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About Kate Manning

Kate Manning is a recognized author who specializes in historical fiction. She is praised for her remarkable books, ‘My Notorious Life’ and ‘Whitegirl.’ Her ability to create character-driven narratives has led her works to be critically acclaimed. The New York Times praised ‘My Notorious Life’ as being a “thought-provoking page-turner”, while O Magazine hailed it as “daring… astonishingly current”.

Her gift for crafting engaging and compelling stories is evidenced by the positive remarks made by experts in the literary field. NPR’s Kurt Anderson, host of Studio 360, commended her for “an absolutely Dickensian” yarn, showing her capacity to keep readers entertained with her storytelling. Kate’s talents don’t stop at creating incredible narratives; she also has a unique flair for developing characters with depth and complexity.

Novelist Marisa Silver, author of ‘Mary Coin,’ highlighted Kate’s ability to bring her characters to life, describing one of the protagonists, Axie Muldoon, as “fierce and alive”. Kate’s storytelling prowess is additionally reflected in Silver’s comment that ‘My Notorious Life’ is an “essential novel for our time”. In essence, Kate Manning’s novels are not only enjoyable but also encourage thought-provoking discussions among readers.

All this has led to her becoming one of the most widely regarded authors currently working today.

Early and Personal Life

Kate Manning was born in Syracuse, New York, in the United States, and has had a love for writing and storytelling from a young age. Before becoming a well-known author, she worked as a documentary television producer for public television. Throughout her career, she has won not one, but two New York Emmy Awards in recognition of her impressive work in television.

In addition to television production, Kate has written numerous pieces for revered newspapers and publications such as The Los Angeles Times Book Review, and The New York Times, among others. These experiences not only nurtured her writing skills but also broadened her perspective on various global topics, enriching the depth of her storytelling.

Living in Manhattan, Kate used her wealth of knowledge to inspire young minds, working as a creative writing teacher at Bard High School Early College. Outside of work Kate enjoys downtime with her family, and their dog Moon. Continuing to work to this day, she has a lot more planned for the future.

Writing Career

Kate Manning’s illustrious writing career began with her work as a documentary television producer. The Emmy award-winner has also showcased her writing prowess through contributions to esteemed publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, and The Washington Post. Additionally, her thoughts have been captured in popular magazines like Time and Glamour, as well as international platforms like The Guardian, spreading her reach globally.

Kate’s passion for writing extends beyond journalism and television production into the world of novels. She has authored three captivating novels, starting with ‘Whitegirl’ which was published in 2002. This was followed by ‘My Notorious Life’ in 2013, which further cemented her place in the literary world. Her most recent work, ‘Gilded Mountain,’ was released in 2022. Kate’s writing journey continues, promising more engrossing narratives for her readers.


‘Whitegirl’ is a novel penned by the skilled writer, Kate Manning. It was published in 2002 through the Dial Press publishing house. This celebrated piece of literature holds the distinction of being Manning’s debut novel in her noteworthy writing career.

After a severe assault, a 35-year-old white woman is left speechless and secluded in her house, while her renowned black actor husband is in jail, accused of the attack. Trying to piece together the facts, she revisits their shared past to figure out how their love turned into ruin. The couple, Charlotte Halsey and Milo Robicheaux, had a chance meeting in the 70s in college and reconnected when their paths crossed in New York City later in life.

However, their marriage becomes strained as Milo’s fame grows and Charlotte’s modeling career ends with motherhood, leading to escalating jealousy and mistrust despite their efforts to create a harmonious life together.

Kate Manning’s debut novel ‘Whitegirl’ is an engrossing read that intrigues from the first page. The well-crafted storyline is emotionally compelling, exploring a tormented marriage and its repercussions. From mystifying events that lead to introspection, to relatable moments that evoke empathy, the narrative is layered and thought-provoking. Readers diving into this book can expect a fulfilling literary journey.

My Notorious Life

‘My Notorious Life’ is a captivating historical novel authored by the talented Kate Manning. It was officially published on September 10, 2013, under the Scribner imprint. This publication marks Manning’s second novel in her successful literary career.

Set in the 1860s New York, this story follows Axie Muldoon’s journey from being separated from her family to becoming a successful midwife, breaking societal norms and legal boundaries in the process. Axie’s rise from a tenement to a Fifth Avenue mansion is paralleled with her growing distrust towards men.

However, her controversial services attract the attention of Anthony Comstock, a zealous official determined to suppress vice, putting her freedom at risk. Axie must use all her wit and influence to protect what she values the most.

It’s an extremely immersive historical novel that readers will find truly riveting. Manning skillfully transports us to 1860s New York, painting a vivid picture of Axie Muldoon’s intriguing journey from hardship to success.

The narrative’s tension and backdrop of societal norms make for a compelling read. It’s highly recommend for those seeking a rich, well-crafted historical narrative.

Gilded Mountain

‘Gilded Mountain’ is a gripping historical novel by accomplished author, Kate Manning. The release of this book marked her third noteworthy addition to her distinguished writing portfolio. Published on November 1, 2022, the novel was again featured by the Scribner publishing house.

Sylvie Pelletier recounts her journey from her family’s mountain cabin to working in a manor owned by the wealthy Padgetts. As she admires the luxury, she becomes confused by the disparity between the Padgetts’ lofty talks and their unfair labor practices.

Outside the manor, there is unrest among the town’s quarry workers, stirred by a union organizer and a local newspaper’s unflattering coverage of the Padgett Company. Amid conflicting loyalties and a tragic winter, Sylvie takes action.

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