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Publication Order of Kate Wise Mystery Books

Blake Pierce is an American writer and a best-selling author.

He is known for writing the very popular Riley Page series, the Mackenzie White series, the Avery Black series, the Keri Locke series, the Kate Wise mystery series, and more.

He has always been an avid reader of mystery and thriller novels, so it should be no surprise that he now writes them himself. He invites those that are fans of his work to go to his artist home page and reach out to get in touch with him. Readers that are interested in knowing more about him and his books can also find out more there.

If She Knew is the first novel in the Kate Wise mystery series by Blake Pierce. if you have been looking for a new and exciting mystery series to enjoy, check this one out!

The main character in this series is, as the title suggests, Kate Wise. She is 55 years old and an empty nester. She has also just retired from a long time stint as an FBI agent. Now she is settling into her new way of life, which mostly involves a quiet existence in the suburbs. However, that does not last long when tragedy strikes.

A friend’s daughter is brutally murdered in the course of a home invasion. Her friend asks Kate for her help, and she finds it difficult to turn her down when she so desperately wants answers.

It wasn’t so long ago that she left the FBI. Kate had served for 30 years as one of the top agents that they had. Coworkers respected that she had a sharp mind but was also streetwise tough. There was also the fact that she had a track record of hunting down and catching serial killers, something that automatically garnered her respect.

So even though she has left the FBI behind, it appears that the drama has once again come to her. It may even be the right timing, as Kate is fairly bored with the quiet town life that she is living. She’s also at a crossroads in her life. So when a friend reaches out in the middle of a tragedy, she finds that she can’t turn it down.

That old instinct kicks in and she can’t resist the urge to hunt down a killer. Even if she’s just retired, this is right up her line of former work and she can’t resist. As she tracks the killer, it is not that long before she is at the front of a manhunt. It also is not too long before more bodies are discovered. What do they have in common? Well, they are all mothers in the suburbs that seemed to be in ideal marriages.

One is a coincidence. Two or three is a pattern. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that there’s a serial killer on the loose. This is a quiet area where hardly anything like this ever happens. So it makes the fact that there is a serial killer roaming around that hasn’t been caught yet all the more scary for the residents of the town.

As Kate looks into the case, she finds out secrets from neighbors that she never asked for. It is clear that everything from lying to affairs goes on in these picture perfect streets and homes. The perfect image is just a front. Kate has to go through it all if she wants to keep the killer from striking again.

Then again, she may have underestimated this killer. If they’re one step ahead of the sleuth, what then? Can Kate stay out of danger long enough to catch a criminal? Read this suspense novel to find out!

If She Saw is the second novel in the Kate Wise mystery series by Blake Pierce. If you liked the first story starring Kate Wise, be sure to look into the exciting second installment!

Kate Wise is back again, an empty nester who at 55 has just wrapped up a successful thirty-year run with the FBI. But of course, something is always going on. This time it’s a couple that have been murdered, and there are no apparent suspects. Just like that, Kate is called from retirement and her relatively subdued life in the suburbs to return and work for the FBI once more.

It turns out that Kate is sharp and her ability to get into the mind of killers is so honed that the bureau needs her help to get to the bottom of this all. They need to find out why it is that two couples were discovered murdered in the same manner but fifty miles away from each other. Maybe seeing what they have in common could help solve the case.

That’s important, because discovering the answer is necessary as Kate thinks that the serial killer is getting ready to kill again. The last thing that she ever anticipated would be that she would be caught up in the web of a killer. But as she follows the path and tries to get inside the head of a serial killer, will she be the next target and ultimate victim?

Read If She Saw to find out!

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