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Publication Order of Kate O'Donnell Books

Kate O’Donnell by Patricia Hall

Author Patricia Hall writes the “Kate O’Donnell” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2011, when “Dead Beat” was released.

The series is set in London, England during the sixties. Kate O’Donnell, who stars in the series, is an aspiring photographer. Helping her investigate cases is Detective Sergeant Harry Barnard. Throughout the books, the two start up a relationship with each other.

“Dead Beat” is the first novel in the “Kate O’Donnell” series, which was released in the year 2011. Kate O’Donnell, a photographer, heads off to London from Liverpool with two things in mind: make a career and find her missing brother.

She finds a trace of Tom, he is still missing, leaving behind him a dead roommate and some suspicious cops. One of which is Harry Barnard, part of the vice squad. Kate is determined to clear her brother’s good name, but her search for answers takes her on a horrifying journey, and pretty quickly she is unsure if Barnard, who is quite charming is trustworthy.

Kate and Harry are two admirable characters. The author spins a good yarn here, and keeps the killer a secret until the reveal. The phrasing and language used in the book is spot on, especially for this period of time. The story has a nice and steady build up, and readers look forward to checking out more by this author.

“Death Trap” is the second novel in the “Kate O’Donnell” series, which was released in the year 2012. It is exciting to be in London at the moment, especially if you are Kate O’Donnell, who left Liverpool six months ago to live in a ruined tiny flat in the top level of a deteriorating house with two girlfriends in Notting Hill. Kate was right in time to see the Beatles quickly rise to fame, bringing both her accent and home town suddenly into favor.

She quickly finds there is a darker side to Swinging Sixties’ London when a hooker is found killed off of the Portobello Road. A West Indian immigrant gets arrested for the crime, which inflames the district’s smoldering racial tension to a near breaking point.

His name is Nelson Mackintosh, who is the father of a pupil of Tess, a roommate of Kate’s. Kate is convinced that Nelson is innocent, and is determined to find the real murderer. When her investigation attracts King Devine’s (a notorious West Indian gangster) attention, not even DS Harry Barnard is able to guarantee she will be safe.

The book is filled with social commentary, some rather colorful characters, and ambiance of the period all help add to the engaging mystery’s appeal. This is an excellent story that tells about the inner workings of Britain’s lower classes. The interactions that Kate and Harry have with each other are simply excellent.

“Dressed to Kill” is the third novel in the “Kate O’Donnell” series, which was released in the year 2013. The year is 1963. The Rolling Stones, a new band, is starting to make their mark, and the miniskirt is starting to come into fashion. Kate O’Donnell, a young Liverpudlian photographer, it is exciting to be in the capital. Especially as she is on secondment to a studio belonging to an up-and-coming fashion photographer.

Sixties London has a darker side to it, Kate finds, when the beaten, nude body of a teenaged hooker is found among all the trash bins behind a jazz club in Soho. It turns out that the victim used to be a model at the same studio where Kate is currently working. Another young model goes missing, and Kate gets her friend DS Harry Barnard to help her figure out just what is going on.

Once again, it is great to read about Kate and Harry, as they have some great interplay with each other. This is an excellent read that pulls you right into it and never lets go for an instant.

“Blood Brothers” is the fourth novel in the “Kate O’Donnell” series, which was released in the year 2014. The year is 1963. A horribly mutilated corpse is found a the site of the new Centre Point Tower which is still under construction in London’s West End. The toes and fingers have been severed, and has all the markers of a gangland style killing. Detective Sergeant Harry Barnard is not convinced.

Kate’s current assignment with a national newspaper’s crime reporter is causing problems with her and Harry’s relationship. Harry’s ties with Georgie Robertson’s gangster brother, Ray, makes his colleagues concerned. Has the line between copper and criminal become much too blurred?

The atmosphere of suspicion heats up, Kate finds that her job with Carter Price, a Globe reporter, is close to getting her into unexpected danger.

This book is tough to put down, it just holds you in its spell the entire way through. A lot of research work must go into the writing of these books, as it feels like you transported back into the sixties in London.

“Deep Waters” is the fifth novel in the “Kate O’Donnell” series, which was released in the year 2016. The year is 1964. DS Harry Barnard has been tasked with finding Ray Robertson, the notorious Soho club owner. No one has seen him for many days. It takes on a greater urgency after a beaten body is found at Ray’s gym. Could Ray be the murderer? Or is he the victim?

Kate is currently working on a piece about the Canvey Island’s regeneration, which is finally being rebuilt after the East Coast floods in the year 1953. Kate and Harry are about to figure out that the murder and Ray Robertson’s vanishing, and the Canvey Island floods are connected in more ways than just the one.

This historical thriller is filled with tension and atmosphere that does a great job of keeping your attention the entire way. Once again, Patricia Hall does an excellent job of bringing the sixties to life with her words. The mystery is excellent and the plot is filled with many turns and twists to it.

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