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Taming The Tycoon (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forbidden Bride to Be (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scandalous Heiress (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kathryn Taylor otherwise known as Kathryn Attalla, Kat Attalla, and Kathy Attalla is a contemporary romance and fiction author of German extraction. Right from when she was just a child, she loved telling stories and would tell all manner of stories to her mother and siblings. Her mother often called her a liar given that she made up a lot of stories though she believes that it was from those stories that she honed her skills in that she now uses in writing her novels. Similar to many authors, she started as a reader rather than a writer and it was the love for a good story that would lead to a career as an author. While she could read almost anything when she was younger, when she got to her teenage years, she discovered romance novels. Kathryn would also discover a wanderlust that she at first satisfied by reading about faraway places before she decided that she had to visit and live in places that took her fancy. Over the years, she has lived in places as culturally diverse as Cairo in Egypt and Athens in Greece. It was in Cairo where she met her soon to be husband with whom they returned to the small town of Sterling Forest in New York to start a family. After they got their daughter, her husband thought it would be great if she stayed at home and take care of their newborn child while trying her hand at writing. She started writing as a hobby when she did not have much to do at home but it soon became an obsession and passion that her husband is sometimes sorry for suggesting it.

Kathryn Taylor published her first novel “Taming the Tycoon” in 1998 and quickly followed it up with “The Forbidden Bride-to-Be” and “The Scandalous Heiress.” She has said that she learned from the best since she spent a lot of hours reading the novels of some of the best authors in the romance genre. While her daughter keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground, she finds her wings by writing about feisty heroines and bold and courageous heroes. She has made a name for writing stories full of passion and heat and lovable and relatable characters that her readers can fall in love with.

“Taming the Tycoon” by Kathryn Taylor is the story of what Shannon sees as the last eligible bachelor. Ian Bradford is a man full of charisma, power, and money. All the women in town want to make him their man but he is not an easy man to snare. The sexy businessman will not give in to any male, not even to the feisty guardian of his half-sister Shannon Moore. He is certain that she wants him for herself or maybe she is going for something more material – like his money. But Shannon is not interested in his money as all she needs is a father figure for the three-year-old orphaned girl who had no one to take care of her. She thinks Bradford has a cold heart but believes she is the one that can thaw it. Maybe she can be the one that can tame the wily ways of the tycoon before she is swept away his charm offensive.

“The Forbidden Bride to Be” by Kathryn Taylor is a thrilling contemporary romance novel that shows the author’s exceptional ability to weave desire and love into a beautiful love story. The lead characters in the story are Alex and Sophie Alex is a man that always wants to be in control of everything while Sophie the gypsy is a free-spirited woman who never wants to be tied down or controlled by anyone. Given their different temperaments, a relationship between them does not seem likely though there is so much tension in the air you could cut it with a knife. He is such a handsome guy and she is such a strong and adventurous girl that you just want them to end up together. However, it is such a wild ride to love that they have to learn how to trust each other if they are to avoid disaster.

Kathryn’s Taylor’s “The Scandalous Heiress” opens to Reese Clayton searching for the daughter of Richard Hawthorn the president of Hawthorn Enterprises. She had gone missing a few years earlier and investigations now pointed to a sassy waitress from New York as the possible candidate. Mikki Finnley works at Hell’s Kitchen in New York City and has no ideas what Reese is about but still travels to meet him to clear up everything. Reese recommends that it would be good if Mikki got to know the family first before she agreed to a DNA test. But then there is the unexplained sexual tension between Mikki and Clayton that keeps drawing them together and finally results in the revelation of a devastating and painful secret. It is an entertaining story with flirty comebacks and light banter that keeps one on the edge of their seat.

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