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Kathryn Nolan is a general romance and romantic suspense author who loves to call herself an outdoorsy, book loving coffee drinking girl. The author is a native of Philadelphia but spent much of her childhood in Sacramento, where she still lives with her husband.

Nolan made her debut with the single standing novel “Riptide,” that she published in 2017. Since then, she has become quite the prolific author with more than ten novels to her name. She has made a name for herself writing slow burn and steamy romance novels, with swoony heart feels and memorable characters.
When Kathryn is not writing her novels or traveling across the country on road trips with her husband, she can be found camping and hiking in her hometown of Philadelphia.

Nolan began writing as a little girl and wrote throughout her high school years. She would actually attend college on a creative writing scholarship before she dropped the course to study another major.

She has said that she always thought of herself as a writer even when she was just a little kid. She would get the jumpstart she needed when she participated in a NaNoWriMo, which gave her a lot of confidence.

She was motivated to pen her first novel from the support she got from her husband and friends. Moreover, it was something she always wanted to do and they supported her by cheering her on and reading her sloppy first draft.

In Kathryn Nolan’s novel “Behind the Veil,” we are introduced to Delilah Barrett. She is a very beautiful woman on the quest for justice.
She has made a name for herself working with a private detective firm recovering rare stolen items. She is known for being cool under pressure, smart, level headed even though she is totally unprepared for her new assignment.

At the opening of the novel, the Philadelphia Franklin Museum loses a centuries old book worth hundreds of thousands and she teams up with a celebrated and rare book librarian named Henry Finch to find it. They are to work undercover as a married couple and retrieve the book using any means at their disposal.
Henry is a brilliant fellow who knows how to wear an Armani suit and it does help that is fluent in four languages. But he has never gone against criminals and does not understand the world of greed and glamor. He also finds it difficult to work with a woman that distrusts him yet dazzles him.
Delilah’s greatest gifts are her keen instincts even though she is having a growing attraction to the sexy librarian.

Every audience kiss and feigned caress only serves to heighten a fire they may not be able to extinguish. With the danger intensifying, the temptation to make their fake desire real becomes unbearable. But can they learn to trust the other and complete their mission?

“Under the Rose” by Kathryn Nolan is the story of Freya Evandale, a gorgeous woman who has to go undercover working with her arch nemesis. She has the appearance of a quirky book nerd, even though she is a former student at the FBI training academy.

Even though she dropped out of the academy, she has become one of the best at Codex, a private detective firm that specializes in stolen rare books. Everything is fine until an old enemy with superhero shoulders and an arrogant smirk turns up at her office.

Sam Byrne is an FBI special agent that is known to be a workaholic harborning many secrets. When he is betrayed, he starts questioning if he should stay with the FBI or find his calling somewhere else.

Codex seems like a perfect new home until he finds Freya there. They had a legendary rivalry at the academy, where their sparring was fierce with a lot of sexual tension.

Their new assignment is to go undercover to investigate a secret society. They are forced into a dangerous world of shifting alliances, wealth and power with high stakes. But the danger just serves to sharpen the real reason for their rivalry.

However, surrendering to their desires may be the biggest threat to their safety and mission.

Kathryn Nolan’s novel “In the Clear” introduces Abe Royal, a former federal agent who believes in a suit for every occasion, justice and hard work.

At the opening of the novel, he is on the trail of a clever book thief when he realizes that a cunning and sultry stranger is on his trail. Sloane Argento is a young and ambitious detective who has been given the breakthrough case she always wanted.

She thinks she is up to the task until she finds herself in a sexy game of cat and mouse with Royal. Getting underneath the cool facade of her rival might be just as important as capturing the criminal they are both going after.

Abe has always prided himself on his stoicism, but his restraint always cracks whenever Sloane is in his vicinity. He needs to protect himself and enforce some kind of distance. However, teaming up with Sloane who is a red hot distraction may be the only way to beat the ticking clock.

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