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Publication Order of Kate Reid Books

The Kate Reid book series is a riveting series of criminal fiction, thriller, mystery, contemporary romance, and suspense stories. It is written by a reputed Virginia-based American writer named Robin Mahle. As of 2019, a total of ten titles have been published in this series, starting from 2013. In each novel, Robin Mahle has depicted the lead character in the role of Kate Reid. She is depicted as a young lady having a good life and a good job. Things begin to turn bad for her when she discovers that she has been living a lie all her life. Kate Reid shows desperation to find the truth, which leads her to different situations that go on to change her life forever. Later, Kate tries her best to become a special agent in the FBI with the intention of taking vengeance. She succeeds in achieving her dream and establishes herself as a dedicated special agent as seen in the later novels.

Kate Reid works with the police departments of different states and cities to catch criminals and murder suspects. Mostly, she plays the role of assisting her senior officers and agents. The places where Robin Mahle has set the plots include Los Angeles, Quantico, Florida, Boston, Rio de Janeiro, Kentucky, San Diego, etc. Some of the other lead characters created by Robin Mahle for this series include Detective Marshall Avery, Nick Scarborough, Marc Aguilar, Dwight Jameson, Detective Ray Sharpe, Grant Copeland, Noah Quinn, Anthony Phelps, and a few others. When Katie Reid first begins to look for answers about her past, she awakes an old monster. This monster learns that she has approached Detective Avery to give her the required resources to get to him and decides to stop her forever. Soon, Katie Reid finds herself indulged too deep that she is unable to turn back.

As the FBI is informed about the unleashing of the monster, they call in Special Agent Nick Scarborough to look into it. The investigation leads Nick into a decade-old case that has now put Katie Reid’s life in danger. Nick is determined to keep her safe and prevent any harm from coming to her. He launches a manhunt to catch the monster before it is too late. This series set itself on the course of success right from its first book. All the books have received wide appreciation from readers across the globe. They have given excellent reviews to each of the novels on numerous literary platforms. Several noteworthy critics have spoken their minds in a positive way for the series and helped to make it more successful.

Many fellow writers of Robin Mahle have praised her for her interesting works and applauded her efforts. With the immense success that followed this series, Robin Mahle was able to develop a huge fan-following for herself. She continued to taste success with her other mystery series featuring different chief protagonists, who are as popular as Kate Reid. They include Lacy Merrick, Allison Hart, and Riley Thompson. Robin Mahle is now looking forward to writing a lot of exciting novels in the times to come. She is also working towards adding more titles to her recently started thriller/mystery series. Her fans are eagerly waiting for her to publish her latest work so that they can enjoy another great work of hers. Robin hopes they will continue to read her published books and help to make them more popular.

An excellent book written in the Kate Reid series by author Robin Mahle is entitled ‘Law of Five’. It was released in 2014 by Harp House Publishing. The central characters that feature in this book include Marshall Avery, Kate Reid, Marc Aguilar, and Nick Scarborough. Initially, it is mentioned that the police begin a nationwide manhunt in search of a deadly killer, who is made popular by the media as the ‘Highway Hunter’. This killer has a typical way of killing his victims and leaving them on the roadside with brutal markings and a calling card. Kate Reid is not linked to this case in any way. She is miles away minding her own business with Marshall Avery. But, it doesn’t take much time to get her involved when Kate gets a call from her reporter friend named Marc Aguilar, who informs her that the serial killer might be coming for her and Marshall Avery.

Katie has been assisting the police department of San Diego for some time. But, she has not been able to provide much help recently. This situation has raised questions about her future with the SDPD. Even her personal struggles have been giving Kate a difficult time. So, she doesn’t seem interested in paying any attention to Marc Aguilar’s request, knowing that Marshall Avery will talk her out it saying that is not their fight. However, when suspicion arises on an acquaintance over a murder that seems quite similar to the ones committed by the Highway Hunter, the entire city gets cast under a dark shadow. The investigation is then handed over to the SDPD with FBI Special Agent Nick Scarborough, Katie Reid’s friend, as the team leader.

The growing pieces of evidence suggest that there could be multiple killers involved. Nick and Katie started going through the lives of the 4 victims to find out what the killer sees in his targets. This way, they hope to identify the next possible target and save them before a deadly attack takes place in their life. Kate and Nick think that they can also get close to the killer and maybe catch him. Another amazing installment of the series is known as ‘Gone Unnoticed’. It was published in 2015. This book opens by mentioning that Kate Reid working with all her determination to become an FBI agent. She thinks that the one thing that is under her control is her success.

Following an 8-week rigorous training program at the training center of Quantico, Kate begins to get the feeling that it is not going to be easy for her. She starts feeling the added pressure when her mentor and friend, Nick Scarborough, asks her to assist him on a case. The case that Nick is investigating is that of the widespread mysterious disappearances of young immigrants, mostly females. Many of the disappearances go unnoticed because they are illegal immigrants and no one shows any interest in them. Kate wonders this case is linked to human trafficking. As she delves more into the lives of the victims, she starts identifying herself with them, thinking about how their desire to give a new beginning to their lives is the same as hers. The sorrow and pain that Kate had put behind her start resurfacing again with the unfolding of the case. It makes her wonder if she will lose her hopes of restarting her life because of her over-involvement in the case.

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