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Publication Order of Kate Martinelli Books

The Kate Martinelli series is an Edgar Award winning book series written by one of the noteworthy American authors named Laurie R. King. This series is based on the crime fiction and thriller genres. Altogether, there are 5 books in this series, which were released between the years 1993 and 2006. The chief protagonist of this series as described by author king is Kate Martinelli. This fictional character is introduced as a lesbian homicide detective living in San Francisco, California, The United States. Another important character described by Laurie King in the series is the homicide detective named Alonzo Hawkin. The two work as partners to help solve the criminal cases in San Francisco. Author King began writing the series in the year 1993, releasing its debut book in the same year under the title, A Grave Talent. This novel won the Edgar Award in the year 1994 in the category of the Best Debut Mystery Novel. All the plots in the series are set in and around San Francisco.

One of the most popular books of the Kate Martinelli series written by author Lauri King is entitled ‘To Play the Fool’. The Crimeline publication released it in 1995. Author King has set this thrilling book in San Francisco and has mentioned the central characters as Kate Martinelli, Brother Erasmus, and Alonzo Hawkin. With this book’s unique story, author King has once again tried to dazzle the mystery lovers. At the starting sequence of the plot, a group of some homeless people is shown cremating their beloved dog in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. Usually, the San Francisco authorities tend to overlook the broken regulations whenever a matter like this comes to their notice. However, when the owner of that dog gets treated in the same fiery manner around 3 weeks later, the police department of San Francisco senses that there is a major problem at hand. But, besides the fact that they are dealing with a grisly homicide case, Kate Martinelli and her detective partner Al Hawkin do not have much to move ahead with. The case consists of a homeless victim without any definite identity, a small band of witnesses who do not seem willing to help the police at all. Also, there is a possible suspect named Brother Erasmus. A study about the life of Brother Erasmus enables Kate Martinelli to learn that he was well acquainted with the homeless group around the park as well as with the rarefied atmosphere of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley. Yet, she is not able to understand why Brother Erasmus is treated as an enigma by one and all. It can be apparently observed that he is not crazy, but seems to be a fool. And when Kate Martinelli begins interrogating the suspect in relation to the murder of the dog’s owner, she becomes very much frustrated. Whichever questions she asks him, he replies in quotations. This makes the task even more difficult for Kate. Also, time is running out as well as the pressure keeps building up on her to solve the case. As she tries to gain knowledge about the past life of Brother Erasmus, she is lead down a twisted road where she comes across long buried secrets, disbanded cult, a bloody vengeance hunger, and a thirst for the spirituality.

One of the other successful books released in the Kate Martinelli series is titled as ‘With Child’. The Bantam publishers published it in 1997. Author King has introduced the main characters in this novel as Kate Martinelli, Al Hawkin, and Jules Cameron. At the beginning of the story, San Francisco’s mornings are shown as being shrouded with mists and nights fogged with alcohol. In the middle of such unpleasant conditions, Kate Martinelli does not seem to have too many activities in her homicide detective career. After the departure of her lover, a void is left behind in her life, which she seems unable to escape. It appears that her lover has parted himself from her in order to rethink about their relationship and to find out whether they have any chance to take the relationship further. Soon, a 12 year old boy named Jules Cameron approaches Kate Martinelli to ask for her professional consultation on a matter personal to her. After listening to Cameron’s problem, Kate is not able to decide whether she is that to have a distraction in her life. Jules Cameron seems to be worried about a homeless boy named Dio, who is her friend. She met him in the park and since then their friendship has grown stronger. But now, Dio seems to have gone missing and did not tell anything to Jules Cameron before leaving. Now, she wants Kate Martinelli to help her find her friend. At first, Kate seems reluctant to help her as she is worried about her own problems in life. But, in spite of all her problems she is unable to say no to Jules Cameron. As they begin their search for Dio and start working together, Kate Martinelli finds that she has formed a great bond with the bright and quirky girl.

During their search, they come across numerous difficulties at each step which keep on making things harder for them. A time comes when both Kate Martinelli and Jules Cameron begin to think that the case is much more than they had bargained for. And, it just appears to be the beginning of the huge problems that lie ahead in their search mission to find Dio. Later, when the two are a trip far from home, Jules Cameron also disappears. This makes Kate more worried and she begins a desperate search to find her everywhere. And with each passing day, her hopes of finding the two kids alive keeps on diminishing. But, she does not lose hope and with the help of Al Hawkin goes as deep as possible to search and rescue the kids. Overall, this novel appears to be a great mystery with excellent characterization and interesting set up. Author King’s unique writing style with the twists and turns make it a must read for every lover of mystery books. The book went on to become a huge success worldwide. This helped author King to become more famous as a writer of suspense novels. The success also enabled the book to get nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award in the year 1997 for Best Novel. Author King received a huge motivation with this success which helped him to focus on the and pen new crime fiction stories set around the life of Kate Martinelli.

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