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About Kate Stayman-London
The American writer Kate Stayman-London is not only a notable speech-writer and political strategist, but she’s also a novelist. Writing about modern social issues, she’s fast become well known for her witty and irreverent analysis of many different themes and ideas. This has seen her become a household name for many, with readers from across the world enjoying her work and writing. Engaging readers from all backgrounds, she really is a compelling novelist, writing in a direct style that gets straight to the point. Her style of storytelling is also extremely accessible, as it’s easy to relate to on a universal level, making her books easy to pick up, but difficult to put down. With a lot to say, she’s never afraid to speak her mind, being outspoken on a number of different subjects, and her work clearly reflects this.

She’s written for influential political figures such as Hilary Clinton, making a strong name for herself as a speech-writer. These sensibilities she brings to all her work and fiction, writing stories that immediately grab the reader and don’t let go. From the setting to the characters, she understands exactly what it is that she wants to say and how, allowing her work to essentially speak for itself. Tackling serious contemporary issues head-on, she deals with a whole range of different themes, topics, and ideas. Not holding back either, she always has something to say, and manages to do it in an entertaining and highly compelling manner.

Creating long lasting characters, she really knows how to get into the heads of who she is writing about, allowing them to essentially come alive on the page. This has seen her writing stories that resonate with a modern audience, as they resonate with readers from all over the world. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she continues to build her audience, being highly vocal about her craft. Ranging from featuring on podcasts to giving talks, she is an active member of the literary community, and has come a long way fast. With a lot more planned for the future, it does not appear that she’s finishing anytime soon either, as her writing continues onwards and upwards.

Early and Personal Life
Born in New York City in the United States, Kate Stayman-London would be keenly interested in both reading and writing from an early age. This would develop over time, as she would continue to nurture her talent as a writer, refining and honing her voice. Building upon her style throughout her education too, she continued to establish herself and her brand, creating her own unique niche.

She would also find herself as a political strategist, working as Hilary Clinton’s lead digital writer prior to becoming an author herself. This was centered around her 2016 presidential campaign, and this has led to writing speeches for both her and other figures, including Malala Yousafzai and President Obama. Currently living in Los Angeles where she continues to work and write to this day, she has a lot more coming on the horizon.

Writing Career
In 2020 Kate Stayman-London would write her first novel, ‘One To Watch,’ and it would be a stand-alone title. Not focusing on writing a series as such, she’d focus on a comedy dealing with modern social issues facing women, in a funny and entertaining format. It would feature much of her trademark wit throughout, engaging readers, with both those familiar with her work and newcomers alike.

Along with this she also writes articles for various different magazines and publications, such as Grazia to name one. She’s also a screenwriter, making her a versatile writer with a lot of different skills in her back-catalogue of work. She’s a writer with a lot more to say too, as her writing career goes from strength-to-strength, for a long time to follow.

One To Watch
Initially published through the ‘Dial Press’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 7th of July in 2020. It would be a stand-alone novel, with its own self-contained rom-com narrative that carries along at a brisk pace. Being London’s literary debut, it also works in establishing her style and tone as an author of fiction for the first time. Giving a clear picture of what’s to come from her in the future, it’s also a must for any fans of the genre as a whole.
Working essentially as a romantic-comedy for a contemporary audience, this is an easily accessible read for anyone and everyone. Entertaining and witty, it features a lot of heart and warmth, there’s a motivational aspect to the novel too, with a strong message within it all. Making sure the reader keeps turning the page, it’s an addictive read that’s written in a compelling and engaging style. The characters are well written too, particularly that of Bea Schumacher who feels fully fleshed out upon the page.

The fashion and beauty blogger Bea Schumacher is a stylish and fashionable individual with scores of followers on Instagram. Every week she likes to tune into the ever popular reality-engagement show ‘Main Squeeze,’ which sees a host of women vie for a bachelor’s hand in marriage. While she enjoys the show, she realizes that there’s no body diversity on the show, with everyone being a size zero. This leads her to write a blog post complaining about the subject, and overnight it goes viral, attracting attention from all over. In turn the producers of ‘Main Squeeze’ then invite her to be the next contestant on the show, and this thrusts her head-first into the world of celebrity culture. Will she able to withstand it all? Can she find love? What will happen when she finds that she’s one to watch?

Various Writing
In the past Kate Stayman-London has produced speeches for a number of notable speakers, adding to her sizeable list of credentials. Along with writing for political figures as mentioned, she’s also written for celebrities including Cher and Anna Wintour. Putting her political sensibilities into her work, she’s creating a lasting legacy quite unlike any other, and will continue to do so for some time to come.

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