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The Neon Court (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Minority Council (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Griffin is an author from London that is responsible for writing the Magical Anonymous and Mathew Swift Novels.


Sometimes it is a little difficult to connect authors to their pseudonyms. In this case, it won’t take you long to realize that Kate Griffin is a pseudonym used by Catherine Webb. If you have ever read Webb’s work, then you will see the spark of her genius in Kate Griffin’s books.

This is despite the fact that the author changes genres depending on the name under which she is writing. Catherine Webb primarly writes young adult novels. She has produced quite a number of books in that particular genre.

Kate Griffin, on the other hand, writes fantasy; and unlike, Webb’s other Pseudonym Claire North, Kate Griffin’s books are decidedly fantasy. Webb will tell you that the books she writes as Claire North are Science Fiction, but some people might argue that claim.

Those debates are not as rife with Kate Griffin, though. The author’s fantasy novels are written with adults in mind and they endeavor to redefine magic as people know it. Where other stories typically seek to give magic an ancient and regal feel, using strange incantations to do the impossible, Kate Griffin’s brand of magic is almost a little mundane, akin to the abilities you will see displayed by a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

However, Griffin’s brand of magic still brings its own wonder and sense of awe to the table, even without the infusion of Latin incantations. Griffin’s stories take place in an alternate modern-day London where magic is rife.

In Griffin’s London, magic emanates from the pulse, rhythm, and heartbeat of the city as well as the millions of people living within it. The significant role that London plays isn’t surprising because the Author is a London Girl who loves big cities.

As such, she has an affinity for London Magic.

+A Madness of Angels

Mathew Swift is alive once more. That is a feat that is bound to shake London because the sorcerer should have died two years ago. No, Mathew Swift is certain that he died two years ago, this after an unknown assailant gouged a hole deep into his chest.

Swift’s death was irrefutable; curiously enough, his body was never found. And now he is breathing once more, waking in the bed of his London home. For Mathew Swift, all that matters now is delivering vengeance upon his monstrous killer, possibly even upon the one who resurrected him, this while he ponders on the changes that have been wrought upon him.

Say what you want about Kate Griffin, her ability to capture one’s imagination is undeniable. This book hits the ground running and takes you for a wild and inventive ride.

Readers are introduced to Mathew Swift who wakes up confused, lost and not completely aware of the fact that it has been two years since he passed away. For Swift, his death was mere moments ago.

He remembers the last phone call he made before his life was stolen, and now he is back, only he isn’t alone in his body. Kate Griffin’s language is amazing. She uses a strange type of lyricism that sets her urban fantasy novel apart from most other books in the same genre.

Anyone that is new to Kate Griffin’s work can look forward to a unique premise and a fascinating magical system. Sorcerers in Griffin’s world are a little different from what most people have come to expect.

There are a variety of secondary characters in the book, all of whom play a notable role in the story. There is a lot of humor, but also a lot of darkness.

Certainly, this isn’t a light read. It will not feel oppressive as you read it but it is easy to understand the complaints that are raised against Kate Griffin. As inventive as this book can be, there are so many annoying descriptions of the mundane and sometimes they just seem to go on forever.

This is a weakness that Catherine Webb has manifested with all her pseudonyms and it weighs this book down.

+The Midnight Mayor

The protective magical wards guarding London have begun to fall. Even more worrisome are all the dead ravens found at the Tower of London. And it has been said that if all the ravens ever left the Tower, it would crumble and the kingdom would fall.

Constituting international tourist attractions and urban legends, the city’s magical shield has always kept London safe from great threats. However, a sinister foe has arisen and now threatens the entire city.

Mathew Swift can only hope that he will live long enough to unmask this threat.

This is a solid urban fantasy novel. The second novel in the Mathew Swift Series, the book hits the ground running and takes you on an amazingly thrilling ride through London’s magical underbelly.

Kate Griffin’s London truly feels alive. Swift begins the story disoriented and confused once more, and he must follow a series of clues to uncover an entity threatening to destroy his city.

This book is fast paced, which is surprising considering Kate Griffin’s previous approach to writing. Every line of this novel is infused with so much humor. The imminent threat at hand keeps things interesting. Swift cannot afford to rest on his laurels because he is the last sorcerer left in London which means it falls on his shoulders to keep the city’s doom at bay.

One wonders whether Kate Griffin learned from the complaints surrounding her previous works (and Catherine Webb’s previous works) because this book isn’t filled with as many digressions.

The mundane descriptions and explorations that weighed the first book down are not as present in its sequel. The frantic pace forces readers to stay glued to the page until the climax of the story.

This book stands apart from its predecessor because it delves even deeper into the character of the city and life within its streets. There is a level of complexity present that never gets too overwhelming.

The unique nature of Griffin’s magic is ever present and keeps you mesmerized throughout the book’s run.

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