veggie Satay Noodles, there is something for just about everyone.

It features some of the best flavors from Pinch of Nom and as usual, they make use of easy-to-find ingredients in simple recipes. It is a great selection of low-calorie recipes that emphasizes easy and quick-to-produce recipes.
The Fakeaway section is particularly great with its offerings of low-calorie foods most of which are mainstream rather than the wacky and weird combinations you would find in other recipe books.

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