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Publication Order of Kate Killoy Mystery Books

The “Kate Killoy Mystery” series are a set of novels by mystery author Peggy Gaffney. The author is a huge lover of dogs particularly the Samoyed ancient arctic breed with their beautiful white coats. Gaffney has been a hobbyist keeping these dogs for nearly five decades. In this time, he has been an exhibitor, trainer, and breeder of Champion Samoyeds. The breed has made it into her novels and it was in “Fashion Goes to the Dogs” her debut that won a Sisters in Crime Award. The novel has been referred to as “Best in Show” meets “Die Hard” by many readers. In addition to the Sisters in Crime award, Peggy has also won five star book reviews on Amazon for her series of novels. Peggy is a member of the Samoyed Club of America, the New England Sisters in Crime, the main Sisters in Crime organizations and the Connecticut Authors and Publishers board.

Peggy Gaffney was born and brought up in Connecticut and as a young adult she spent several years alternating between being a librarian and teacher. It was while she was resident in California that she first came across the Samoyed dog breed that she came to love. When she went back to her home state of Connecticut, she had brought along four Samoyeds, a cat and her young son. These four dogs would form the core of the many dogs that she would present at dog exhibitions across the United States. Over the years, her dogs have won a ton of awards including obedience titles, championships, best in show and group awards such as the Samoyed Club of America National Specialty and the Mexico City International Competition. Aside from her love for dogs, Peggy has been a longtime designer and knitter ever since she was a child. When she was working as an exhibitor at dog shows, she would usually knit dog themed accessories and sweaters that she would sell to fellow exhibitors. Her knitted products were so popular that in no time at all she had more than a hundred designs that she still sells to this day.

The Kate Killoy Mystery series are a set of mystery novels that follow a breed of elite dogs as they take part in exhibitions and help resolve intricate mysteries. The debut novel of the series is “Fashion Goes to the Dogs” that is set in New York. At the annual dog show, we are treated to a high speed chase that pitts purebred dogs against international intrigue. In “Puppy Pursuit” the second novel of the series, Kate, the owner of purebred dogs, flies across the US alongside Harry, her fiance. They intend to get a puppy sired by Champion Dillon. But then one of their oldest friends is picked up as the main suspect in a massive hacking and theft crime carried out by an expert hacker. Their fight against a hacker results in them fleeing from a deranged man while having an eight week puppy in their entourage. The enemy seems intent on killing them. In “National Security” the third novel of the series, Harry and Kate travel to one of the most prestigious dog shows in the Samoyed National Specialty Dog Show. They will be going against more than 600 Samoyeds and it promises to be a grueling competition. Their trip turns nasty as they have to resolve the cold murder of an acquitance and days into the investigation they learn of a huge national threat to the United States.

The debut novel of the Kate Killoy Mystery is “Fashion Goes to the Dogs” that introduces Kate Killoy the lead. She is an expert at dogs and knitting design. At the opening of the novel, she is in New York to exhibit Dillon, her Samoyed Champion and her newest line of fashion knits. But then she finds herself roped into international intrigue which is a very foreign experience even as there are attempts on her life. On the runway of the dog fashion show is found a dead body which heralds interesting days ahead. Set in February, the organizers intended to have the best dog show in the world run for a full week. Kate Killoy who is a twenty year old woman has been exhibiting her dogs ever since she was seven. She intends to take the fashion world by storm with her exquisite dog grooming knits. Killow had invited her friends to bring their dogs to model several of her designs before heading to the prestigious annual dog show event. But when she gets to the hotel where the event is to be held, she sees a poster of herself and does not remember posing for it. Also at the scene is a bitchy dog groomer that has been causing a ruckus and an FBI agent who wants her in cuffs.

In “Puppy Pursuit” the second novel of the series, Kate Killoy is waiting to hold for the first time the puppy Dillo her champion Samoyed has sired. She takes a trip to the other side of the country with Harry Foyle, her fiance who is going to visit his professor and in doing so kills two birds with one stone. However their plans go haywire when she finds herself having to flee from a dangerous ex felon. Harry has to fight to save his mentor who has been charged with theft and now faces prison even as he tries to protect her from a deranged man. Love is sprouting among their friends while Kate and Harry’s relationship comes under threat from a shooter who believes they intend to stop him from stealing millions of dollars. The relationship also has to survive a dark secret that Kate has been keeping from Harry. As they dash across the country with an eight week old puppy, Harry and Kate mount a last stand to stop the man who has graduated from thief to assassin. The man is now going not only after them but everyone among their dearest friends and family.

Peggy Gaffney’s “National Security” is a novel filled with fast paced excitement. Harry and Kate have been counting the days before the Samoyed National Show. But then everything goes awry when one of Kate’s best friends is the victim in a murder. They had hoped to spend a week attending the dog show with tens of smiling Samoyed but now have to solve a murder mystery. Kate quickly unearths some clues but the killers are now coming after her. Kate hires Coyote, a retired Russian spy who helps in the investigations. Meanwhile Harry spends his time trying to protect her from the killers.

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