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Publication Order of Secrets and Spies Books

To Steal a Heart (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Raven's Heart (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Counterfeit Heart (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Orchids and Mistletoe (As: Kate Bateman) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Regency Novella Books

The Promise of a Kiss (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Devil to Pay (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

A Midnight Clear: A Christmas Novella (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Summer Wedding At Castle Keyvnor Books

Dazzled at the Wedding (By: Kate Pearce,Ava Stone,Nicole Locke) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breathless at the Wedding (With: Michelle Willingham,Jerrica Knight-Catania) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beguiled at the Wedding (By: Deb Marlowe,Jane Charles,Virginia Heath) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

A Christmas Brothel: A Set of Canterbury Christmas Tales(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss of the Red Scorpion(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Bateman also known as K.C. Bateman is a bestselling historical romance author who writes novels in the Renaissance, Victorian, and Regency periods. She is known for the “Secrets and Spies,” “Bow Street Bachelors,” and “Regency Novella” series among several single standing novels. She writes novels about intelligent, feisty heroines with mischievously inappropriate banter and snarky and sensual heroes that you want to both kiss and strangle. Bateman wrote her first historical romance as a result of a dare from her husband who said he would give her a dollar if she finished it. She went on to write her first novel “To Steal A Heart” the first of the “Secrets and Spies” series in 2017. When she is not traveling to the world’s exotic locations to research her bestselling novels, you can find her working on TV. She is an on-screen antiques expert and fine art appraiser and her shows have been estimated to attract millions of viewers. She spends her time between England and Illinois in the United States, where she lives with her husband and children.

Kate Bateman was born to parents that were auctioneers and artists as they owned an art gallery and an antiques store. She was born in the United Kingdom but also spent a lot of time in Spain as a child. She went to the Oundle School then proceeded to the University of Nottingham from whence she got her Bachelor’s in Arts and studied French and English. After college, she got a job in publishing before she realized that she loved antiques more. However, she did not have the money for pursuing her interest and thus collected affordable things in auction houses. Since she had worked with her father growing up, she partnered with him to set up an auction house and it was from there that she was approached to do shows such as “Flog It,” “Bargain Hunt” and “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” As a novelist, she also writes as KC Bateman, writing historical romance that lends itself to erotica and which comes with strong female leads. She has asserted that she did well in the world of antiques because she has always had a love of history. The writing of historical romance is an extension of that love.

Kate Bateman’s historical romances are saucy passion-filled stories set in Regency and Victorian periods. Her very popular “Secrets and Spies” novels are set during the Napoleonic era and showcase the dark history of the time. However, despite the hard times, the romance does not stop as men and women will still be attracted to each other no matter what. The first novel of the series is about Marianne, a woman who finds herself in a tough spot just like many others in those times. She is determined to protect her sister but soon discovers that it may include doing things she never wants to do. Her love interest is Nicolas Valette, a man driven by revenge against Napoleon who sees her as someone to further his mission. Soon he finds himself falling for the feisty woman that he manipulated into working with him. In “A Raven’s Heart” the second novel of the series Raven and Heloise cannot fight the intense chemistry between them. Raven is attracted to Heloise the sister of his best friend and is desperately trying to curb his attraction given the unwritten rule about dating your friend’s sister. Heloise finds Raven arrogant and infuriating, though she is the most witty, gorgeous and most charming man she ever met. But he had rejected her six years ago when she tried to kiss him and she has never forgotten the incident. In “A Counterfeit Heart,” Sabine and Richard are competitive and intelligent individuals that feed off each other’s sharp intellect, ideas and stimulating conversation. But even as they cannot deny the attraction between them, they wrestle with secrets that may just destroy their fledgling relationship.

Kate Bateman’s debut novel “To Steal a Heart” is the story of Marianne Bonnard. She has been working as a circus performer and tightrope walker at the Cirque Olympique for the past five years since she lost her parents in a freak fire accident. The only person she has left is Sophie her younger sister and she will do anything to keep her safe. After the death of their parents, they had been brought to Paris by Duval their cousin who is a corrupt government official charged with supervising the Parisian brothels. He had threatened to put the girls to work in the brothels until Marianne agreed to work hard to pay him for their upkeep and more. He had agreed to leave them alone as long as Marianne spied and stole for him while Sophie remained under his watch in the city. Marianne has her hardest assignment yet when Duval asks that she plant evidence in the house of the most dangerous men in France, a protégé of a powerful man in the French government the spymaster Nicolas Valette. But Nicolas is always one step ahead and when she tries to break into his house he is waiting and catches her in the act. But instead of turning her in or killing her, he offers to protect her and her sister if she works on one mission with him.

“A Raven’s Heart” the second novel of the Secrets and Spies series is an intriguing novel about Viscount Ravenwood an embittered man and Heloise Hampden a highly intelligent girl who knows everything about breaking code. Ravenwood had once been kidnapped by persons intending to blackmail the Duke of Avondale his grandfather. His grandfather had refused to pay the ransom forcing Raven to make his own escape. He had since then refused to have anything to do with the duke and instead worked for the crown given the ruthless, confidence and fearlessness he had acquired while in captivity. He has a dark side to him but cannot deny that he is developing feelings for the talented girl Heloise who has an unusual gift for code-breaking. He thinks he can use her skills to bring back Napoleon from exile and make him emperor of France again. Raven has been charged with protecting Heloise since her success at breaking the codes of English agents has made her a target. Raven has grown up as friends with her brothers and they have always been friends though the spark of attraction is now threatening to take things to another level. When a friend of Raven is captured and held prisoner, he has to travel to try to rescue him. Since Heloise is in his charge, she has to travel with him and this is when the sparks start to fly.

Kate Bateman’s “A Counterfeit Heart” is the story of Sabine de la Tour a counterfeiter of banknotes who suddenly has to bid farewell to her life as a notorious criminal. Since Napoleon came to power she had made her living making counterfeit money that had turned scoundrels into wealthy men and destabilized Europe. But she is now facing execution alongside her partners and the only way she can escape her predicament is by going to England to strike a deal with the man she had been running away from for years. But now that she has met the arrogant spy, all she wants to do is throw herself in his arms and beg for mercy. The spy is Richard Hampden otherwise known as Viscount Lovell, a man prepared to do anything to ensure the French Revolution does not spread to England. To achieve his goals he is ready to make a deal with Phillippe Lacorte, one of the most known counterfeiters on the continent. When the counterfeiter shows up, he is surprised to learn that it is a gamine faced beauty that leaves him aroused. Unlike the debutantes that have been hurling themselves at him, she offers an irresistible and unique challenge. He is going to help Sabine as long as she can provide something even she cannot counterfeit.

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