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Escape from Atlantis (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Pegasus and the Flame / The Flame of Olympus (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fight for Olympus / Olympus at War (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New Olympians / Pegasus and the New Olympians (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Origins of Olympus (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Titans (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of Olympus (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kate O’Hearn is one of the highly reputed authors from Canada, who is famous for writing children’s books and fantasy novels. She was born in Toronto, Canada. Author Kate is particularly well known for writing down the Pegasus series. She wrote the first book of her career in 2008 under the title of Shadow of the Dragon : Kira, whose success gave her the motivation to write many more books in her writing career. Prior to becoming an author, Kate used to work in the fashion industry. She spent the first few years by working at a large showroom of an accessory firm located in New York. Later, she joined the top management post at the corporation of Calvin Klein, followed by joining Oleg Cassini, located in Toronto. Author Kate feels that she was born under the wandering star. This appears to be true for her as hailing from Canada, she went on to be raised in the New York City. Also, she lived in many other cities occasionally along with her family, which included Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, San Franciso, and a few other small towns. Kate believes that she felt the closest to New York and considered it to be her home. In whichever city she went, she felt as if it was an adventure for her, bigger than the previous one. One such experience she always likes to share is when her family was shifting to Los Angeles from New York. They took a halt in Galveston, Texas, due to a hurricane. They stayed in a beach hotel, from where she could see a big carnival that was abandoned due to the huge storm. Kate could not resist her temptation and joined her 3 brothers to visit the fairgrounds of the carnival. As there was no one else present, the whole place was available for them to explore and enjoy.

Author Kate enjoyed the fun houses, rides, prizes, and games. This serves as one of the fondest memories of author Kate’s childhood days. Such adventures fuelled her imagination to develop fantasy stories. She liked all that appeared to be different and used them in her books. Whenever she visits New York, she imagines that the she is soaring among the canyons of the city riding on a wild dragon. At one point of time in her life, Kate used to live in Florida. She used to visit the sea very often and enjoyed being out at sea among the whales. Another wonderful experience she had when she was driving through the night in West Texas. The sky was studded with stars which seemed like an undiscovered playground to her. When author Kate shifted to England, she went on a tour to the whole of Europe. She visited all the rich and exciting history of Europe. This caused her imagination to spill over and thus came the time when she decided to start writing. Author Kate feels that even though she has had a number of other jobs, writing is the only career that has given her the most pleasure. These rich experiences helped author Kate to develop a love for reading and writing fantasy stories. It did not take her long to start making up her own stories and fill them with wonderful and strange characters. Kate also says that she cares for all the stories that she has written very deeply. As a writer, she wishes to share all her wonderful pleasures with the readers. She wants to tell the stories of her wild adventures that she experienced in different places of the world. Particularly, about the families who face problems and come together as one to fight with a common goal.

The Pegasus series written by Kate O’Hearn consists of 6 books in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2017. The first book of the series is titled as ‘The Flame of Pegasus’. It was released in 2013 by the Hodder publication. Author Kate has described the story of a winged horse, a dedicated young girl, and an epic war, which give the series an adventurous start. The main characters introduced in this book include Emily, Paelen, the goddess Diana, Joel, etc. The starting sequence of the book shows that Pegasus arrives onto a roof in Manhattan during a deadly storm after which Emily’s gets changed forever. She had never thought that she will be allied with the winged horse suddenly as she had thought it was just mythical. But soon after, she is thrust in the middle of a deadly battle involving the Roman gods and a brutal race of multi-armed stone warriors known as the Nirads. Now, Emily is required to join a thief called Paelen, a small boy called Joel, and goddess Diana for returning Pegasus back to Olympus. By doing so, she intends to save the gods from death. During the journey, Emily and her friends fight against deadly monsters, which are sent by a government-run agency and prepared to cut Pegasus into pieces. In order to avoid being caught by the monsters, Emily flies over the skyline of Manhattan. She intends to complete her quest of saving Olympus before the end of time.

One of the other books released in the series initially is entitled ‘Pegasus and the Rise of the Titans’. This book was also published by the Hodder publishers in the year 2015. In this book, author Kate has depicted Pegasus and Emily getting involved in a new adventure. At the beginning of the exciting plot, the old rivalry between the Titans and the Olympians is shown getting rekindled. The Titans seem to have come up with a secret weapon, which would help them to overpower the Olympians. Later, the power balance shifts in the favor of Saturn as he finds his own ‘Flame of Titus’. Due to this, it becomes certain that the Olympus of Jupiter will come to grasp finally. Once again, Emily gets caught in the old power struggle. She and Pegasus are required to head towards a volcano in the Hawaiian islands called Diamond Head in order to find the thing that could save Olympus from a certain defeat. The Titans are aware of the plans of Emily and try to stop her from getting there. They even make attempts to reach Diamond Head before her and acquire that Olympus needs to win the battle. However, Emily is determined not to let the Titans win over her and with the help of Pegasus she feels that she can easily help Olympus defeat the Titans.

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