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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Thought I Knew You (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Binds That Tie (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing Year (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blackbird Season (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Her Bones (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girls of Brackenhill (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spires (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

While You Were Gone (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Tales of Girls and Gadgets(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Moretti is an American author. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. These include her husband and their children (and their dog).

Kate was not always a professional writer. She worked for ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. Although she did pursue a practical day job as a scientist, Kate has always read fiction her entire life and has been actively picking up and finishing books for a long time!

Kate’s hobbies include cooking up some good food and trying out new recipes. She also enjoys getting out in the world and traveling. She does however need to keep her day job and she’s always occupied as a wife and mom! Even though she loves pursuing her hobbies, she does have her family, writing, and work to keep her busy too and doesn’t always have time to ‘indulge her hobbies.

Moretti first became an officially published author with the release of her first full length novel in 2012. It is called Thought I Knew You. The book would be later accompanied by a short novella.

Thought I Knew You is the first fictional novel from author Kate Moretti. Meet the main character of Claire Barnes. She thinks that her life is going according to plan, and it’s a day like any other when she finds out the shocking news. Claire knows that her husband has gone on a business trip, but he was supposed to come back. Instead, he never returns.

Claire is not just upset– she’s distraught with confusion, sadness, and questions. Greg just went out and never came back. Did he get kidnapped? Did he decide to leave the country, or leave their marriage? Is there someone else? There are so many questions that she has and not any immediate answers.

Even though the police say that they are working on it, Claire isn’t going to leave this case in the hands of the authorities– she’s going to take this one on personally. She starts her investigation into this case and has help in the form of Dave, her best friend. He helps her out by scouring for any clues or tips, but instead of answers, all that they dig up are more questions.

Claire thought that she knew Greg– after all, he’s the man that she married. He’s the guy that smiled back at her as they told each other ‘I do’. But it turns out that he may have a totally different personality or side to him than she ever suspected. If he is still alive, he probably knows more about what’s going on than she does.

This young wife and mother is torn about what to do. She still loves her husband and wishes that he were there to help her raise and hang out with the kids. They used to be a family, so what was it that happened? Did Greg choose to leave them for some time, or does someone else have something to do with it? You never know, there are always those stories about people who get hit in the head or hit by a car and then they get total amnesia and forget who they are or even where they live.

Claire just knows that her kids need her to be there for them. With no answers in her search to find out what happened to her spouse and the police getting no further, she’s going to have to accept that she may never discover the truth. Will Greg show up or will he stay missing? Its anyone’s guess in this thrilling and heart pounding debut novel from author Kate Moretti!

Binds That Tie is the interesting second full length fictional novel from Kate Moretti. If you love books that are all about murder mysteries, then this might just be the book for you to pick up and check out for yourself!

When it comes to love, things are always more complicated than you first anticipate they will be starting out. That’s true for Maggie, who never thought that she could feel this happy. Chris Stevens came along into her life and swept her off of her feet. Just like that, she felt like she was able to belong somewhere for the first time ever.

Chris seemed like he was the perfect guy and was tailor made for her. Maggie fell in love so quickly and then they got married, making her the happiest woman in the world. They have now been married for ten years, and the promise that they held together a decade ago has started to fall apart like a piece of paper in a bath tub that is full of water.

Maggie is now scarred, and so is her husband. They have had to deal with the pain of miscarriage and losing a baby. They also have contended with betrayal from infidelity on their partner’s part. They said that they would be together until death parted them both– but a lot can happen in a decade, and they both are carrying a heavy load.

Chris and Maggie look like they are the perfect couple from the outside looking in. But you never know what people are going through– or do to each other. Neither of them is as spotless as they pantomime being, but you could also say the same for a lot of the people in their social circle.

Even though they were so in love when they got married, now Maggie can barely look at her husband. She feels such strong resentment that it’s difficult to even be in the same room. Things are ripe for them to get divorced, simply because the strain of all that they had endured was slowly weighing them down.

That is why when a handsome stranger comes along, Maggie can’t help but flirt a little. But she doesn’t even know this person– and one innocent action could send this couple careening down a path that they may not be able to return from taking.

What will happen– and can the two of them survive their marriage? Read this novel to find out!

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