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Kate Hope Day is an American published author. She attended Bryn Mawr College and graduated with her BA. She then attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with her PhD in English.

Day also worked at HBO as an associate producer. She is married and has two children with her husband. The family resides in the state of Oregon. She debuted on the literary scene with If, Then and followed that up with her second novel, In the Quick.

Kate Hope Day’s first novel came out in 2019. It is titled If, Then. If you are looking for a unique new book to read, this is the one to check out! Day says that the idea for the book came out of her personal experience of having her first child, which she says was ‘life-altering’.

Day started to write this book with the intent of trying to understand what the feeling is of becoming a parent and suddenly feeling like you are split in two. She says that in terms of time, there is the person that you existed as before you had a child, and then there is the person that you are after. She also says it happens in terms of space, because you always want to be in multiple places at once as a mother. The book began as a fantasy while postpartum that she could meet more of her own and everyone’s needs if there were just two of herself.

Once she began to write, the author says that the larger theme of her book began to unfold on its own. Day says that everyone has contemplated the ‘what ifs’ in their own life, and considered how things could have happened differently or gone another way if events had occurred by chance another way or another choice had been made.

If, Then is the first novel from Kate Hope Day. It revolves around the people who live in a quiet, sleepy town in the mountains that are suddenly starting to experience strange visions of a troubling nature that appear to be coming from some type of alternate reality.

The setting for this work is in Clearing, Oregon. It’s a quiet little space that often serves as a calm haven for the people who live there. It is in this location that four neighbors end up discovering that their lives have suddenly been turned upside down as the result of something that they can’t explain and definitely didn’t ask for as they start glimpsing themselves– only the selves that they are seeing are in what appear to be parallel realities.

There’s Ginny, a surgeon who is dedicated to her job and often has to choose her career over spending time with her family. She is struck when she gets a vision of a gorgeous woman that she works with in her bed. The vision shocks her but also gets into her mind, and she starts to wonder whether her marriage is as trustworthy and solid as it seems.

Then there’s Ginny’s husband, named Mark. He works as a wildlife scientist and also gets a strange vision of his own. His implies that devastation is coming their way. After receiving the vision, Mark starts to get paranoid, and it even starts interfering with the potential to keep his family safe. Can he figure out what’s going without endangering his son and wife?

Then there’s Samara, a young woman who is dealing with the loss of her mother recently while wondering why it is that her father seems to be contending with her passing so easily. Then she sees a vision of her mother, thriving and healthy, which makes her start wondering if her parents were shielding her from secrets.

There’s also Cass, a scholar who is talented academically but is also trying to get used to her new reality as a mother. Then she has a vision and it’s of herself, pregnant once more. If it’s real, it could get in the way of her getting back to a project that’s crucial to setting her career apart from the rest.

The visions that are affecting these neighbors are not too bad at first, but as time wears on, it’s clear that they’re getting only more disturbing. Some are frightening. When Clearing is threatened by a natural disaster, it starts to become clear that the visions are more than what they appeared to be at first and their presence has forever altered the town. Can the townspeople figure out what’s going on and take back their reality before it’s too late? Can they figure out the mysterious source behind why they are seeing these things? Read this compelling novel to find out!

In the Quick is the second novel from Kate Hope Day. If you loved her first book or are looking for something new to read, this is a great choice!

Main character June is a young girl who is very intelligent but difficult sometimes as well. She’s gifted at mechanical invention and is leaving home to start astronaut training at the National Space Program. She’s attending Peter Reed, the campus school that was named after her uncle, and she’s two years younger than the other students.

June is doing well in her classes but she’s also having a tough time making friends and finding peers on her level. It’s been six years since this time, and June has moved on to become an engineer for a space station. She also finally feels that she has a place that she belongs. But she’s also bothered by the missing spacecraft Inquiry, which had been powered by fuel cells belonging to her uncle.

June was twelve years old when Inquiry went missing, and the world has moved on, but June still holds onto hope because she has evidence that leads her to believe the crew of the spacecraft are alive. So she looks for the old protege of her uncle, the smart and difficult James, to find out why the fuel cells on Inquiry failed.

The two’s intellectual chemistry soon leads to attraction, but can they focus on finding the flaws in the fuel cells and finding the crew of the Inquiry or will they allow their relationship to get in the way? Read this book to find out!

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