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Katerina Martinez
Katerina Martinez is an urban fantasy writer known for her creepy yet thrilling fiction stories. Her fantasy novel, Dark Siren, pushed her into the limelight when it turned into an instant bestseller in 2016. This was the first instalment in the Half-Lich Trilogy. Martinez’s other outstanding works include the Blood and Magick series and The Coldest Fae series. Today, this talented author has a few fantasy series to her name. Her stories feature supernatural beings, magic, and unforgettable characters who take up your mind and refuse to leave even after you are done reading the novels.

Taken comes first in The Coldest Fae series. The book introduces Dehlia Green, a young lady raised by three mages who took her in when she became orphaned by unknown parents. Dehlia is a seamstress in her family’s shop in London. While she was neither rich nor pretty, Dehlia was good at making magic dresses. While coming home from a meeting with Madame Lydia, she bumps into a handsome stranger who seems to know her. When she is kidnapped and placed in a competition where the winner marries the prince, Dehlia has to find a way to get home in one piece. Will the prince realize that she is not who he thinks she is?
Dehlia’s new home is a wintry place where beautiful nightmares and cold hearts are the norms. However, the worst bit is that everyone believes that she is fae, and there is no telling what will happen if anyone realizes that she is human. She is also entered in a competition with women who had been trained for this their whole lives. While this may sound like a fairy tale, the reality is that the competition is bloody and brutal. The prince is also not as charming, so Dehlia figures it’s best to stay away from him before discovering that she is not who he thinks she is. Will Dehlia survive this competition with her limited talents?

Dehlia nearly dies in the competition. Fortunately, she gets a bitchy and sarcastic servant who teaches her all she needs to know about the competition. Dehlia and Gullie form one kick-ass time, and their adventures will leave you in stitches. This story comes with some horror elements, but you will also enjoy many laugh-out-loud moments. It draws you in and keeps you curious, so you will not want to put it down until you get to the last page. The worldbuilding is outstanding, and you cannot help but fall in love with the significant characters in the story. Is this truly a case of mistaken identity, or is there more to the story?

Taken is an exciting story with an intriguing storyline, some action, and enough mystery to keep you guessing. Through the pages, you will be interacting with mages, fae, magic, and monsters. There is some bloodshed but nothing that a fantasy fan cannot stomach. Dehlia is a fantastic character, and you will celebrate her small wins and hope things work out for her in the end. The prince remains as cold as ice surrounding his kingdom, and you can only hope to interact with him more in the next instalment. Are you in the mood for a great fantasy story with vivid descriptions and an original storyline? This book is a perfect choice.

Wings of Light
Wings of Light comes first in The Obsidian Order series. The story takes us to a new world where supernatural creatures exist. While earth is still in place, certain rifts are causing these creatures to interact with the supes living on it. These creatures come with magic that disguises them to appear as human. However, humans can sense that the creatures are not human even if they look just like them. Seline is one such creature. She has been living on earth for the past decade and has worked hard to protect herself and her best friend, Fate. This changes when Draven abducts Seline and forces her to see the changes happening all around them.

Draven works for the Obsidian Order, and he wants Seline to join the team. He doesn’t offer this young lady much of a choice. If she refuses to take up the offer, Draven promises to have her and Fate killed. Seline accepts to work with Draven, but she still must pass a few deadly trials to join the Obsidian Order. The test would have been easier if Seline had any recollection of the past or any skill she had learned. She has to learn magic again, and with several supernaturals baying for her blood, the odds are stacked against her. Does Seline have what it takes to become an Obsidian Order member?

Seline’s new job exposes her to the reality around her. She is also holding on to a secret that could cause immeasurable damage if it fell into the wrong hands. Fortunately, she is one street-savvy girl and will pull herself out of very messy situations. She knows who to avoid and what to do to survive in the great city. It is lovely how Seline takes good care of Fate. One of her Naga friends will also be chasing Seline, so you can expect many fun times amidst the gripping scenes. There is a lot to love in this story. You will fall in love with some characters while hating others from the beginning. The pace is fast, and the rising tension will have you frantically turning the pages.

Wings of Light is an entertaining urban fantasy read. You will follow Seline, who was pulled from her world into the earth through a rift through her adventures. This young girl has been trying to keep a low profile amongst the humans. Since Seline and Fate cannot go back through the rift, they have to adapt fast and fight for survival in a world they know little about. Things begin to change when the past catches up with them. Martinez’s writing is exceptional, and the smells, sights, and sounds in the story come to life through her descriptions.

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  1. Merry: 1 year ago

    For New Year’s Eve I read the first two books in The Coldest Fae series. Outstanding! I loved them and I’m on chapter 11 of the third book. What an amazing tale you tell with wonderful characters flaws and all! I love them!


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