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The Canadian writer Kathleen Grissom, originally known as Kathleen Doepker, is an author of much repute, as she’s created a name for herself over the years that many regard as one of the leading voices in her industry and her field. A writer of bestseller status, she has taken to producing novels with a historical setting, with them being set within a fixed period. Known for her keen sense of accuracy, she’s got an eye for detail, as well as realism, creating worlds that are both engaging and believable, along with characters that resonate with her readers, not just nationally, but internationally as well.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Annaheim, Saskatchewan, in Canada, she had an extremely rural upbringing, as she grew up in a highly remote hamlet community. Whilst the area was Roman Catholic, she was subject to a lot of different ideas from her parents, all of which allowed her to broaden her horizons and her ideas. It was during her formative years that she was also to find her love and passion for reading and literature, something that would stay with her throughout the years to come.

Learning English in high-school, she soon developed and nurtured her passion for both reading and writing as an art-form. Working with the poet Simon Lizee at school, he encouraged her to continue writing and, as her English teacher, helped her find her voice. This was something that would come in useful in the years to follow, as she went on to hone and refine her craft at a more academic level as well.

In the meantime, though, whilst on her journey to becoming a fully fledged writer, she would also take time out to study in nursing. Working as a nurse, she gained a lot of experience in the field, which was something that would stay with her throughout the course of her life. She would continue writing all the while, though, whilst she would still keep in contact with her English teacher who would look over her work.

Moving from Montreal to America, she would end up running a farm with her husband, during which time she would also continue to write creatively. After mustering up the courage to finally submit her work, a process which took multiple occasions like any good writer, she was eventually published. Still writing to this very day, she continues to publish her work as an author many have come to regard of as being at the forefront of her field, something which will continue for many years to come.

Writing Career

Releasing her first book ‘The Kitchen House’ in 2010, Kathleen Grissom was finally published to much acclaim with her debut novel. Setting up a lot of her themes and ideas, it would quickly work at establishing her as one of the key figures to watch in the years to come. Infusing history and social drama, she quickly became recognized for being able to provide a sharp level of insight and commentary into her subject matter.

This book was soon followed up with her 2016 title ‘Glory Over Everything; Beyond the Kitchen House’ a few years afterward. With the story being a continuation of the last, it provided eager readers with more from their now much-beloved characters. It would also build upon her name as an author, along with marking her as more of a permanent fixture on the literary scene.

A bestselling writer, with her books reaching a global audience, she soon achieved an international level of success. Gaining not just commercial success, though, she’d also managed to gain critical acclaim as well, gaining the recognition of both her peers and contemporaries. With nominations for several prestigious awards, she was well on her way to seeing her reach the forefront of her industry.

With her work literally inspired by the world around her, she took to research her old farmhouse after discovering its past as a plantation. This has lead to her becoming a highly sought after voice on the subject, having spent many years looking into it and developing it. Known for her keen highly detailed level of insight, she’s managed to bring the past and history to life within her stories.

Still writing to this very day, she continues to publish her work, as her audience await each new title with eager anticipation. With another novel already planned on the horizon, she has another title, this time based on the life of Crow Mary, already set in the works. This is only the beginning of her writing career, though, as there’s a lot more books planned for the future, as she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The Kitchen House

Brought out in 2010 on the 2nd of February through the Touchstone publishing house, this was the first of two titles. Whilst it wasn’t a series as such, it did help to establish the voice of Kathleen Grissom as an author, leading to her success as an author today. It would also allow her to define both her style and her tone as an author, setting up her overall themes and ideas in the process too.

Telling the story of a white servant girl named Lavinia, she is orphaned whilst on her way over the sea from Ireland. Ending up on a tobacco plantation the seven-year-old child is soon put to work with the rest of the slaves there. With the master away and the mistress addicted to opium, the young girl soon finds herself straddling between two worlds; that of the black slaves, and that of the white masters, as her loyalties are truly tested. Will she be able to survive this ordeal? Can she ever find a place to really call home? What will become of the kitchen house?

Glory Over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House

Originally brought out in 2016 on the 5th of April through the Simon and Schuster publishing label, this was the follow-up to her previous title. Working as a sequel of sorts, it carries on from where the last book left off, continuing the story, whilst simultaneously working as a stand-alone novel. Taking place in 1830, it features many of the same themes and ideas as the first, whilst also working on its own term as well.

Telling the story of Jamie this time, it features a young man with really fair skin escaping slavery to live as a white man, all the while concealing his identity. Marrying a wealthy aristocratic woman his identity is soon threatened after a servant of his finds their son has been kidnapped by southern white slavers. Owing his freedom to the servant he vows to help the man, despite it putting him in danger, as he heads back into the deep south where his own freedom could once again be threatened. Will he be able to find the missing boy? Can he escape with his own freedom? What will become of him as he seeks glory over everything, beyond the kitchen house?

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  1. Natalie: 12 months ago

    Please write book 3 of the Kitchen House. I feel that the story of Jamie Pyke Burton and the Pan and Jamie Daughter and Sukey’s baby was left
    Undone. It would be a great book

    • Izzy: 11 months ago

      Yes please write a third book as I also felt like I was left hanging on a cliff. There buddy to be more. I wad unable to put these books down so definitely need another. Please?!?!

    • Joyce: 10 months ago

      Will there be a book 3 after Glory Over Everything?
      I love the way I have your written your books. I can’t put them down.

  2. Joan W Haring: 2 years ago

    Please write another book. I read the first two and could not put them down which is unusual for me. I feel lost without your characters and twists of plot.

  3. Laura Shields: 2 years ago

    I have now read both of your books and immedialty looked to see the title of your next book to discover only a promise of a next book. Please wrte more about James Burton’s family. I love each one of them. Thank for thses two will treasure these reads, thank you. God bless you

  4. Susan Teichelman: 2 years ago

    Will Crow Mary book be soon? I can’t wait! Loved your 1st 2 books!!

  5. Patricia Pierson: 3 years ago

    I have enjoyed both of your books. Waiting to hear story of crow Mary. When will it be ready?

  6. Astrid Shannon: 3 years ago

    I just finished “Glory over Everything “, and I enjoyed it as much as “The Kitchen House”! Have you written another book, as really appreciate the way you write!
    Thank You!

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Just the two at the moment.


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