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Publication Order of Katie Freeman Mystery Books

Katie Freeman Mystery series by Julie Mellon

Author Julie Mellon writes the “Katie Freeman” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Free to Kill” was released.

The series stars Katie Freeman, who is an FBI agent. She works with a partner named Michael Powell, after she is reassigned from her previous post.

“Free to Kill” is the first novel in the “Katie Freeman Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2014. Agent Katie Freeman’s life has been upended. She got reassigned from Louisiana to the center of Tennessee, and her new bosses believe her new assignment was due to an indiscretion with her old partner. Her and Michael Powell, which is who she is partnered with now, are tasked with helping out on a case of a woman that got abducted, tortured, and left for dead on her front porch.

Before they can make a bit of progress, a second female goes missing. As the number of missing women goes up, Katie and Michael must figure out how they get abducted and where they are held. Will they be too late to save the most recent woman taken? Making things more complicated is the cold case Michael’s ex-partner left behind. Who could have possibly killed Henry Stephens close to thirty years ago? What happened to Henry’s wife? Why is one of the suspects acting like he knows Katie?

Readers found this to be a strong first book in the series, especially
the fact that it has a strong female in the lead role. Fans found this one to be well written and they had a tough time putting it down for very long. The characters are quite likable, especially Katie, who is tough not to root for. The mystery takes some twists and takes readers into Katie’s past on top of telling a story in the present.

“Free to Deceive” is the second novel in the “Katie Freeman Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2015. Michael and Katie agree to assist local cops after thirteen bodies are discovered buried in a tiny park. The spooky pose each corpse is making as well as the gruesome manner that they were killed in indicates a rather sadistic killer.

Katie and Michael realize they have more questions than they have answers on this one. Could it be that these are hate crimes or are they crimes of passion? How are the victims connected to one another? How could so many guys go missing without anyone noticing it? With more bodies than they can handle and time running low, are they going to be able to catch the killer before another victim goes missing, or will they lose one of their own before it’s all said and done? As Katie navigates the case, guilt over secrets she keeps from Michael are threatening to overwhelm her own focus. Will her career as well as their partnership survive if the truth should come out?

The suspense hangs heavy in this one and keeps you on edge the entire way through. Readers liked learning more about these characters this time out. It hooks you from the start and keeps you reading the entire way through. Fans cannot wait to check out what happens next in this great series.

“Free to Live” is the third novel in the “Katie Freeman Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2015. Katie Freeman has a secret, and she has only shared it with Michael. While examining the files of a cold case, she finds a potential personal link. Could her mom really be the woman that went missing twenty-six years ago? Was she actually the one that murdered Katie’s father? If Katie’s mother really is the missing woman, how will this affect her career with the FBI?

Now that she has pulled her partner into all of this, are the calls going to come falling down on him, too? Adding to this stress is the relationship that Katie has with another FBI agent. She is keeping secrets from the dude that are impeding their ability to move their relationship forward. Is Katie going to be able to resolve this before she loses everything she has been working for?

Readers enjoyed this one a lot, and did not like stepping away from the story for very long. The book does a great job of going back and forth between past and present, showing Charlene’s past and why she ran off. This one is a great continuation of Katie’s story, and there is a fantastic twist at the end.

“Free to Believe” is the fourth novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2016. Suspended. This is a word that Katie never thought she would hear in her entire career. Now, she has got an entire week to think over her potentially ruined career. Making things worse, she took Michael down with her. This changes when Michael and Sam Odenthal, Michael’s ex-partner, turns up at her door with a complex cold case that has haunted him for the past twenty some years.

Twenty-three years ago, three women were killed, with their bodies dumped in a field. Evidence points to it being ritualistic murders. The case was never solved, and this bothered Stan. With all the unanswered questions and different avenues of investigation never explored. Why would the killer quit after three women? What do the markings on the women’s bodies mean? Why were these women chosen?

With the free time they have, they agree to help Stan with the case he was not able to solve. They have just four days to locate a killer, Michael and Katie must beat the clock in order to find some answers before they hear whether or not the ax is going to fall on both of their careers.

Fans enjoy picking these up and love the characters’ friendships and the fast pace each story has. These are quick and fun reads that readers read as fast as they possibly can when they get their hands on them.

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