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Publication Order of The Babysitters Coven Books

The Babysitters Coven (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
For Better or Cursed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spells Like Teen Spirit (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of KateWilliams Standalone Novels

Never Coming Home (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate M Williams
Kate Williams grew up in Kansas. Kate has worked with Urban Outfitters, Cosmopolitan, H&M, Elle, Calvin Klein, NYLON, and Popular, as well as others.

Kate’s favorite novel is “Witch Baby” written by Francesca Lia Block, which she feels is nineties perfectness.

She bought a one way ticket two weeks after she graduated from college from Kansas off to New York, so she could begin her career as a writer. She slept on a couch in Bushwick, staying in a loft without a mirror before upgrading to a van seat (which was being used as a couch) in Williamsburg. While she was at her first industry event, somebody thought she was one of the caterers and complimented her on the snacks at the event.

She has since flown in first class since to Costa Rica in order to try new some shampoo, sipped champagne with Wu-Tang, lounged by the pool with Jenna Jameson, gone rock climbing with Hilary Duff, and gotten a seven hour massage. She has also made flower arrangements with Elle Fanning, assisted a supermodel pick up some dog poop (which was edited out of the final story), and met the real Lisa Frank.

She has also been trusted with being “the voice” for some billion-dollar brands. Kate’s words have appeared on billboards, marketing emails, taxi-toppers, subway turnstiles, catalogs, Instagram captions, brand documents, and pencils. Her work has been several stories tall in Soho (with a picture of Justin Bieber, who was in his underwear), uttered by Kendall Jenner, and plastered all over Union Square.

Kate based Pig, a character in “The Babysitters Coven”, off her own dog (named Rosie) who she calls “The Pig” because of her farting problem, a head shaped like a cement block, and the purest and biggest heart.

She had the title “The Babysitters Coven” long before she had the book. The idea to her seemed like the obvious pop-culture mash-up and was surprised that nobody had beaten her to the punch on it. It combines three of Kate’s favorite things: witches, teen heroines, and babysitters.

She got the idea for the book because of an article titled “Don’t Be A Babysitter” which talked about horror movies where bad things happen to the babysitter. Kate thought it would be funny to write a young adult book titled “The Babysitters Coven” with the premise that babysitters fight back since they are witches.

It stayed as just a joke book since she labored under a false pretense that she had to write something serious to be taken seriously since writing is serious business. She labored to write a whole bunch of different things that were no fun to try and write and felt unlike herself. It just felt like Kate was hitting her head against a brick wall, something that was super frustrating. During this time, she would start a lot of projects and just not finish them. She got to the point to where she felt like she was not cut out to do the thing she had always wanted to.

She was talking to a friend, who is a director, on the subject of writing. He told her that he had found to go with ideas that choose him, rather than chase ones always seemed a bit out of reach right then. It was here that Kate decided to write “The Babysitters Coven” right when she got home. Kate spent five years writing it and finally get it published.

Kate finds that she has to outline, and found this after spending three years not getting anywhere because she does not know how to construct a plot. It has made her put together a very detailed outline before she begins writing. It makes for a nice framework to come back to if she should get stuck, although it is something that she does not always stick to while writing. She finds that she is a very character driven author, with the characters just appearing to her. The hard part is working to give them something to do.

As a mom, she tries to write as much as she can when she is able to, often writing four to six thousand words per session. She is just thankful to be able to spend time with her family and be able to write without having to pick between either option.

Kate has also penned celebrity tell-alls, how-tos, memoirs, New York Times bestsellers, and beauty bibles. Her first young adult novel, called “The Babysitters Coven” was released in the year 2019.

“The Babysitters Coven” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. Esme Pearl, seventeen years old, has got a babysitters club. She realizes that it is a bit lame, but what else can she do? Get a job? That would be gross. Plus, Esme likes babysitting, and is actually good at doing it. Right now, she needs all the money she can get, since it appears that destruction follows her around wherever she happens to go. She owes people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She dresses like she found her clothes in some dumpster, has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria cooking, and is as hot as an Instagram model. Why is Cassandra willing to do whatever she can to join Esme’s babysitters club, even taking on a potty-training two-year-old?

The answer can be found in a mysterious note that Cassandra’s mom left for her, telling her to locate the babysitters. love, mom. It turns out that Cassandra and Esme have got more in common than they realize, and they are about to find out what being a babysitter truly means. It is a heroic lineage of magic rituals, superpowers, and saving the innocent from horrible evil. All before the parents return home.

Fans found this book to be both action packed and hilarious, with characters that made the novel a lot of fun. The writing style is interesting and this is an easy and enjoyable read. Some found Esme to be a fun character to read about, and had a blast reading it. Esme is also just an average teen worrying about some normal things, like her drivers license, her mother, and avoiding bullies at school.

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