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Kate Morris

Kate Morris is London based author best known for her standalone novels Seven Days One Summer and The Seven Year Itch. Besides novel writing, Kate has contributed to various magazines, blogs, and newspapers, including The Mail, The Times, The Guardian, and The Observer.

The Seven Year Itch

In her debut novel The Seven Year Itch, Kate has woven a engaging tale that will have you hooked from the first page to the last. The author introduces us to Ellie. She has been married to Jack for close to a decade, and they have two adorable and most demanding children. She is about to open a café with her best friend, Tilda. Her husband is a soap actor whose character is “killed” from the script leaving him hanging in the house and getting sexually involved with an Australian too beautiful for her good. Meanwhile, Ellie is excited about the café and is making her marriage seem uninteresting in comparison, and when the masculine Marks moves next door, she wonders whether she and her husband are past their sell-by-date.

How can she put the spark back into her life without going against the rules? And is there something truly better out there, or is she just scratching the long-running itch?

The Seven Year Itch is a classic tale that’s bleak and funny in every single page. The author draws a vivid and sympathetic portrait of a marriage that’s way beyond the honeymoon years and offers the readers real insights and genuine observations on what a true, is like. The story boasts a great blend of domestic drama and humor that could easily give the famous show Desperate Housewives a run for its money. The story is narrated in first-person perspective narrator is Ellie. She’s married to Jack, and they have two children Maud and Jed, and an au pair Petra. Along with Tilda they make up the protagonists of the story.
Ellie is a troubled character whose marriage life hasn’t been a walk in the park. Her flaws can make you conclude she’s irritating, which is not the truth. On the other hand, Jack is a man who is self-centered and cares too much about himself and rarely listens to what his wife tells him. In addition Tilda and Petra’s characters are well created. They keep the story moving along nicely. There’s a twist at the end of the novel that you never anticipate.
Seven Days One Summer

As the title implies, this story takes place within a week, when eight friends meet again in a villa in Italy. It sounds like a lovely holiday to recover from the stresses of everyday life. However, everyone has their problems with them, marital problems, health problems, career problems, and even depression, to name a few.

The main character, Jen is a photographer, who mainly photographs the interiors in houses. She has a 7-year-old son, together with Marcus. Marcus is becoming more and more successful in his work, which means that he is almost never at home and, therefore Jen alone. She feels like a second cast behind his work and is, therefore, all the more looking forward to the holiday together in Italy.

Arriving in Italy, we see Jen and her best friend Tara change to a jealous teenager, both of whom are fighting for Sam’s attention. Jack, another guest, is single and actor and does not care about his children; he usually leaves them to Jen, which gets on her nerves after some time. Another couple, who wants to marry soon, is also among the guests and then there is Jill, the housekeeper, who behaves very strangely. Does she have a sinister purpose or is she just a weird older woman? Seven Days One Summer has a potential for bucket-loads of fun and drama. Throw eight people strangers in a house, and the results would be of course-fireworks. We’ve all seen that in Big Brother, and the group in this story had more than issues to assure some would surface in the few days they spent together. With exes, couples, and unreturned love all under one roof; there’s a significant potential for secrets, lies, affairs or argument.

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