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Publication Order of Kathryn Swinbrooke Books

A Shrine of Murders (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eye of God (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Merchant of Death (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of Shadows (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saintly Murders (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Maze of Murders (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Feast of Poisons (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in Middlesbrough, England, Paul Doherty is an accomplished author, widely known for the Paul Colbert and the Amerotke book series. Upon completing his high school education, Paul Doherty joined Durham University, where he pursued a degree in philosophy. Nonetheless, after doing a little bit of brainstorming and soul searching, Paul Doherty decided not to proceed with a career in ministry. Thus, Doherty relocated to Liverpool, where he joined Liverpool University. At Liverpool University, Paul Doherty scored first class honors, and in the process secured, a scholarship, to Oxford’s Exeter University. While attending Exeter University, Paul Doherty met one Cara Lynn Corbitt, who later on became his wife.

Kathryn Swinbrooke Best Books
Kathryn Swinbrooke is a bestselling book series by author Paul Doherty, using his pseudonym, C.L Grace. The medieval book series revolves around a young woman who works as a physicist and a pharmacist, one Kathryn Swinbrooke.

A Shrine of Murders
Apart from being prolific, author Paul Doherty also has an easy flowing style, which captures the particular smells and sights of the period that he writes about. In a Shrine of Murders, the anachronistic and unsettling figure of a serial murderer haunts, this convincing recreation of the medieval Canterbury. As the first installment in the Kathryn Swinbrooke book series, author C.L Grace introduces the readers to Kathryn Swinbrooke, the main character, who serves as a medical practitioner. The book begins as Swinsbrooke is on the verge of discovering the numerous benefits of an apple-rich diet and has already begun advising her clients to include the fruit in their diet. Apart from discovering the benefits of apple, Swinbrooke is also prescribing vinegar and herbs to her clients suffering from different type of ailments. The war of Roses has already impacted negatively on the tourist trade in Canterbury.

To make matters worse, a group of pilgrims are found dead, due to poisoning and each of them bearing a line from a verse, which is much similar to the work of Geoffrey Chaucer. After suspecting that the killer, might be in the medical field, the Archbishop decides to ask for Kathryn’s intervention. In an enchanting hunt, which pits Kathryn against some of Canterbury’s physicians, Kathryn Swinsbrooke uses her wit, foul mouth, a powerful mercenary, Colum Mutarg to bring the killers to justice.

The Eye of God
The Eye of God is a reasonably satisfying novel, which combines both mystery and historical fiction in equal doses. As the civil war rages between the house of Lancaster and York, the entire country plunges into turmoil. Before the killing of Earl of Warwick in war, he hands over a gold pendant made from sapphire and gold to his trusted servant, called the Eye of God. The Commissioner of Canterbury, gives Colum Mutarg, the mercenary that we met in the first installment, A Shrine of Murder, the challenging task of locating the pendant. Kathryn Swinbrooke decides to assist Colum Mutag in locating the pendant. Together, Kathryn and Colum can track down, the servant to the dungeons of Canterbury Castle, where he passed away a few weeks earlier after contracting a disease. A close friend and confidant to Brandon also passed away while four of their companions disappeared without a trace.

As Colum Mutag tries to avoid death at the hands of his longtime friends and enemies, at the Hounds of Ulster, for what they perceive as treason, Colum and Kathryn embark on their mission. Their investigation eventually takes them to a church, in a devastated town, where they find the Eye of God in a nightmare setting. As expected author C.L Grace develops the characters much further. Despite the fact that the Eye of God has fewer twists and turn, the book does not disappoint.

The Merchant of Death
The Merchant of Death is the third installment in the Kathryn Swinbrooke book series by author Celia L Grace. In Merchant of Death, the readers once again meet with the charming, medieval chemist and physician, Kathryn Swinbrooke. With Christmas just around the corner, huge snowstorms and clouds have begun to blanket the entire city of Canterbury. Kathryn and Thomasina, Kathryn’s cook, are extremely busy preparing for the Christmas holidays. As they proceed with their planning, terrible news arrives. Richard Blunt, the renowned painter, has just confessed to killing his wife, together with other two men, whom he suspected was romantically involved with her.

Blunt’s confession shocks Kathryn, mainly because she believes that Blunt does not have what it takes to kill his wife even if she was cheating on him. Nonetheless, before Kathryn could fully understand, what had just happened, another death occurs. Just like the one involving Richard, the second death, also captures her attention as well. Sir Reginald Erpingham’s body, had just been found inside his room at the local, Wickerman Tavern. Immediately, Kathryn establishes that the killer used poison to kill, Sir Reginald. She begins by first questioning the guests who were staying at the tavern on the night of the murder.

Apart from working on these two cases, Katheryn also has patients to care for, a household to maintain and a practice to run. Nonetheless, Kathryn knows that if she intends on catching the two killers, then, she has to put all her duties aside. With that said, the Merchant of Death is another enjoyable read from author Cecilia L. Grace. The mysteries of the novel are great, while the relationship between these two characters is quite enjoyable as well.

The Book of Shadows
A book which contains secrets and spells is protected by Tenebrae, the blackmailer, and the evil Magnus. The book begins as the local police find Tenebrae’s stiff body. The protagonist, Kathryn knows that she must look into the murder mystery and bring the perpetrator to justice. Upon being called to the scene, Kathryn must now solve a locked room scenario, where everyone present appears to be innocent. In the Book of Shadows, author C.L Grace can make the Book of Shadows sound quite forthcoming and genuine. It is extremely interesting to see Grace portray the Queen and King Edward VI vividly with a somewhat keen sense of awareness. Grace also gives the readers an insight into Richard Duke, the Future King.

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