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Publication Order of Heart Quest Books

Talisman of Valdegarde (By: Madeleine Simon) (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Isle of Illusion (By: Madeleine Simon) (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ring of the Ruby Dragon (By: Jeannie Black) (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady of the Winds (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon Dragon Summer (By: Linda Lowery) (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Forgotten Realms: Finder's Stone Books

with Jeff Grubb
Azure Bonds (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wyvern's Spur (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Song Of The Saurials (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Forgotten Realms: The Harpers Books

The Parched Sea (By: Troy Denning) (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elfshadow (By: Elaine Cunningham) (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Magic (By: Jean Rabe) (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Parade (By: Scott Ciencin) (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soldiers of Ice (By: Fred Fields,David Zeb Cook) (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crown of Fire (By: Ed Greenwood) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Masquerades (With: Jeff Grubb) (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse of the Shadowmage (By: Fred Fields,Mark Anthony) (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Veiled Dragon (By: Troy Denning) (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stormlight (By: Ed Greenwood) (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finder's Bane (With: Jeff Grubb) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Blade (By: Charles Moffat) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Blade (By: Charles Moffat) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Forgotten Realms: The Lost Gods Books

Finder's Bane (With: Jeff Grubb) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fistandantilus Reborn (By: Douglas Niles) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tymora's Luck (With: Jeff Grubb) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Forgotten Realms: Anthologies Books

Realms of Valor (By: Christie Golden,Jean Rabe,Ed Greenwood,R.A. Salvatore,Elaine Cunningham,James Lowder,Douglas Niles,Troy Denning,David Zeb Cook,Scott Ciencin,Mark Anthony) (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of Magic (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Underdark (By: Brian M. Thomsen,Ed Greenwood,Elaine Cunningham,J. Robert King,Roger E. Moore,Mark Anthony) (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Arcane (By: J. Robert King) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of Mystery (By: J. Robert King) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Dragons (By: Ed Greenwood) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Dragons II (By: Erin Tettensor) (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Elves (By: Philip Athans) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of War (By: Philip Athans) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Realms of the Dead (By: Ed Greenwood,Richard Baker,R.A. Salvatore,Rosemary Jones,Susan J.Morris,Bruce R. Cordell) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Realms of Magic(1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Novak
Kate Novak grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kate has primarily published work in the shared worlds of “Ravenloft” and the “Forgotten Realms”. Her work is from the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Since 1983 she has been married to game designer and writer Jeff Grubb, with whom she has co-authored the “Finder’s Stone Trilogy” and collaborated on “Azure Bonds”. The success of the latter book resulted in the computer game “Curse of the Azure Bonds” being created.

“Masquerades” is the tenth novel in the “Harpers” series and was released in the year 1995. When her hometown gets overtaken by a crime syndicate, the daughter of one disgraced Harper agent battles to free the local merchants from their underground overlords.

When Alias crosses swords with the underlings of the heartless and cunning lord of Westgate’s criminal guild, which is known only as the Faceless, he vows to ruin her. Accepting the challenge to rid Westgate entirely of the evil Night Masks, Alias gathers up some old allies along with some new ones: the halfling Olive Ruskettle, the saurial paladin Dragonbait, the street performer Jamal, the charismatic Victor Dhostar (who is also the son of Westgate’s governing official), and the sage Mintassan.

But even while Alias thwarts the nefarious efforts of the Night Masks, she gets even more tangled up in the web being woven by The Faceless, which is a web whose silken threads are spun out of political machinations, intrigue, and murder.

This is a fun and lighthearted read, and while the mystery is playing out, we are left with another fun romp in this realm. There is some fantastic pacing and action and Kate and Jeff tell a good story.

“Azure Bonds” is the first novel in the “Forgotten Realms: Finder’s Stone” series that was released in the year 1988. Alias is in a whole mess of trouble. She is an adventuress, a sell-sword, and a warrior for hire. She woke up with a sequence of magical and twisting blue sigils having been inscribed onto her arms and doesn’t have any memory of where she got them from.

Alias, who is determined to learn more about the true nature of this mysterious tattoo, joins up with an unlikely gang of companions. There is the halfling bard (Ruskettle), the southern mage (Akabar), and the oddly silent lizard guy (Dragonbait). It is with their help that she discovers that these symbols hold the very key to her own existence.

But those that are responsible for these sigils aren’t too keen on her continued good health. And should the five evil masters find her first, she may learn much too soon about their hideous secret.

“The Wyvern’s Spur” is the second novel in the “Forgotten Realms: Finder’s Stone” series that was released in the year 1990. Here is the tale about the Wyvern’s Spur’s awesome power, which for the Wyvernspur family, holds a curse. Its being stolen spells certain doom unless the family’s fool (Giogi), with the help from a talented bard and mage called Cat, can find this spur.

But when the enchantment and betrayal threaten the fool’s ability to make any forward progress, he must invoke the awesome might of this spur, or will become its next victim!

“Song of the Saurials” is the third novel in the “Forgotten Realms: Finder’s Stone” series that was released in the year 1991. The Harpers judged the Nameless Bard which was responsible for all of his apprentices’ deaths, they sentenced him to exile and obscurity.

Now the Harpers are rethinking their decision, but with Grypht’s arrival, this new trial just dissolves into some murders and disappearances. It is up to the buddies of the bard to prove that it was just a single enemy being behind every bit of this chaos.

“Finder’s Bane” is the fifteenth novel in the “Harpers” series and was released in the year 1997. One god’s fate hinges on the death of another, and the courage of a rag-tag group of adventurers, in this classic Harpers book.

When Joel became a priest of the new god Finder, he knew that it meant he would have to forfeiting the security and honor that comes with his position as a master bard. Now his own freedom, as well as his own life, are on the line while the powers of evil embroil the priests of Finder in this struggle against a plot to resurrect Bane, a dead god.

Accompanied by Jas (the mysterious winged woman), Holly Harrowslough (a freedom fighter), and Jedidiah (the aging priest) Joel goes on a mission to recover the Hand of Bane. This mission leads him from the Realms and takes him all the way to the extra-planar city of Sigil. It is here that Joel has to rely on all of his wisdom, bravery, and strength in order to thwart the return of Bane the Tyrant and rescue Finder the god from his imminent death.

“Tymora’s Luck” is a novel in the “Forgotten Realms: Lost Gods” series that was released in the year 1997. Before the Dawn Cataclysm, Moander the Darkbringer was able to corrupt the Goddess of Luck, Tyche. In a desperate attempt to keep Tyche’s goodness, the gods clove her up in twin, and made two daughter goddesses: Lady Luck (Tymora)and Lady Doom (Beshaba). In the time since then, these two sisters have existed in full enmity.

Now there is a major power which has been carrying a rather crazy scheme in order to recreate the goddess Tyche by reuniting both Tymora and Beshaba, despite any of the potential calamitous repercussions that may come.

The Rebel Bard and Joel (priest of Finder), in a decision fraught with godly intrigue, are selected to uncover who it is behind the abduction of each of these sister goddesses. Helped by Jas and Holly Harrowslough (old allies), and his new kender and friend (named Emilo Haversack), Joel must figure a way to keep the merger of Tymora and Beshaba from going down before disaster can overtake this luckless realms over.

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