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Katherine St. John is a mystery author best known for her 2020 debut novel “The Lion’s Den.” St. John was born in Mississippi and went to the University of Southern California. Before she became a published author, she worked a variety of jobs that have included travel coordinator, actress, real estate agent, screenwriter, yoga instructor, director, waitress-bartender, photographer, legal assistant, producer, and singer-songwriter. However, she has asserted that writing fiction is what she loves above any other job she has ever held. She currently lives children and husband in Los Angeles, California.

Katherine’s debut “The Lion’s Den” has been described as a classic escapist story. She writes a compelling story based on a bizarre mystery even though she takes aspects of her story from the famous trope of a vacation gone wrong. While she is a first-time author, she writes a story that grips its reader right from the first page and never lets go. It is a spectacular romp through the decadent and glamorous world of the fabulously rich who vacation in and call the French Riviera home. Katherine tells a tale of betrayal, jealousy, secrets, sex intrigue, and friendship in what was described as an irresistibly wicked book. It is a novel full of beautiful characters who flaunt their peccadilloes and sins.

Katherine St. John’s debut “The Lion’s Den” has it all from the turns and twists to a great setting and well-written characters that make for an unputdownable novel. The novel introduces best friends Summer and Belle who could not have any more different from each other in temperament and motivation. Bella is an aspiring actress living in Los Angeles and takes anything she can get. On the other hand, her friend Summer is proud and thinks she is better and as such often takes the easy way out of difficult situations. Summer dates rich men for money and when she can leech off Belle. She has been dating an artist named Eric who she believes is loaded even though he does not live the flashy lifestyle. But then she meets a mega-rich business owner named John, the only problem is that he is married though that does not stop her from sleeping with him as a sugar daddy. Since her birthday is coming up, she invites her friends to an adventure on her sugar daddy’s yacht. They are heading to the French Riviera for a week to celebrate the birthday and while Bella does not feel like going, she does not want to disappoint her friend. Things start very weird as all the friends are asked to surrender their passports and sign non-disclosure agreements when they step on the boat. Belle gets a front seat into how bad things are between Summer and her rich friend even as she discovers that her friend has changed a lot. As soon as they leave for the high seas, they are told of several rules they have to adhere to. They have to be on time, mind their Q’s and P’s, and do as they are told. Through flashbacks, the author tells the history of the friendship between Belle and Summer including a murder and a shocking secret. Belle is soon falling afoul of the rules and then something happens and she is fighting for her life.

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