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Kathleen Donohoe is an American published author of fiction.

Donohoe was raised in New York in Brooklyn. Her family has strong ties to the New York Firefighting Department as many of them are firefighters in New York City. She still lives in Brooklyn and is married. She resides there with her son and her husband.

In addition to being an author of novels, Kathleen Donohoe has also penned essays and stories. Several have been published and have appeared in such publications as Irish America Magazine, Washington Square, Inkwell, Harpur Palate, and Web Conjunctions, as well as The Writing Irish of New York, an anthology.

Donohoe first made her introduction into the world of published novelists in 2016. This is when her debut fictional novel, titled Ashes of Fiery Weather, came out thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her second fictional novel would be published in 2020 and is titled Ghosts of the Missing. When she is not busy hanging out with her family, Donohoe is hard at work writing.

Ashes of Fiery Weather is the debut fictional novel from Kathleen Donohoe. Named one of the top one hundred must-read novels of New York City by Book Riot, this is the story of four different generations of firefighters in the same New York City family. If you are a fan of Denis Leary or Alice McDermott or enjoy any story about firefighters, this is a great book for you to check out.

Firefighters do not have an easy line of work. They are known for being strong and for being brave. Men and women don their gear and then they charge into battle against one of the most dangerous elements on earth, fire. Each day and every night that they work, they wait for that call that means that a fire is in progress.

Fire is a capricious foe, and firefighters do not go into this fight alone. They are joined by their wives, their mothers, their sisters and daughters. Their closest family members are the ones that support them, that put meals on the table and know that every moment that they speak could be their last. They go through the world with a quiet inner strength, and if they are unlucky, a particular air of sorrow.

The women that belong to the Keegan-O’Reilly family know this better than anyone. They particularly know what it is like to support firefighters when you do not know if they are coming back from that call. This book will take the reader on an emotional journey through time as they get to see the story of a clan from origin to present day.

Travel to the country of Ireland in the age of famine all the way to the bustling promise of the streets of New York City, set ten years after the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded. Along the way, you will get to experience all that the women of the generations go through in a family that is dedicated to firefighting. From their great loves to their deepest losses, this is as authentic an emotional experience that you can get for a fictional story.

With robust characters so life like that they seem real and the victories and defeats over time that a family faces, this is a novel for anyone that is interested in a good tale. Great for those with Irish heritage that can relate to the story but anyone of any background and ethnicity will find the value in this story. Check out this novel for yourself to experience the journey and find out what happens to these characters along the way.

Ghosts of the Missing is the second fictional novel from Kathleen Donohoe. If you are a fan of mystery novels or books like The Lovely Bones, this is a story that you won’t want to miss.

When a girl of just twelve years old goes missing in a town during the middle of a parade, no one saw it coming. But the consequences of this horrible occurrence are just getting started and are already echoing around the town.

It was a regular Saturday on October 28th of 1995 when the girl suddenly disappeared. No one appeared to even know what had happened. Far from being the star of the town, this was just another ordinary girl that belonged to the community. Reporters showed up and questioned the local people, but even those that had been familiar with the girl didn’t have much to say.

They described Rowan as a quiet girl and shy. Some called her a loner while others mentioned the word awkward. The mystery went unsolved, and no one truly knows what happened to Rowan Kinnane.

Fast forward to the present day. Culleton, New York is a place that has been known for a few things. It’s known for its artists, its writers, and yes, mysteries that have not been solved. Main character Adair spent her childhood growing up here. Then she relocated to Brooklyn so that she could try her hand at making it as an artist.

She’s been away from Culleton for a long time and doesn’t have all too much that she’s collected as a result. So, she decides that she should come back for a while. She comes back to her hometown and moves into an old mansion called the Moye House, which is currently serving as a writer’s retreat.

Also staying at the house is a writer named Ciaran. He’s there for writing but also to find out what really happened all those years ago to Rowan. He has a vested interest in the story, as she was and is his sister. Adair’s also connected to the story as they were best friends when they were young. Naturally the two of them team up together to dig into what really happened.

The pair start looking into it, but when buried secrets start to come out, they may find out the truth– or that the truth is more complicated than they ever could have thought. What really went down that day? What will Adair and Ciaran find out? Pick up Ghosts of the Missing and read to the end and discover the final truth for yourself!

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