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Kate Weinberg is a popular upcoming British author of mystery, contemporary, crime fiction, and general fiction stories. She began her writing career in 2019 with a book called The Truants. Weinberg was born and brought up in London. She completed her graduation from Oxford University and obtained a degree in English literature. Later, Weinberg studied at East Anglia University and earned a degree in creative writing. Before deciding to choose the career path of novel writing, Weinberg worked in various jobs, including being a bookshop assistant, a slush pile reader, a ghostwriter, and a journalist. Weinberg is happily married and lives with her loving husband and two children in London. She is fond of tortoises and has one at her home that she has named Agatha.

Although she enjoys being a published author and having a degree in English from one of the best universities in the world, Weinberg says that she had the worst experience of her life while studying at Oxford. But, the urge to move forward and achieve something in life motivated her to fight off her bad days. However, the bad days were not going to get over easily for her as she got engulfed by depression at a later stage in life. Her struggle with depression caused her a lot of trouble. Weinberg had to go through writer’s block as she could not think of ideas for writing stories. The decision to revisit the tragic chapter of her own life finally brought surprising results and helped her get rid of depression. Author Weinberg was very young when she lost her mother. Many years have passed to that tragic incident and Weinberg has started to forget her face. She remembers her mother only through certain memories that she shared with her.

One thing that Weinberg remembers very well is when her father broke the news of her mother’s news to her when she was three and a half years old. After giving her the terrible news, Weinberg’s father promised her that he will look after her at all times. When Weinberg was small, people would often come up to her and show sympathy for her loss. And though she liked them telling her that she was brave, Weinberg felt a fraud as well. Weinberg did not think that she missed her mother at all. She was aware of a pull towards the mothers of her friends and the sympathetic female teachers. Weinberg was also aware of the tight feeling in her chest when she would look at the cards on the occasions of Mother’s Day. But, she would often reason herself how could she miss someone whom she did not remember. Also, the gap left behind was filled with books. So, Weinberg didn’t really miss the absence of a mother in her life.

After her mother’s death, her father would read to Weinberg and her two little sisters every night before sleep. This way, her interest in books increased as she grew up. The worlds depicted in the books read by her father became the place she most wanted to be. While all this was going on in her life at a young age, the idea of becoming a writer never really came to her mind. It was only after growing up and joining Oxford for an English degree that Weinberg gave writing a serious thought. When she attempted to write her first novel, she was not able to reach anywhere with it. Then, on the advice of a family member, Weinberg started therapy. And it was after the therapist made her realize the hole left in her life due to the absence of a motherly figure that Weinberg began to show progress. She became more positive towards life and began to show interest in the little things and small joys of life.

Weinberg began cherishing her life much more when she became a mother herself. Since then, she has not let depression knock at the door of her life. Currently, she is at work on her next novel and is expected to publish it soon. Weinberg is happy that she was able to manage her writing career along with motherhood. She considers herself lucky in this regard. Weinberg doesn’t mind having her first book published during her mid-forties and is hopeful of coming up with interesting stories in the years to come. Her debut book has been enjoyed by numerous readers all over the world and reviewed very well by the critics. Weinberg seems to have found the perfect start to a promising and successful career ahead. Her family is very much supportive of her writing and helps to keep her motivated, determined, and dedicated.

The debut book written by author Kate Weinberg is entitled ‘The Truants’. It was released by the Putnam publication in 2019. This book features the main characters in the roles of Jess Walker, Lorna Clay, Georgie, Nick, and Alec. The book opens by introducing Jess Walker as a young student studying in the first year of college. She is depicted as falling in love with two people at the same time and both of them turn out to be great storytellers. One among them is a journalist in exile named Alec and the other is a charismatic professor of literature named Lorna Clay. All the three characters start out under the grey skies of a university campus in East Anglia and end up on an idyllic island in the Mediterranean. They seem to be a group of eccentric and clever misfits who are eager to break the rules. Jess seems to be influenced by Lorna’s work called The Truants in which she has argued that in order to create something artists must destroy their own lives.

After starting college, she strikes friendships with Goegie, Alec, and Nick. Georgie is a wealthy kid, Alec is a journalist from South Africa, studying at the university on fellowship; and Nick is a student of Geology, who has a soft corner in his heart for Jess. Jess Walker goes on to experience infatuation and betrayal, loss and disappearance. These experiences give way to a dedicated search for the truth. And as the story is about to reach its climax, Jess realizes that she is the detective in a shocking and twisted crime story involving the matter of the heart. Overall, this beautifully-written story is unsettling, surprisingly funny, and challenging. It consists of interesting twists that tend to keep the readers intrigued from beginning to end.

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