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Kate Jarvik Birch is one of the well known American authors who is famous for writing her novels based on the young adult and children’s book genres. Other than being a noteworthy author, she is also a popular visual artist, professional procrastinator, playwright, and a daydreamer. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Kate says that as a child, she used to often dream about becoming either a mermaid or unicorn after growing up. And when she became a writer, she says it was just as magical as being a unicorn or a mermaid. The short stories and essays written by author Kate Birch have been published in a number of literary journals and magazines such as the Saint Ann’s Review and the Indiana Review. As of today, she lives in Salt Lake City in Utah along with her husband 3 children. Author Kate Jarvik Birch says that she has loved the art of writing from the time when she was just a little girl. It was in the 4th grade that Kate wrote her first novel, in which she had described the main character similar to herself. When she grew up, she continued with her habit of writing novels and stories, but this time she was actually able to write the stories like she always wanted to.

Kate considers herself lucky that her short stories and essays were published in the Isotope : A Journal of Science and Literary Nature Writing, Spackle, Scissors, as well as in the latest issue of the Indiana Review. The first play that author Kate wrote in her writing career, a man eaters, was in collaboration with the author Elaine Jarvik. It was produced by the Salt Lake Acting company in the year 2011. Before becoming a full time author, author Kate studied drawing and painting at the Utah University and then graduated with a Bachelors degree in the subject of Fine Arts in the year 2005. Most of the paintings and drawings done by her in her college days had a mixed-media type texture and pattern. This was typically seen in her floral paintings, which were inspired Kate’s love for textile design. The paintings of author Kate were also influenced by the decorative works of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement. As for her recent writing works are concerned, they are published by the Poems publishing and are sold internationally all over the world. Over the course of her career, her paintings and drawings have been used extensively in TV show and films. A few of them include 21 Jump Street and Glee.

The only novel series written by author Kate Jarvik Birch is the Perfected series, which consists of a total of 2 novels published between the years 2014 and 2015. The first novel of the series was published under the title ‘Perfected’. It was released by the Entangled Teen publishing house in the year 2014. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that the government has passed a legislation that allowed the genetic engineering of the humans and selling them as pets. As soon as the legislation was passed, many powerful and rich ones hurried to purchase beautiful girls like the main character of the novel named Ella. The human pets are trained to look and demure from birth, and look perfect in every sense. They enter the families of their masters as their companions and prepare themselves to live a life of luxury and idleness. Ella finds herself extremely happy in her role to be the playmate of a congressman’s young daughter. However, she was not expecting the rebellious and handsome son of the congressman named Penn. He appears to be the only person who can see the girl inside Ella beyond her perfect exterior.

If she tends to follow Penn, she will be breaking each and every rule that she has been taught not to. Also, the freedom that she will find with Penn will prove intoxicating to her. But soon, Ella gets kidnapped and is thrust into the darkness of the underworld that lurks beneath the pampered life that was living till now. Due to this, she is left an unimaginable choice. The only thing that is more dangerous for her than staying with Penn is leaving, and if she is not able to do so, she will be facing a fate that will be worse than death. The novel proved to be an interesting read and kept the readers intrigued till the very end. It gives a chilling account about what it feels to the humans to be used as pets. It also depicts the power of love to set them free. Overall, the novel is wrapped in a glamorous and dangerous world, filled with many interesting twists and turns. This allowed it to be liked by numerous readers all over the world. Even the critics praised the efforts of author Kate Birch to pen down the interesting plot and characters of the novel.

The second novel of the Perfected series was published under the title ‘Tarnished’. It was released by the Entangled Teen publishing house in the year 2015. The plot of this novel continues from where the first novel had ended. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Ella is shown as being genetically engineered to appear as the perfect human, with a grace and demure. Soon, she takes a daring step and escapes from her captivity, taking refuge in Canada. Now, as she was able to think and act as she wanted to, her life as a liberated human pet was as confining as the gilded cage of the congressman’s family. Back there, a backlash was triggered because of her escaping and no one including the other pets were safe. She wanted to get back to Penn, whom she loved, and help the other girls from getting harmed. But, she was trapped and could not do anything. The human pets back in the United States are dying one after another. Ella gets help from an unexpected source and slips into the deep and dangerous underworld black market. She poses as a tarnished human pet, ready to bought or sold. She thinks that she will be lucky if she is able to reach to Penn and rescue him. Ella also wishes to expose the breeding program. And is she fails in her attempt, she will not only be losing her life alone, but also of all those whom she tried to save.

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