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The Stepney Doorstep Society (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Thompson is an English published author of novels. She is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, a journalist, and a ghostwriter.

Kate Thompson was born in the United Kingdom. She came into the world on July 23, 1956 in Halifax, Yorkshire. Her writing for adults and children alike has won her several awards. Many of her stories are set in Ireland, a place that this author has lived in ever since 1981.

Kate Thompson’s parents were Dorothy Towers and E.P. Thompson. The two were peace activists as well as social historians. She herself has been to India and followed her passion of working with horses. Even though she has traveled extensively, she eventually chose west Ireland as the place to call home.

She lives there with Conor, her partner. Together they have two wonderful daughters. This writer has many hobbies, including fiddling. She also has an interest in the traditional music of Ireland. Her fiction for children usually falls into the fantasy genre. A few of her books for adults have also contended with genetic engineering and its consequences.

The author has received the Book of the Year from Bisto Children four times for her books. She received the Children’s Fiction Prize from Guardian for her book The New Policeman. Thompson also received the Book Award for her children’s fiction from Whitbread and an award for children’s book of the year in 2005 from Dublin Airport Authority.

Kate Thompson is the creator and the author of the Stepney Doorstep Society. This is a stunning debut work in nonfiction for this author. It was released in 2018. If you are looking for something intriguing to read, then pick a copy of this book up!

The Stepney Doorstep Society is a nonfiction book from author Kate Thompson that is well worth checking out! Check out this book and step into a different period of time in the world entirely.

These are the stories or some unique and remarkable women that worked to keep the East End area and community of London together as it moves through two devastating world wars. Pick up this book and as the reader, you’ll be able to meet Joan, Beatty, Girl Walker, Gladys, and Minksy.

These brave women had no idea initially what they were in for. One world war had already struck England and now they would have to face things head on while heading into a second one. During these times of war, all of the men were scarce to be found since they were all going off to war. The men were needed to provide the military end of things.

This of course left the women to take care of things. While they were away at war, the women were the ones that were running the household and working the jobs and just generally keeping the country together and the war effort going strong at home.

These are the women that ruled the East End’s streets. They were brought up in the slums with a firm hand and many of them lived in the teeming small tenements that defined so many of their lives. Struggling against the odds and trying to survive the pervasive poverty that they live in, these women do their best to try and make a good go of the hands that they were dealt.

It’s easy for things to fall apart in tough times like these, but these women are determined to keep things together during this difficult time. It’s bad enough that their men are off to fight and may not be coming back. Or if thy do return, they are not going to becoming back in the same condition that they left in.

Now it is up to these strong women to do their best to try and not only keep the home front together but fight for their community to stay alive in some of the darkest hours that their country has ever seen. These are tough times indeed, but if these women stick together and grit their teeth, they may find that they get through it in one piece.

Even though the war is bringing plenty of hard times and misery, there are also many reasons to find joy. The streets are teeming with peddlers from Whitechapel to Stepney and Shoreditch to Bethnal Green. Market stalls and entrepreneurs pack the streets and are loudly selling their wares to the other townspeople that have come to check out the improvised village market.

Children still play even though this is a trying time. They make their way across the different hopscotch pitches and play in the dust with each other. The East End continues to be full of life and activity. The sounds and the smells make the senses come alive, whether it is a gas lamp being put out or the fragrance of a warm oxtail stew floating out of a home.

The people that live there are also willing to band together and share with each other what they have. You can turn to a neighbor just a couple of steps down the way to get a cup of strong tea to drink or have a conversation or a smile exchanged.

Set in one of the most challenging eras for England, this nonfiction work takes a look at the people who were fighting the war effort on the home front. From the London Underground’s takeover to crawling their way out of the bomb sites, there are many stories being told in this intriguing and totally unique look at the women who handled it all.

These are the true stories of people that were able to keep going when times got tough. Doorstep Society is a vividly crafted portrait full of the stories of matriarchs that were and continue to be the East End’s backbone.

If you have been searching for a colorful nonfiction novel to read, this is it! Check out this 2018 work from Kate Thompson that others are describing as full of ‘inspiring tales’ (Mail On Sunday) and crammed with ‘fascinating stories’ (Steve Wright, BBC 2). Pick up a copy and see what you think!

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