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Heroines (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book of Mutter (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Appendix Project (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Light Room (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Michael Raedecker (With: Martin Herbert,Laura McLean-Ferris) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tone (With: Sofia Samatar) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Vineland Reread (By: Peter Coviello) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Visit from the Goon Squad Reread (By: Ivan Kreilkamp) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Write as If Already Dead (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kate Zambreno is a noteworthy American novelist and writer, who is famous for writing literature & fiction and nonfiction novels. She is particularly famous for writing the novel, O Fallen Angel. This novel has won the Undoing the Novel contest. Zambreno is also popular for writing the book called Green Girl published by the Harper Perennial publication. This publishing company chose to re-publish Zambreno’s first book in 2017 and added an introduction written by Lidia Yuknavitch. Author Zambreno gained critical success and appreciation with her next book called Heroines. This memoir is based on modern women. When Zambreno published her debut story, she was praised for her excellent writing skills by Bookslut’s Michael Schaub and was compared with the likes of Woolf, Acker, Elfriede Jelinek, and Angela. Zambreno says that her name is often associated with the four authors because her writing is seen as a perfected synthesis of the work of all four of them.

After the release of Green Girl, Bookforum’s James Greer wrote that the book appears to be a sociological study, polemic, bildungsroman, deconstruction, and live streamed dialogue with Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Rhys, Virginia Woolf, Clarice Lispector, Roland Barthles, the Bible, and the modernism of Western Europe. About the same book, Elissa Schappell from Vanity Fair wrote that the female lead of the book seems to be quite seducing and infuriating. Many other prominent critics have labeled Zambreno’s book, Heroines, as startlingly insightful, and having equal parts of exceptional intelligence and unabashed pathos. Zambreno is credited to have produced an original and impressive work by foregrounding female subjectivity. The novel examines the female modernists’ suppression in relation to the complicated position as a wife and writer of author Zambreno herself. In the book, Zambreno has used a novel approach towards criticism, which appears to be quite clear that Zambreno has adopted it from emotion. Zambreno was also praised for locating motivations behind the criticism.

Zambreno was born on December 30, 1977. In addition to her writing work, she is also well known as a cultural critic. Currently, Zambreno resides in New York. She is employed as a teacher of creative writing at the Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University. Besides her fiction and nonfiction, she has also written several essays and a talk collection. As of now, Zambreno is at work on her upcoming novel called Drifts. She is also working on a study based on Herve Guibert. Zambreno’s future books to be released by Harper Perennial are based on memory, time, and persistence of art. Zambreno hates it when people show their biased nature towards female writers. She believes that female writers should also be treated equally as men and their work should be reviewed purely based on their talent. Whenever Zambreno writes any manuscript, the first person to read and review it for her is her partner John. She considers him her co-conspirator on the projects she takes up. Over the years, Zambreno has taken inspiration from popular female novelists like Olive Moore, Vivienne, Zelda, Virginia Woolf, Jane Bowles, Jean Rhys, Anna Kavan, etc. Also, she considers Danielle Dutton, Bhanu Kapil, Chris Kraus, and many others as the most brilliant and daring contemporary female novelists.

A very successful book written by author Kate Zambreno is entitled ‘Green Girl’. It was released by Harper Perennial in 2014, after its first release in 2011. The book features the lead characters in the roles of Ruth and Jean Seberg. Zambreno has done the plot’s setting in London. The story starts by showing Ruth as the main heroine. She is a young American woman living in London. Ruth is the kin of Jean Seberg. During the day, Ruth works at a department store spritzing perfume. She calls the place Horrids. At night time, Ruth tries to navigate the world filled with unwanted gaze. Ruth also tries desperately to navigate the uncertainty of her self-regard. She ends up joining a group of young people, who exist in the frightening, exhilarating, and important period of anxiety and drift between adulthood and youth. Ruth’s story is described through the words of an unforgettable and most surprising narrators of recent fiction.

The description looks maternal, blackly funny, indulgent, and distanced. It results in a piercing and humane meditation on consumerism, self-awareness, alienation, desire, and the city. Throughout the book, Ruth appears to be in her own world. She seems fragile and bored. Ruth feels that she needs attention, she does not want it. More often, she appears malleable and barely conscious. An important part of this book’s story is the movies that Ruth dreams to be a part of. She thinks that she is the heroine of those movies and enjoys being a star. Author Zambreno has not given a name to the narrator. This narrator appears to be keeping a watch on Ruth’s activities from a distance. This novel was highly appreciated by readers from different parts of the world. They liked each and every aspect of the story and praised them with great reviews. Numerous critics also loved reading the story and hailed author Zambreno as a writer of great caliber and potential. Zambreno’s fellow writers have also liked her work and have given their respective views on various literary platforms.

Another great novel penned by Zambreno has the title ‘O Fallen Angel’. It was initially published in 2009 and republished in 2017 under the banner of Harper Perennial. This book depicts a haunting story that is voice-driven and proactive. The story revolves around a family stuck in crisis. What makes the story more important is the fact that it is centered around an American family. The novel serves as a triptych of the modern-day United States and is set in a Midwestern landscape. Its storyline is told from three unforgettable and distinct points of view. Zambreno has described a portrait of the housewife psychosis in the form of ‘Mommy’, who appears to be fenced inside her small mind. The other important character is Maggie, the unfortunate daughter of Mommy. She likes to listen to fairytales from Mommy. These two are joined by a mysterious character named Malachi. She has the habit of standing on the side of highways holding fervent prophecy signs and gazing at the passing vehicles. This story looks deeply poignant as well as hilarious and horrifying at times.

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