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Publication Order of A Chocolate Covered Mystery Books

Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Truffled to Death (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind Chocolate Bars (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kathy Aarons is one of the bestselling authors from The United States, who is famous for writing the Chocolate Covered Mystery series. This national bestselling book series is published by the Berkeley Prime Crime. For writing the series, author Kathy had to go through a lot of hardships. She was involved in making chocolates, sampling them, making many more samples, and visiting a number of bookstores throughout Pennsylvania. Author Kathy was born and grew up in the rural region of Pennsylvania, United States. She completed her graduation from the Carnegie Mellon University and later moved to the New York City. She tried her hand in the field of public relations and successfully built her career. It was in New York City that she came across her husband. After her marriage, they moved to California. After becoming a mother, Kathy had to give up her public relations career. She began running PTA, raising funds for several school foundations. She was even involved in organizing writers’ conferences at the high school level. The other things that author Kathy got engaged with at that time include building puppets and creating costumes for the youth theater. Whenever her daughters participate in swimming competitions or basketball and soccer meets, Kathy likes to cheer for them.

Author Kathy tried her hand at writing books when her youngest daughter started going to school. Initially, she used to write occasionally an did not take writing seriously. But, as soon as her oldest daughter began going to college, Kathy started taking writing seriously. In addition to writing, author Kathy is also dedicated towards supporting the arts education for the young generation. On several occasions, she has volunteered for the Writers Conference of CCA, which is the only free conference for writing for the students of high school in the country. Author Kathy is currently serving on the board of the playwrights Project. This association is dedicated towards advancing creativity, communication, and literacy among the youth by empowering them to give voice to their stories. Kathy helps this association by conducting theater productions and playwriting programs. As of today, author Kathy lives in San Diego along with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. For most the time, she keeps herself involved in developing her books and characters. Currently, she is working on developing the Broadway Idiot documentary, the Dallmann’s Caramels, etc. Kathy likes coffee and in order to get a perfect cup of her favorite coffee, she keeps visiting numerous coffee houses in the country.

The books of the Chocolate Covered Mysteries written by author Kathy Aarons were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Its debut book was published under the title of ‘Death Is Like A Box Of Chocolates’. The Berkeley publication released it in the year 2014. Author Kathy has set the plot of the book in Maryland, The United States, and has introduced the lead characters in the form of Erica Russell and Michelle Serrano. In this book, author Kathy has shown that the residents of West Riverdale, Maryland, like to visit the “Chocolates and Chapters” very often in order to satisfy their craving for chocolate and at the same time get their hands on the newly arrived bestseller books. The locals seem to die for whatever is sold at this store. And with the tremendous success of the store, its owners and best friends Michelle Serrano and Erica Russel decide to celebrate the sweet rewards received to their combined chocolate and bookstore shop by organizing the Great Fudge Cook Off. This event is set to be organized during the weekend Arts Festival on the Memorial Day in the town.

On the day of the event, the expectation of Michelle and Erica to have a successful event turns sour when the portrait photographer of Main Street is discovered dead in the shop. It is found later that the photographer had died after eating the poisoned truffles. The incident not only spoiled the grand event, but also brought down the popularity of the signature truffles of Michelle. As the signature truffles were involved in the death of the photographer, Michelle became the prime suspect. Due to the suspicion, the sales of the store also being to crumble. Michelle starts thinking that her career is about to get finished if the mystery of the photographer’s death is not solved soon. She has some respite by having Erica Russell by her side, who she knows that would go to any extent to save her best friend from getting wrongly convicted. The two start investigating on their own and try to search for the real killer by going through each of the suspects in their list. They know it very well that they have to unravel the mystery very soon or else the their dream of making their combined shop a grand success would remain a dream forever.

The next mystery book published in the series by author Kathy is titled as ‘Truffled To Death’. The Berkeley publishers released this book too in the year 2015. At the beginning of this story, Erica and Michelle are shown hosting a reception so as to increase the sales of their combined store further. At the reception, they highlight a newly developed museum display of the ancient pottery of the Mayan times. This museum was curated by the former mentor of Erica named Professor Addison Moody. As the evening begins to slow down, the partners pace up the things by supplying more chocolate and wine to the guests. However, the sweetness once again turns bitter on the next day when the best friends come to know that the antiquities items from the museum display are missing. To add to their problems, Erica gets accused by the professor for playing games with him as he believes that she has stolen the antiquities. The professor goes on to add that Erica did this for taking revenge against him. Later, the problem becomes even bigger when the professor is found dead, stabbed with one of the ancient artifacts. This time, it is up to to Michelle Serrano to help out her friend and return the favor. The two are required to work together once again and track down the murderer before some other problem strikes in their lives. It becomes even more important for both of them to solve the mystery because they have to maintain the reputation of their shop if they want to see it become more successful in the future.

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