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Publication Order of Metal & Lace Books

Camelot Burning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Avalon Rising (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A multi-talented woman, Kathryn Rose, is most famously known for her many talents that present endlessly on her portfolio. Ranging from being a social media strategist to a keynote trainer, this entrepreneur has carved her niche with her special skills that are very impressive. But beyond all these things, she is also an author, and a very inspiring one at that. Her Metal and Lace series, also known as the trilogy of Metal and Lace, have been accredited to be taking the literary world by storm. The genre she is mostly known for is that of Speculative Fiction. Rose is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to learning the tricks of the pen!

Early and Personal Endeavours:
A Canadian by birth, Kathryn Rose is now settled as a happily married woman in Los Angeles, California. As a youngster, having always been keen on language and the field of writing, she majored in both literature as well as philosophy, a deadly combination that inspired the talent in her. An animal lover by nature, Rose has a cat and a dog, and lovingly describes them to be constantly fighting at home, something that she often finds herself having to break up. Besides this, she also loves to cook and is very fond of listening to music, especially of the rock Genre. Having initially been a marketing expert, she was not only featured in Guideposts Magazine but also in BlogTalks radio.

Journey of Writing:
It was only in the year 2007, when an economic crisis struck, that her department in the company she was working in, where she was the Sales VP, shut down, thereby leaving her with no option but to find an alternative choice. That was when writing came to her as a life saver. From that point on, there was no looking back for Kathryn as she surged ahead, starting with best selling books on relationship management and the aspects of social media. But she shot to fame instantly the moment she set foot in the path of fiction, starting her famous trilogy.

When asked about her style of writing, she describes it to be a slow and gradual process unlike most other authors who find writing to be spontaneous and in the moment. She says that she takes her time in analysing her plot and her characters, pouring life into each setting as well as backdrop. Building an outline, she carefully makes a draft and keeps revising it till she can no more. Clearly adopting a perfectionist approach, Rose is addicted to the art of writing and is mesmerised by the multitude of emotions as well as portrayals that can be embodied in this talent.

The Metal And Lace Trilogy:
In what has been described as a magnificent union between romance and action, this trilogy started rising to the top when the first book, Camelot Burning, released, introducing to the world of readers an opportunity to explore the fantasy filled realms of Kathryn’s writing. What makes this series even better is the additional sci-fi element that has only served to spice up the already hugely popular author. In a brilliant debut, Rose perfectly captures the essence of writing in her wonderfully descriptive and subtle sense of wordplay that is sure to leave the readers craving for more. During an interview, when asked what gave her the idea to start such a unique series, she responded that it happened back in the time when she was watching a movie and the idea just struck her out of the blue. She said that she always knew she had to materialise her thoughts into words because she believed that her ideas had a foreseeable future.

Camelot Burning (Metal and Lace #1):

Centered around the main character, Vivienne, the secretive and bold woman who dreams for a life beyond that which is presented to her, Camelot Burning is about her battle with her inner self as she tries to escape the shackles of her home. But it isn’t that easy. With a weight looming heavy on her shoulders, she finds that without her help, it is impossible for Merlin to escape the dreaded darkness surrounding the chambers of the castle. For that, she must place her agenda aside and strive to work for greater good by building a weapon that could destroy evil. But what can she do when evil is appearing faster than ever? In a blossoming tale of the blend between love and adventure, Camelot Burning has risen to great heights. Rose’s story telling skills are evident in this rather expertly put together novel. It is clear that the author is here to stay.
Avalon Rising (Metal and Lace #2):
Picking up from where it left off in book one, the destruction caused by the war ensued in Camelot Burning is now hoped to heal as resurrection begins to take place. The lead, Vivienne, thinks she is done with adventure worth a lifetime. However, fate has different things in store for her. Now deeply in love, she finds that yet another task lays ahead of her and she has no option but to work even harder. Getting deep into the preparations to rebuild the great kingdom, Vivienne realises that the love of her life has gone missing. The tale takes a sharp turn here as plans change and actions are remade to now accommodate a search mission. But will it be safe? Does good prevail over evil? Or is everything lost forever? In a fate altering novel that is sure to be a gripping read, Avalon Rising, book number two of the series is awaiting another bestseller title.


Kathryn Rose has the gift of words by her side and aces everything she strives to achieve. With steely resolve and fierce determination, the master of many trades is a motivation to many. She advises all the aspiring writers to club reading with their writing for a more enriched and enthralling experience that will change their lives forever just like it did her own. Her Metal and Lace Trilogy is surely just the beginning of many more enticing reads to come and within no time Rose will become a household favourite across the nation for her witty style of writing and clever combinations of various genres. Kathryn Rose is here to stay.

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