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Katharine McGee is a graduate of Princeton University where she did her Bachelors degree in English and French Literature which she crowned with an MBA from Stanford. Her novelist career took foot while working in NewYork as an editor. Like most residents of the city, she decided to take up a second job by night. This second job soon yielded the manuscript for her debut novel which focused on life in a futuristic skyscraper. Her work falls under the dystopian romance genre.

The five years she spent savoring the energy that the West Village had to offer, the grittiness of Harlem and the festive spirit of Fifth Avenue imprinted on her. Like most intriguing experiences availed by the city, it turned her into an adopted New Yorker. McGee is a southern girl from Houston, Texas with all the charm that this accords. Her love for reading led to the idea for her debut book. More specifically, China’s Sky City project which is an enormous skyscraper that is home to all facilities that make up a city including malls and hospitals caught her creative eye. The skyscraper combined with the thrill of living in New York brought her creative juices to life. She would spend the following two years typing away at her personal computer what is now known as her debut novel.

Katharine’s attention to detail is no news to her juniors or anyone who has worked with her. This attention to detail translates even to her writing technique. She has always loved having a plan before doing anything including coming up with the scheme for the outline to her writings. She once mentioned that she admires pantsers ability to churn unplanned work out of their brains and end up with a masterpiece. She agrees that planning reinforces her courage to face a blank page and fill it with a captivating story.

She is a firm believer in the power of a good story and her love for fuzzy queso slippers. This somewhat rare love for a captivating story can trace its roots from Houston B&N where she bought books in her formative years. She fell in love with the lovely booksellers from her city. Seated deep in the subconscious of the little girl who fell in love with the booksellers was the hope that one day they would get to sell her stories just as they did for her childhood authors. She would soon grow to edit books that led to some of the 2010s most loved TV shows “Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars”, in addition to debuting her career during the same decade.

The Thousandth Floor is the title to Katherine McGee’s debut novel. It is the first book of a trilogy. The author, an editor who developed her career editing out the publications of other writers that would go on to become award-winning TV shows, spent three years in the making of this book, and the result was a masterpiece. The book tells of a story set in Manhattan in the year 2118. It is based on the notion that the human race wants what it does not have and once that has been achieved they move on to the next desire, never satisfied. In the wake of all the greed of unsatisfied desires, New York-ers, whom the story offers as the world’s greatest innovators end up with a marvelous city of dreams and innovation.

The story unlike many that track a single persona’s interactions with multiple characters offers five main personas that it tracks to produce a perfectly weaved account. Leda Cole who bears an addiction to a drug and a boy, both of which she should never have entertained. Eris Dodd-Radson is one girl that falls victim to the all so common heartbreak that threatens to rip apart her perfectly knit life. Rylin Myers finds herself in a dilemma where she has to choose between losing her identity to a romance she’d never fathomed and maintaining her identity. Watt Bakradi an innocent spy cum tech genius finds himself entangled in an intricate web of lies when he is hired to spy on a girl who resides on the upper-floor. The fifth persona is Avery Fuller; she is a genetically designed perfectionist who has no unmet desire and lives on the thousandth floor well above all others.

The novel starts by giving the reader a wild task; that of determining who the girl that is said to fall to her death from the skyscraper’s roof is. The story then throws the reader two months back where it attempts to develop the characters into the individuals that would either lead to the falling of the unnamed girl or even take the place of the falling girl. Secrets get spun, and lies are weaved throughout the rapid development of the characters while still not revealing who the person that falls from the skyscraper’s rooftop is.

The characters start off quite dissimilar because each of them has a different background and resides on a different floor. As the story develops their similarities start to creep in, they are liars, gravely pretentious and cowardly. The traits of each character get assigned gracefully over the course of the story such that the reader gets to understand their behaviors over time. Katharine manages to invoke emotions in her readers about her characters to the extent that one can determine the unmentioned traits of characters including inner beauty and wit.

In its character development, the story manages to acquire a social relevance to the modern day human society. It places the high and mighty with the low and meek giving them similarities that leave the reader with a handful to ponder on. The imagery, especially that used to describe the skyscraper, is surreal. The immersive story manages to draw feelings of belonging to the extent that once or twice the reader might find themselves thinking of visiting this city and see the skyscraper or better yet give the characters a reality check. The author has managed to place the present day love for New York as a place where individuals of all walks come to meet while maintaining the society divide that exists in this century.

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