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Publication Order of Chance of a Lifetime Books

Beginner's Luck (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Luck of the Draw (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best of Luck (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Missing Christmas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Lettering (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love at First (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Georgie, All Along (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Side of Disappearing (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

A Snowy Little Christmas(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Clayborn is an acclaimed American writer of romance, contemporary, chick-lit, adult fiction, and women’s fiction stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Chance of a Lifetime series. Clayborn’s books often make the readers laugh, happy-sigh, and cry. Her novels are often hailed as witty and warm and have been praised by numerous critics all over the world. Author Clayborn says that she began writing stories for the first time when she was in the first grade. Her teacher had asked her to do handwriting practice on an extra-wide ruled paper, but she ended up writing everything from secret agents to fairy princesses and also about fairy princesses who worked as secret agents. Clayborn received gold stars from her teacher for handwriting and was also noticed for the other stuff she mentioned in her story. This incident remained just a memory when Clayborn grew up. She went on to do many things, including obtaining her master’s degree, her Ph.D., travel, work, renovate her home, and live her life on her own terms. But, whatever she did, there was always a book by her side. It seemed that the love for books and stories did not fade away at all.

When Clayborn came across a great book of romance, she was reminded of her childhood interest and was motivated to start writing again. Since then, she has not looked back and has worked up and published several excellent novels of romance. Clayborn enjoys working on her laptop and hardly keeps it out of her reach. Author Clayborn claims that she is most interested in writing stories that tend to make readers happy-sigh and snort-laugh, and feature strong, smart heroines facing the world alongside complicated families, good men, and true friends. Clayborn feels she is lucky to be able to spend time reading great books and talking about them. Whenever she is not busy with reading a great book, she is either found writing them or thinking to write them or thinking about the editing that needs to be done to make them look perfect in every sense.

During her spare time, Clayborn likes to take long walks in and around the neighborhood. She also likes to spend time with her charming husband and her pet dog and make them listen to the first draft of her forthcoming novels. Though they feel quite bored to listen to her talks, she has never minded it. Currently, Clayborn resides in Virginia and spends most of her time working on the development of her future novels. She thinks that the hardest part of developing a book is writing. As a writer, Clayborn loves to write scenes where her female characters are shown interacting with one another. And this has proved to work very well for her so far. Clayborn likes to offer her gratitude to all the readers and critics who have spoken kindly for her novels. She feels that they have played a great role in making her successful and helping her books in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe.

As of now, Clayborn is working on her new standalone novel based on contemporary romance and is very much excited about it. She hopes that the readers will provide the same love and support to it that they have provided for all her previous books. Clayborn feels happy to know that her books have worked very well and hopes that all her upcoming books will also do great with the blessings and support of her fans. She wishes to keep writing for as long as she can and entertain the readers with her work. Until her next book comes out, she hopes that readers will continue to read her already published novels and help to make them even more successful.

The Chance of a Lifetime series written by author Kate Clayborn began in 2017 and comprised of three books till 2018. Clayborn has depicted the central characters in this series in the roles of Kit Averin, Ben Tucker, Zoe Ferris, Aiden O’Leary, Gree Hawthorne, Alex Averin, etc. The debut book of this contemporary romance series is entitled ‘Beginner’s Luck’. It was published by the Lyrical Shine publication in 2017. This book shows how three friends purchase a lottery ticket based on impulse and the ways in which their lives go on to change forever. Initially, Kit Averin is introduced as a normal woman. She doesn’t know anything about gambling and has a steady job as a scientist at the university. The only focus of her life is to maintain herself in such a way that society accepts her.

Kit dreams to buy a home in a posh society and works very hard to achieve it. But, things begin to change when a charming and handsome corporate recruiter arrives at her lab and succeeds in finding a place in her heart. When Ben Tucker learns that the scientist he has hired for his new project is a young, beautiful, and sharp-witted woman, he becomes surprised and excited. When Kit shows reluctance to join his company, Ben shows the willingness to talk her into it and gives her time to think. The usual encounter goes on to take the form of heated attraction that neither Ben nor Kit are able to deny.

The second installment of this series is known as ‘Luck of the Draw’. It was published in 2018 by Lyrical Shine. The main characters of this book include Aiden O’Leary and Zoe Ferris. Initially, it is mentioned that Zoe decides to quit her job as a corporate attorney after winning a lottery. But, she is unable to overcome the guilt of the wrongful treatment of the O’Leary family in a death case at the hands of her firm. With an intention to set things right, Zoe approaches the grieving, gruff Aiden O’Leary, but realizes that he doesn’t need her apology. When Aiden informs her that he needs something else from her, she wonders if she is in a position to give it to him. Aiden does not know what made him ask Zoe to pose as his fake fiancee. But, one thing that he knows very well is that he requires a bride to win the bid to purchase the campground with which he intends to keep the legacy of his beloved brother. Aiden was aware that Zoe was a perfect fit, given her skills in the art of deception, but he didn’t know she could bring humor and heart to the partnership. Being in the company of the cool beauty makes him develop an attraction that he struggles to manage with each passing day. Aiden is not able to get over the dark truth of falling for the woman that he had promised never to forgive.

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