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Kathryn Smith
Author Kathryn Smith started writing at the age of eight. Over the next nine years she continued to try to entertain both teachers and students alike with all of her stories. It wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties did she gain enough courage to follow her dream. She mailed off one of her books to a publisher. Four months later, she had a contract offer.

She spends days in front of her computer making up plots and characters. She enjoys writing romance and happy endings, but has ideas she would like to pursue one day, too.

Kathryn has always loved happy endings. From the bedtime stories her wildly imaginative mom told her, to all the soap operas that she wasn’t supposed to be watching, Kathryn enjoyed speculating on how all the characters would end up. Obviously, her entire household heard about it when things didn’t go as young Kathryn believed they should have.

During college, she studied journalism, her need to make up stories of her own often led her to late nights behind the typwriter where she would write about some sexy men and the ladies they fell in love with. Her idea of sexy has changed over the years. Instead of rock stars and spies she now writes about spies and lords.

Kathryn writes paranormal romance and historical romance. She writes the “Ryland Brothers” series, the “Victorian” series, the “Friends Trilogy”, and the “Brotherhood of Blood” series. She also writes under the pen name of Kady Cross.

“Elusive Passion” is the first novel in the “Ryland Brothers” series and was released in the year 2001. The Marquess of Wynter, Miles Christian never expected he would be abducted at gunpoint and then get accused of murder, and definitely not by a woman. When he finds out that his would-be kidnapper is Varya, the elusive and gorgeous courted and desired by a lot of the guys in London society, he is doubly shocked and enthralled. Becoming obsessed with this seductress, Miles wants to keep her by his side while they try hunting for the real culprit, even if they are both put in danger.

For Varya, the danger is in Miles’ touch, and even though she is far from being ready to trust this dashing rogue, she is unable to deny the attraction that flares between the two of them. However, when they get caught in a compromising position, Varya hesitantly agrees to pose as Miles’ mistress, even while she resists his potent efforts to woo her right into his bed. No one could have guessed that her bloodlines are just as pure as any other English aristocrat’s or behind her public facade is a woman that is determined to give up her hard-won independence to some man’s desire. Unless she is able to ensnare his heart, too.

“For the First Time” is the second novel in the “Ryland Brothers” series and was released in the year 2003. Devlin Ryland has triumphantly returned to London, acclaimed through the entire city for his courage at Waterloo and the selfless rescue of one of his fellow soldiers. Devlin doesn’t want any part of this newfound glory. Until he escapes to the country estate of a buddy and he encounters the only woman for whom he would gladly play the hero for: Lady Blythe Christian, the statuesque beauty. Unfortunately, the lady that stirs his passions would like nothing at all to do with England’s heralded champion.

The guy Devlin saved was betrothed to Blythe, who later heartlessly married somebody else. The pain just intensifies when Devlin is close by, however, truth be told, she is not unmoved by his considerable charms and the strength of his character.

“In Your Arms Again” is the third novel in the “Ryland Brothers” series and was released in the year 2004. Try as Lady Octavia Vaux-Daventry might just cannot make herself fall in love with her groom-to-be. However, a marriage to one of the wealthiest noblemen in society is going to provide her a life that is unlike her impoverished London childhood, and fulfill a promise she made to her grandpa a long time ago. It is a lot more inconvenient when the guy she gave her heart to comes back into her life, at her betrothed’s request and restarts a fire that she thought was extinguished.

Having gained a reputation as society’s favorite criminal investigator, former Bow Street Runner North Sheffield can’t believe that Octavia is the lady he was hired to protect. If anything she is even more desirable than the day they had to separate, and much more unwilling to allow the passion that still flares between them to break the promises she has to keep. North is determined, however, not only is he willing to do anything to protect his lost love, but he will risk everything to get her back into his arms once more.

“In The Night” is the fourth novel in the “Ryland Brothers” series and was released in the year 2005. Every guy has his weakness, and the Ryland brothers aren’t any different.

Wynthrope Ryland has always believed he was an exception to this rule, an exception to each and every rule. It is the only way he is able to justify his old life, a life of crime. A long time ago he took advantage of his astounding ability to stay undetected in the most profitable of ways. Since then, he has been motivated just by the hope of somehow turning all of his wrongs to rights.

Until he meets Moira Tyndale, who is proud, elegant, and even haughty. She is a gorgeous viscountess that is in possession of a priceless crown filled with diamonds. She is to be the victim of his last theft. The one that is going to set the Ryland brothers free forever from all the binds that Wyn unknowingly created a long time ago. Yet with just the slightest look, Moira has got him more enchanted than he ever thought possible. In her room, the one place where the theft has to take place, he finds passion he has never known.

She is his one weakness. But is she going to be his undoing? There are dangerous seductions that are waiting for him.

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