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Kathy Bennett is an American author of fiction. She was born in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California, where she was born and raised. Bennett has lived there all her life. She had a great childhood living in the area as the youngest of three with her parents, sister, and brother in California.

In addition to writing fiction, Kathy also pens a column for the North Valley Community News on a monthly basis in her home in the North San Fernando Valley. The articles explore daily life from the point of view of a retired police officer for education and entertainment.

Kathy Bennett is married to her husband Rick who is a Los Angeles police officer. She herself is a retired police officer after serving the Los Angeles area for 21 years. With her husband, she has one daughter and they also have a granddaughter.

Bennett is familiar with the requirements of being a cop, and she is well acquainted with things like murder, chaos, and mayhem. She spent much of her time when she was working as a police officer patrolling in a police car. She was a Senior Lead Officer before retirement. She also was a Firearms Instructor for the LAPD Police Academy, a Field Training Officer, worked undercover, and was a crime analyst. She was named Officer of the Year and twice named Officer of the Quarter.

Even though she is now retired, Kathy Bennett has channeled her years serving on the force and put them into novel form. The result are detailed stories that have a realistic feel and definitely bring the action. Her first novel was titled A Dozen Deadly Roses and was released in 2011, doing well from the moment that it debuted. The book was released as an e-book and was a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

A Dozen Deadly Roses features main character Jade Donovan. Like Bennett, she is a Los Angeles Police Officer. She has good reason to believe that she is being hunted or someone is out to get her. Her lieutenant is against her, someone’s leaving dead roses on her doorstep, and she has been assigned Mac Stryker as a partner.

Stryker is the father of her son Donnie, and Jade must do everything that she can to keep him from finding out and risk losing her son. But when Stryker finds himself working with Jade, he finds that he is attracted to Jade– and wouldn’t mind dating her and spending time with her adorable son. However, with the baggage of his wife and daughter dying violently still weighing on him, Stryker is reluctant to get emotionally involved, but he will do everything that he can to keep his partner and Donnie safe.

A Deadly Blessing was released in 2012. This suspense novel is the first in the Detective Maddie Divine series. It became a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well, which chose it as one of its recommended Best Nook Books of 2012. The sequel, A Deadly Justice, came out in 2014. A Deadly Denial followed it, with A Deadly Beauty and A Deadly Prayer featuring LAPD cop Maddie Divine as she deals with different cases.

A Deadly Blessing is the first book in the Maddie Divine series by Kathy Bennett. When the daughter of the governor of California is kidnapped it is critical that she be returned. The daughter is very sick and LAPD Detective Maddie Divine has been the one that is assigned to help find her and bring her back. This high-profile case is very important, but is Maddie in over her head before she even gets started?

This case is not just about finding the really ill girl and returning her to her home, but it also may involve secrets on every side. Not only that, but her only bone marrow donor has also disappeared, which seems more than just a coincidence.

With conspiracies abounding, Maddie Divine must navigate this case as best that she can while handling all of the problems in her life. These include the fact that her SWAT officer husband is slowly losing it, she doesn’t trust her partner in detecting, and her marriage is quickly deteriorating beyond the point of recovery.

Travis Divine is not handling things well after his SWAT teammate passed away. Now he is finding himself increasingly disconnected with his job, his marriage, and his life and even reality. Will he be able to regain the old fighting spirit and mentality that he needed to support his wife and get back to being an officer? Only time will tell. With a cast of characters and careers and lives on the line, Maddie must summon her inner strength and try to get through this case. Whether the girl will be able to be found, she has no idea, but she has to try.

A Deadly Justice is the second book in Kathy Bennett’s Detective Maddie Divine series. When a brutal murder crops up, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s followed by a bunch of elaborate burglaries and the next thing that Maddie Divine knows, there’s a serial rapist on the loose. Maddie is assigned a new partner, the capable officer Jade Donovan.

Together they realize that the crimes are sharing something in common. But as the case progresses and they continue to investigate, Maddie might find herself under the spotlight as the threat of her secrets rising to the surface comes to light. She’s not the only one keeping secrets, either.

Can Jade and Maddie survive being targeted by Sergeant Zak Murdock, who has a grudge against Jade? Can they figure out who is killing people, raping people, and burglarizing joints at an alarming rate? The stakes have never been higher for the detective.

If you want to find out what happens in this quick-paced action and murder mystery book, then pick it up for yourself! Go check out A Deadly Justice by author Kathy Bennett and see whether Jade and Maddie can solve the cases and catch the person or people responsible.

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