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Kathryn Purdie’s love for storytelling began at a very tender age. After her dad narrated to her, To Kill a Mockingbird story, Kathryn Purdie was enchanted and began her attempts at storytelling. This, in turn, led her to produce home videos, which featured her younger sister as the nerd house cleaner, while Kathryn Purdie reserved the role of the princess for herself. Once she joined high school, Kathryn Purdie became interested in acting. At the Shakespearean awards, Kathryn Purdie emerged the winner. Whenever Kathryn Purdie was not acting on stage, she could be found composing sultry poetry. Every night, she completed at least ten pages of her journal. Her father edited her school papers while teaching her the art of writing. After completing her high school education, Kathryn Purdie went to college, the Oxford School of Drama, where she majored in Acting.

While she was recovering in hospital, after she donated her kidney to her brother, Kathryn Purdie began to write stories to pass the time. Later on, she found her old stash of stories, and it was at this point that she found her inspiration for her first story. Ever since then, Kathryn Purdie has continued to pen down more stories. An ardent fan of all art forms, Kathryn loves to play the guitar and sing during her free time. Purdie’s husband is also artistic as well.

Kathryn Purdie Best Books

Burning Glass

Burning Glass is the first installment in the Burning Glass book series. In Burning Glass, author Kathryn Purdie introduces the readers to Sonya who is having a difficult time separating her own emotions and feelings from others. Sonya lives in constant fear of being affected by the aura of other people. Thus she fights to remain who she has always been. Sophie transforms from an innocent and meek girl that we met in the opening pages of the book to a courageous and fierce woman. Apart from Sophie, author Kathryn Purdie also introduces the readers to Valko, an exceedingly complex character. Raised in a broken home, his fears and insecurities are laid bare to the readers and Sonya as well. Despite being power hungry and mercurial, Valko is also kind-hearted and vulnerable many at times.

Author Kathryn Purdie has developed Valko extremely well. Anton, the young prince, is also another character. He is an idealist, who like Valko is struggling with his issues. The relationship between these two characters is dynamic. Despite the fact that Valko somehow feels threatened by Anton, he still loves him nonetheless. Both of these characters have a feeling for Sonya. However, the love triangle does not appear, as it seems. Because Sonya is an auraseer, it is extremely difficult for Sonya to distinguish her feelings from those of people who are around her. Furthermore, those who are close to her are also uncertain whether the feelings that she portrays are hers and not the projection of other people. Sonya undeniably favors one individual. Thus the reader will easily distinguish the tender relationship from the toxic relationship instantly.

Despite being blisteringly hot at times, the romance was also tender and sweet at other times. Kathryn Purdie is an amazing writer. She does extremely well with character development and romance. The novel Burning Glass is filled with gorgeous descriptions as well as beautiful prose lines. There are numerous unpredictable moments as well as unpredictable moments throughout the novel. The balls, political intrigue, Russian influenced culture and court functions were the other high points of Burning Glass.

Crystal Blade

If you loved Kathryn Prude’s debut novel, then you are going to fall in love with Crystal Blade, the second installment in the Burning Glass book series. Just as it is the case with Burning Glass, the protagonist deals with repercussions of her actions. In this installment, we meet once again with Valko, Anton, and Sonya. Anton and Sonya have just initiated a revolution, however, the question remains as to whether they are going to be able to protect their homeland as well as their love for one another. Despite the challenges that they are facing, the two are more than determined to see their mission become a success. This time around the empire has fallen, and for once Sonya is free from her destiny, as the Sovereign Auraseer. However, as she later comes to find out, her expanding abilities, in turn, renders her unstable, just as the new government and her new relationship with Anton.

Sonya can feel the emotions of other people. However, unlike a majority of Auraseers, Sonya has learned the skill of making other people feel her emotions. Moreover, as expected, Sonya has her flaws, which includes susceptibility to dark forces. In Crystal Blade, the protagonist Sonya must fight to ensure that she contains her darkness. She senses new evil lurking in the shadows of the palace. A person from Sonya’s past has eventually returned. That person is more than determined to ensure that Sonya pays up for the mistakes that she had done in the past. Author Kathryn Purdie has taken all the brilliant elements in Crystal Blade, and the process elevated them in this installment.

The plot is quite riveting. Each of the single chapter in Crystal Blade includes several jaw-dropping moments, which will undeniably leave the readers hopelessly addicted to the narrative. The stakes and the tension increases as the narrative continue to progress. By the time the narrative reaches its peak, the reader will undeniably be in knots. The readers are going to fall in love with the three main characters. Despite tending to land herself in exceedingly sticky situations, Sonya shows tremendous mental strength. She has immense love for her people as well as her country. The relationship between Sonya and Anton is exceedingly complicated and full of romantic tension.

The readers are also going to fall in love with the dynamic that author Kathryn Purdie has created between Valko and Sonya. Crystal Blade is not unique but also highly intriguing and intense. Numerous surprise characters were featured initially in Burning Glass. Overall, Crystal Blade had more flowery words and poetic words that the first installment, Burning Glass. Kathryn Purdie has capitalized on drama an political intrigue. Crystal Glass is quite a solid sequel.

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