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Publication Order of Kate Redman Mysteries Books

Kate Redman Mystery is a set of novels written by UK bestselling author Celina Grace. The books feature Kate Redman a female detective fighting crime and in pursuit of justice in a fictional town known as Abbeyford in the United Kingdom. Kate Redman novels have been listed on top 10 of several genres featured in Amazon and are also available in print versions and being produced as audiobooks.

Kate Redman Mystery series features over ten novels. The first novel in the series, Hushabye was published in 2013. The novel first introduces the lead character Kate Redman apparently taking on her first assignment in the West Country. She soon finds herself investigating kidnapping case of Charlie Fullman, the first-born son of a wealthy businessman. The second book in the series Requiem was published the same year as the first one.

Hushbaye (2013)

In the first novel, we meet Detective Kate Redman starting on her first new job in the West Country. She soon becomes embroiled in murder/kidnap case. She is tasked with investigating the kidnapping of a three months old baby and the murder of his nanny as well. This is a case that takes Kate Redman tugs heartstrings and particularly because she has something in her past that is not openly revealed to the reader until a way into the story. As the story slow unfolds we discover that Kate a complicated character with a dark and hidden past, her family which she seems not quite close, as well as the OCD tendencies that are hinted at.

The entire story is told from Kate’s point of view as she works on the two cases and it is more procedural than suspense or crime thriller.

This is a well-written police procedural- it draws you in immediately, but in many ways, it is a read. The Kate herself is an interesting character, it is revealed to the readers that Kate has her past demons that speak of the person she is today and why this particular murder case is a hard one for her to handle.

However, what you will love most in the debut novel is that the author has emphasized on various aspects, such as plot development, character and a good procedural as well. The characters interactions have been well developed such that you will find yourself comparing these characters with real life people.


In the second novel by the United Kingdom, bestselling author detective Kate Redman finds herself in another troubling case. After the body of Elodie Duncan is found floating in a river in Abbeyford, at first the case is assumed to be a pure suicide.

However, Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is shocked to find out that she had indeed met the victim the night before her death who was introduced by her younger brother Jay. As Kate digs more into the case, it is soon discovered that the victim was murdered. Elodie, a talented young musician, had been keeping some strange company and hiding her dark secrets.

As the suspects lists begin to grow, so do the questions. What is the importance of the painting Elodie modeled for? Who could be the man who was seen with her on the night of her death? Could there be a relationship between the death of Elodie and that of another student at the exclusive musical college?

Kate, with the help of her partner, attempt to unravel the chain of mysteries that surround the death of Elodie and the dark undercurrents of the case that threatens what Kate holds most dear.

Requiem story unfolds at a nice pace and with such endearing characters, and it is quite an interesting read than the first novel. The newly hired detective Kate Redman works very hard to distance herself from her upbringing with her slatternly harridan, drunken mother.

Kate is quite an interesting read and probably too nice to be a policewoman- she just does not seem ruthless enough even though she solves her cases just like any other good detective. This time round, it is her younger brother who finds himself embroiled at the center of a death case. He has a drawing of a young girl stranded on the river bank. When the girl in the picture is later found drowned in the river, after previously been seen with Kates brother, detective Kate does whatever it takes to protect his brother even if it means risking her career.


In the third novel, a famous prostitute is found stabbed to death scruffy corner of Abbeyford. As usual DS Kate Redman and her partner, DS Olbeck takes over the case, and they expect to have it wrapped up in a couple of days. On the other hand, Kate Redman finds herself swayed by her growing attention to her boss Detective Chief Inspector (DSI) Anderton. In a matter of several days, a woman is found dead with the same knife wounds and a third one is found several days later. To Kate Redman, it is evidently clear that a serial killer is on the loose and he might be preying on the defenseless women of Abbeyford. Kate, her partner Olbeck and her team find themselves in a race against time to unravel the face of a serial killer on the loose before more bodies begin piling up.


In the fourth book of Kate Redman series, a modern research lab opens on the outskirts of West Country in Abbeyford. The lab brings with it new workers, people, more job opportunities, and success and publicity to the area- but on the other hand, a mob of animal rights activists and protestors. The Abbeyford police department team takes control and manages to calm down this high level of civil disorder- until a car bombing of one of the lab lead scientist. The car bombing, on the other hand, means that more extreme measures must be taken.

On the contrary, DS Kate Redman is struggling to come to terms after being absence for work for an extended period and not to mention that her partner Mark has been promoted to a higher rank than her.

The stakes even take on a whole new level as multiple murder scenes as discovered and a great activist is involved in the crime. It is up to Kate and her team to put their lives on the line and expose the murder and untangle the snarl of suspicions, accusations, and motives.

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