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Kate Gable is a mystery fiction author from California who is best known for the “Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery” and the “Detective Charlotte Pierce Mystery” series.
While she loved reading, she went to the University of Southern California where she got her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

After graduating with her Mathematics degree, she switched gears so that she could pursue a career as an author, which is what she had always wanted to do ever since she was a kid.

Kate Gable attended Western New Mexico University, where she got her master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. She would later attend Old Dominion University, where she graduated with her doctorate degree in Education.

She published “Girl Missing,” her debut novel in 2021, and has since published at least a dozen works of fiction. She has said that she has always loved mysteries that are suspenseful probably due to her upbringing.
As a child, she grew up devouring all manner of crime novels and psychological thrillers in addition to true crime TV shows and movies.

Her favorite stories tend to be anything that centers on families with a lot of lies and secrets which results in all manner of turns and twists. Most of her works have been known to have elements of romance, psychological suspense, mystery, and thriller.
She has now become a USA Today bestselling author of mysteries, even though she also pens romantic suspense under a pseudonym.

Gable currently makes her home in a small suburb near Palm Springs, California, where she resides with her husband, their kid, a cat, and a dog.

She has been a resident of Southern California for more than two decades and has often said that she finds inspiration for her many novels from its small mountain towns, cities, desserts, and canyons.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found writing newsletters for her readers or connecting with them on her social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Kate Gable’s novel “Girl Missing” opens with Detective Kaitlyn Carr summoned to go investigate a very bizarre crime scene in which a 13-year-old was found hanging from a tree. Could she have committed suicide or is this murder?
While investigating the case, Kaitlyn received a call from her mother informing her that her 13-year-old sister had disappeared after she went to visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Kate now has to solve two mysteries – one of the disappearance of her sibling and the other of the other girl. Big Bear Lake the small mountain town the place where she grew up is only a few hours away from her new life in Los Angeles.
It had always plagued her with secrets, death, and lies but as she digs deeper into the murder case and her missing sister, she discovers that few things are what they seem and that appearances are misleading.
There is a killer lurking in the shadows and the more of the mystery she unravels, the more she finds herself in a lot of real danger.

Kate delivers an amazing page-turner that is fast-moving, suspenseful, and with a lot of turns and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.
Richly descriptive and superbly written it will draw you in with its brilliantly drawn characters and a thrilling plot.

“Girl Lost” by Kate Gable is another interesting addition to the “Detective Kaitlyn Carr” series of novels. Just like the debut novel, this is a work that will captivate you right from the first page and never let go right to the last.
The plot thickens as more information comes to light as Kaitlyn goes hard in the investigation of the disappearance of Violet her sister.

But then it gets more interesting when another thirteen-year-old who used to go to the same school as Kaitlyn’s sister goes missing out on Big Bear Lake.

This is out of Kaitlyn’s jurisdiction and since it is suspected that this could be a case of a serial killer or kidnapping, the FBI is brought in to deal with the case.
The man in charge of the FBI investigation is Luke Galvinson who she had once worked with on another case.

Kate is interested in helping Luke investigate the disappearance of her sibling, but then a pregnant married woman goes missing after she comes back from a trip.
When trying to talk to the husband, she finds him very cagey and this piques her curiosity even further. Could it be divorce, cheating jealousy, or some other dark secret?
It is an emotional rollercoaster and suspenseful thriller that comes with a lot of turns and twists that tempt the characters in some very interesting ways.

“Girl Found” is the third novel of the “Detective Kaitlyn Carr” series of novels that is just as good if not better than the previous two.

The disappearance of Violet who is Kaitlyn’s sister as well as the case of another student from her school who went missing has never been resolved.
Kaitlyn believes that if she does not act the two cases may turn into cold cases without any meaningful leads.

She is determined to not let that happen but still has to work on the case of a Los Angeles college student who was found dead in the apartment of a United States Marine who has also disappeared.
Just who had killed the college student and where has the marine disappeared to?

The father of the Marine insists that his son would never harm anyone let alone kill. He says it is for this reason that he had reported the dead college student and that he is ready to do anything to help the police find his son.
Back in Big Bear Lake her hometown, the disappearance of Kaitlyn’s sister Violet is fast turning cold. They have followed up on all leads and tried hard to find any other loose threads but have not turned up anything.
It is a novel about investigations into the disappearance and murder of several people but also about the lead characters, family dysfunction, and personal issues.

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