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Kathy Lockheart is a bestselling author of popular thriller, suspense, and romance fiction novels. She is an All-Star Suspenseful Romance author on Kindle Unlimited and is also a bestselling author on Amazon’s Top 25 lists on romantic suspense.

Lockheart’s novels have over the years earned critical acclaim from many quarters. They have been said to have a unique combination of danger and romantic elements often found in romantic suspense and emotional components from women’s fiction.

In some instances, the author has been known to combine themes that include forbidden romantic angst, enemies-to-lovers tropes, and dark romance anti-heroes, among many other elements that have made her a favorite author in the genre.

Kathy Lockhjeart published “Deadly Illusion,” her debut novel in 2021 and has never looked back since. By the end of 2022, she had nearly half a dozen works to her name.

When she is not penning her blockbuster fiction works, she can usually be found cursing whoever is responsible for installing fluorescent lights in dressing rooms.

“Deadly Illusion,” by Kathy Lockheart is the story of a woman that hid her bruises from practically everyone.

But then a championship-winning MMA fighter comes along and he will do anything including kill and even die, to protect her.

Jenna had been determined to put the past in the past and build a life she had always desired. However, just as she was thinking that she could finally make her dreams come true, things go horribly wrong.
Her fairy tale life is shattered by a shocking incident leaving her with a terrible secret that could destroy her life forever.

Damian is as mysterious as he is gorgeous and has always kept his secrets from the people he meets. He never believed he would ever care about anyone again until he met Jenna.

He knows being too close may put Jenna in danger but when he believes that she is in trouble, he vows to protect her come what may.

They soon find themselves in the middle of a scary nightmare where they are faced with threats from all sides. Damian and Jenna are in a race for survival, even as the people they love are in peril. Only Jenna’s ultimate sacrifice could save them.

Kathy Lockheart’s novel “Fatal Cure” is the story of a low-ranking DEA agent. She has always aspired to one day dismantle all the drug cartels that had destroyed her family.
Fallon is a survivor who will do everything to catch the top-ranking criminals that had destroyed her family.

But then she is offered the opportunity of a lifetime as she will be working with a task force in the DEA where she unearths the shocking truth about her past.
She comes to realize that the man she has been hunting could not have been closer than she imagined.

On the other hand, Dillon is a drug kingpin who is about to break the two most important rules: never fall in love and never get caught.

Dillon has plenty of enemies who would take out anyone he loves if he makes the slightest mistake. While he knows the rules of being a drug kingpin, he cannot help himself.
He is captivated by Fallon whom he rescued from certain death and this may just be his destruction.

Even worse, the ruthless cartel has been making moves that may put at risk the lives of many civilians and they may not have the time to stop these missteps.

“Lethal Justice” by Kathy Lockheart opens with a crime leader having fallen for a woman he should not have. She was his hostage taken during a heist and his colleagues will kill them both if he leaves any witnesses alive.

On her part, she knows that she has no business falling in love with her kidnapper. Moreover, he epitomizes everything she hates and does not stand for.

Her protector was never meant to see her as no one else ever had, let alone protect her from his very dangerous colleagues.

Surrendering to their strong feelings could doom them both. Things get even more dangerous when Easton is ordered to kill her or else they would take him out alongside his brother.

Not long after, their lives are all in danger with very little time left to get themselves out of the sticky situation.

It is a beautiful and thrilling romance that comes with dark theme content that involves kidnapping, dark secrets, and murder. It is a work that s certain to keep readers glued to its pages with mind-blowing twists and heart-pounding suspense.

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