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The Psychology of Time Travel (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thief on the Winged Horse (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hokey Pokey (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Kate Mascarenhas

Celebrated British author Kate Mascarenhas has earned a reputation in the literature realm with her exceptional works spanning across fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. Her vibrant storytelling style, combined with an impressive talent for developing unforgettable protagonists, engages her global readership while providing a substantial authenticity to her narratives. Pushing the boundaries of the form, she says so much through each of her stories.

Mascarenhas also excels in character development, her vivid storytelling breathes life into her characters, endowing them with relatable emotions, and intricate qualities. Her creations, whether they’re a courageous heroine on an audacious quest or a flawed protagonist wrestling with internal battles, connect and resonate deeply with readers.

Furthermore, Mascarenhas possesses an uncanny ability to captivate her audience. Her tales are a blend of intriguing plots, unexpected developments, and fantastical landscapes that transport readers to unique, thrilling realms. Through suspense, mystery, and emotional narratives, Mascarenhas ensures her creations are irresistible page-turners.

Her knack for fabricating captivating narratives is truly remarkable. She invites readers to venture into thought-provoking topics, ranging from time travel boundaries to deep explorations of human psyche, and unraveling supernatural mysteries. The result is a myriad of narratives that enthral and leave a profound impact.

In conclusion, Kate Mascarenhas is indeed a versatile author with a special knack for creating striking characters, weaving riveting stories, and captivating narratives. With her works expanding across several genres, she offers a diverse array of enchanting literature for all readers. Her amalgamation of creative flair and powerful storytelling continues to mesmerize readers, marking her place as a noteworthy figure in the literary world.

Early and Personal Life

Kate Mascarenhas, a renowned British author, was born in 1980 to a diverse family with Irish and Seychellois roots. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in the art of storytelling, drawing heavily from her own experiences and upbringing.

Beyond her natural talent for writing, Mascarenhas pursued formal education to enhance her skills. A well-learned individual, she explored her passion for literature and human nature by studying English at the esteemed Oxford University and Applied Psychology at Derby. Further, she delved deeper into her interests and bridged her literary and psychological disciplines through her PhD in literary studies and psychology at Worcester, enriching her understanding of both fields.

Mascarenhas’ professional journey is as diverse as her academic pursuits. Before her breakthrough in the literary field in 2017, she explored various careers ranging from an advertising copywriter and bookbinder to a doll’s house maker. Each of these unique experiences contributed to her growth as a writer and enhanced her creativity, lending a unique flavor to her repertoire.

Today, she shares her life in the English Midlands with her partner and continues to charm the world with her captivating tales.

Writing Career

Kate Mascarenhas charted a new course into the realm of writing following a diverse early career that included stints as an advertising copywriter, bookbinder, and doll’s house maker. Discovering a therapeutic outlet in writing, she returned to it at the age of 32, adding a new chapter to her professional journey after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In addition, she honed her creativity by producing dioramas for her novels, adding a unique touch to her authorship.

Mascarenhas published her debut novel, ‘The Psychology of Time Travel,’ in 2018, garnering immense acclaim and even making a run for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award. The Guardian praised it as a ‘dazzling genre-defying debut,’ solidifying Mascarenhas’ position in the literary world.

She continued her literary success with two more novels, ‘The Thief on the Winged Horse’ published in 2020 and ‘Hokey Pokey’ released in 2023, further cultivating a loyal audience who anxiously await for her future works.

The Psychology of Time Travel

‘The Psychology of Time Travel,’ a riveting piece of science fiction penned by the talented Kate Mascarenhas, first greeted readers on August 9, 2018. The well-crafted narrative was delicately brought to life by the Crooked Lane Books publishing house. This debut marked a significant milestone in Mascarenhas’ literary journey.

In 1967, four women scientists create the first-ever time machine, but a team member’s breakdown imperils the project, leading to her exclusion and historical erasure. Fast-forward fifty years, time travel is a booming industry, and young Ruby Rebello learns her grandmother, Granny Bee, was among its pioneers.

When Bee gets a cryptic future newspaper snippet about an unknown woman’s murder, Ruby grows fixated with the suspicion it might be Bee. She grapples with who would want Bee murdered and, importantly, if the homicide can be thwarted.

The Thief on the Winged Horse

‘The Thief on the Winged Horse,’ a fascinating historical fantasy novel, was written by acclaimed author Kate Mascarenhas. This remarkable book was first published on August 9, 2018, and was brought to the market by Crooked Lane Books.

The esteemed Kendrick family have been crafting world-renowned dolls, each possessing a unique emotion, since the 1800s. Persephone Kendrick yearns to master this secretive, male-dominated family craft, and when an attractive stranger with a proclaimed skill in doll-making and familial ties to the Kendricks appears, she seizes the opportunity.

However, when their most valued doll mysteriously disappears one night, it becomes evident that only someone with an understanding of magic and, alarmingly, a Kendrick could have perpetrated this crime.

Hokey Pokey

Kate Mascarenhas added a new gem to her literary collection in 2023 with her historical mystery fantasy, ‘Hokey Pokey.’ This captivating tale was introduced to the world via the Kindle platform, bringing the enchanting narrative to readers globally via their fingertips.

Set in February 1929, at the glamorous yet deceitful Regent Hotel in Birmingham, psychoanalyst Nora Dickinson checks in under a pseudonym, shadowing the renowned opera star Berenice Oxbow from Zurich to Birmingham. A severe snowstorm isolates the hotel and its guests from the rest of the world, and as reality and nightmares intertwine, Nora must confront a past she believed she’d left far behind.

This exciting adventure delves into the realms of murder, madness, and the deep corners of the mind.

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