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Publication Order of Friday Night Knitting Club Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Kate Jacobs
Kate Jacobs is a general fiction author best known for her Friday Night Knitting Club series. This talented author grew up in British Columbia in a town named Hope. She studied journalism at Carleton University before taking her Master’s at NYU. Jacobs worked as a Books & Fiction editor before she decided to build her writing career. From the start, she decided to focus on stories that revolved around women. Just like the characters in her stories, the author knits when she wants to unwind or just takes a nap whenever she feels overwhelmed. Jacobs writes mostly at night and spends her days exploring the Southern California countryside.

The Friday Night Knitting Club
The Friday Night Knitting Club comes first in the Friday Night Knitting Club series. This book introduces Georgia, owner of Walter and Daughter Knitting store in New York. Georgia works hard as a single mother trying to run a business with the help of her friend Anita as she raises her teenage daughter. When she finds a happy escape from her busy life in a knitting club held at her shop every Friday night, Georgia is more than thrilled. In the company of Anit, Lucie, Peri, Darwin, and KC, she not only enjoys sharing knitting tips on some of life’s struggles. She can let loose among friends and just enjoy life for a moment. What starts as a friend’s meetup turns into a club where these friends come to unwind after a long week at work.
Georgia is just starting to settle into her new life when things change. Her daughter’s dad and the man who broke her heart is back, and he is demanding to be included in their daughter’s life. It is hard for Georgia to forget the past, plus there is no telling if her ex will be a consistent father for their daughter. Luckily, Georgia has friends to encourage her and help her cope with her ex’s demands. The author also allows us into the other characters’ lives and shows how they handle everyday challenges. When something unthinkable happens, these group of women turned friends realize that they have created a sisterhood and will show up for each other when the need arises.

This is a character-driven story on friendship, life, and womanhood. It is a moving story of women who come together and help each other through tough situations. You will enjoy meeting Georgia and her daughter Dakota and seeing how they relate to each other. Anita, Dakota’s godmother, is another intriguing character, and it is amazing how she supported Georgia and her daughter when they both needed a friend. Georgia works hard and starts to rebuild her life, only for her ex to come home and change the course of her life. Can she forgive him? What does Dakota think about a father who has been away from her life for over fifteen years?

The Friday Night Knitting Club is a great book on strength, tenacity, perseverance, and love. This story also shows how love affects everyone around it. The book also touches on forgiveness and what it entails. There are light moments in this story that will make you laugh and some dark ones that may move you to tears. This is one of those books that makes you reflect inwards to see what you are doing and what you may be missing out on in life.

Knit Two
Knit Two comes second in the Friday Night Knitting Club series. It has been five years since Georgia Walker died of cancer. Her daughter, Dakota, is now eighteen and a freshman at NYU. She still runs the yarn shop, but the Friday Night Knitting Club members help manage it most of the time. The sense of family created when Georgia was alive remains, and the women rely on each other through different challenges and situations. Over the last five years, these friends have grown, and the issues they are dealing with are different from what you read in the first installment.

Catherine is trying hard to find love after divorce, while Lucie is working hard being a single mum, a career woman, and a caregiver to her elderly mother. Darwin is eager to start a family, while the over seventy-year-old Anita has just received a marriage proposal from her love, Marty. Anita’s grown children are against the relationship, and this mother doesn’t want to choose between a man she loves and her children. As the club works on baby booties, an afghan, and a wedding coat, all the women will relieve the joys and stresses of motherhood. They will also go over what it means to be a wife, mother, and daughter in a fast-changing world.

One of the things you will love about this book is that Dakota’s dad, James is still present in her life. He plays the role of a loving father well and is also a good friend to Catherine. While a lot is going on in these women’s lives, you can still feel their grief for the friend they all lost. Dakota feels her mother’s absence the most as she grows into a young woman trying to chart her own path. Just like Dakota, Catherine is still struggling with her identity. She is now in her 40s but still hopes for that perfect relationship she had always wanted. The other women are also experiencing changes in their lives, some brief relief while others are stressful.

Knit Two is another intriguing romp into several women’s lives. You will enjoy following Darwin and Lucie as they learn the ups and downs that come with motherhood and seeing Lucie balance a career and her job as a mom. Anita has found love, but she will not settle on when to do her wedding until her estranged sister shows up. There are many missteps and regrets in addition to the grief, but in the end, all women agree that it is best for them to move on. The story also comes with enough romance and humor to lighten the mood.

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