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Kate Lawrence Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kate Lawrence Mystery Books

Waiting for Armando (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on Old Main Street (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Skeleton in the Closet (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drowning in Christmas (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying Wishes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Auld Lang Syne (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Tricks (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swan Song (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Regardless of what other work she happens to be doing, Judith K. Ivie has always had the passion of being a writer. As a lifelong Connecticut local (except for her flower child periods when she was living in California), Judith has directed her public relations for the nonprofit organizations. She has written advertising copies for an insurance firm, promoted several national trade shows for construction and the design industry. In addition, she has served as the executive assistant among her many daily jobs. Therefore, if you also live in Connecticut, then there are high chances you’ve met her in the course of your daily endeavors!

Along the way, Judith K. Ivie has also produced 3 nonfiction books, and several essays and articles. Back in 2002, Judith wrote her first mystery book. The book was set in the fictitious Hartford law firms. The response to her book, Waiting for Armando together with its trio of sassy, heroines in their 40’s was so enthusiastic that she decided to tackle a sequel. Set entirely in the Old Wethersfield in Connecticut, Murder On The Old Main Street gained an audience quite fast, and in the process the Kate Lawrence mysteries Series was born.

Have you ever had a boss whom you hate? The Kate Lawrence Series by Judith K. Ivie features one support staff member at a law firm at Hartford, Connecticut. The staff exposes the overpriced blowhards at the firm. You later meet Kate, Strutter and Margo, three hardworking adults, aged 40 and above, as they try exonerating one of their work mates by solving the murder mystery of a very prominent lawyer. In the process, they become close friends.

Whatever the genre that she writes, Judith K. Ivie strives hard to provide lively and entertaining read that will take her readers far away from their daily work and worries for several hours. Her books also stimulates thought on a wide range of contemporary issues in the society and gives them a sense of humor along the way.

Waiting for Armando

Waiting for Armando is the 1st book in Kate Lawrence Mystery Series by Judith K. Ivie. This is an interesting book that will certainly take up your time. Kate Lawrence leaves her high-status, stressful job and decides to do a lesser job. She resolves to apply for a job in a well-known law firm in the capital as an assistant. The law firm members are very annoying and they handle their support staff like kids.

One day after Kate Lawrence had begun her job, she comes across a scene in which one of the law partners is unwell. After a few days, Kate finds the law partner dead. Since it is a mystery, the partner dies under very suspicious circumstances and Ingrid Torvalson who is his assistant, is among the chief suspects.

Since Ingrid Torvalson has become a very good friend of Kate Lawrence, she naturally jumps at the opportunity to help her. And this is how they end up knowing that the city is very sophisticated. They are both summoned to the headquarters but they don’t know why. Although it hasn’t been announced how Alain was killed (of course he was murdered) both Kate and Ingrid seem to be among the main suspects. Now imagine going to meet the detectives who are handling the case but instead of grilling you, they take you into their confidential details by not only offering you the information on how the deceased was killed but also exactly what was used to execute him (several natural poisons). Besides, the detectives also ask for your assistance. All this appeared to force me to append my disbelief a bit too much.

Consequently, Kate, Ingrid as well as other assorted mad-cap women are moving around Connecticut trying to help the police build a case. In the meantime, there are some other little plans going on that involve Kate’s Homeowners Association as well as her man-friend known as Armando. We actually never get to connect with Armando since he leaves immediately after coming across him.

All the evidence is only used in order to throw a somewhat large and obvious decoy at you. When the conclusion is revealed it was as if the author just pulled a person out of nowhere and said- “you who did it will make it!” Although there was a little foreshadowing, it was not enough to offer you doubts. And multiples usually liven things in a mystery!

This book is a very interesting one to read. The story is well-developed and it maintains the attention of the reader. The book has great descriptive passages that offer the atmosphere in the law firm as well as other places that are included in the story. Therefore, if you are a mystery fan, and you would like to get an original plot as well as creative characterizations, then this is a great book that you ought to read.

Murder on Old Main Street

Murder on Old Main Street is the 2nd book in Kate Lawrence Mystery Series by Judith K. Ivie. Kate would meet up with a daughter who is known as Emma before work in order to power walk and also catch up with the rest. On their return they would deviate to the local coffee shop. However, on one particular morning things were a bit different– they both had a cup of coffee in hand and they were going for their property business. However,they halted in front of a display so as to admire it. However, the 3 scarecrows that were strangely dressed exposed that one wasn’t normal.

The police suspect that the owner of the coffee shop was the killer, but Kate together with her real estate partner as well as best friend, Margo Farnsworth resolve that it is up to them to find the murderer before other innocent persons were caught up. They begin their search for the killer but it leads both of them into danger – particularly Kate. The utter terror that she felt immediately she knew that the assassin nearby was real – will they be able to find the perpetrator before it is too late?

Although the book is not the easiest prose and it also has a bit of cheating in the end, it is still a great read with interesting characters. The book is a light as well as an entertaining mystery which you will definitely enjoy reading. Generally, it is a great book that features Great characters, a beautiful setting in a famous old town in Connecticut and it has descriptions of the stately old homes which is well defined!

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