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Katie McCoy is a bestselling romance fiction novelist from the United States.

She published “Game On” the debut novel of the “Players” series of novels and her first-ever work of fiction in 2015 and has never looked back since.
McCoy now has more than a dozen works of fiction to her name and has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Outside of her writing, Katie McCoy is a lover of the theater, a fanatic of the Cardinal baseball team, and is addicted to sushi.

While she was born and bred in St. Louis, Missouri, she now makes her home in Brooklyn, New York.

When she is not writing her novels about girls who love some very handsome alpha males, she can be found dancing, singing, and acting.
From time to time, she can be found writing her newsletter to her fans and often provides free stuff to subscribers.

“Game On” by Katie McCoy tells the story of a reporter named Sophie Hall who knows very well the first rule in her profession – do not bang the subject.
She has just been asked to profile Nathan Ryder which is the opportunity of a lifetime, given that he is the best baseball player since A-Rod.

According to the rumor mill, Ryder is set to be drafted into the Major League but he still volunteers at an animal shelter, while still maintaining an intense training regime.

The man is a prodigy who is handsome as can be and with a heart of gold too. However, Sophie does not intend to fall for him, as she needs to cover her story and remain objective.
Nonetheless, she never bet on the gorgeous green eyes and his flexed muscles when he holds the bat. Sophie also never thought he would be so caring smart and witty.

While he is not a person to touch she cannot help if the lingering gazes become something more. She cannot help but fall for the hottest guy she ever met, who also devotes his time to saving kittens.
Things get interesting when her scoop turns into a scandal and Nathan now needs her a lot more. Both of their careers are on the line and the big question is “Will they hit a home run or strike out?”

Katie McCoy’s novel “Play Me” is a brilliant romance story of Jake Matson and Ella Thomas. Jake is a chef that is equal parts carefree and sexy while Ella is a pianist that is equal parts endearing and uptight.
They are neighbors with only ⅛ inch of drywall separating them but they can never seem to agree on anything resulting in a very steamy story.

At the opening of the novel, she has been training for a competition and could not be happier as she can practice from morning till evening as she finally has her own apartment.

However, she never bet on her frustrating but sexy neighbor keeping her up all night, even if he kisses her like it is his job and cooks like a maestro.

Conversely, Jake Matson is the head chef at San Francisco’s most popular restaurant which is a dream come true. He is not looking for love, even though he is known for being flirtatious and easygoing.
Jake never expected that he would ever be distracted by the beautiful neighbor next door, only to find that there was a seductive firecracker underneath the buttoned-up appearance.

What will happen when these two opposites attract in this tension-filled story?

“Play Maker” by Katie McCoy is a man with a drool-worthy body and an international soccer sensation who has made Nicole Grant always go rubbery at the knees.

The latter has been living a fantasy as she rendezvous with the sexiest player on either coast of the Atlantic. While it is just for one night, she is fine with it, given that she has a special needs brother to take care of and a busy work schedule.
All she has time for are flings with no strings attached and no complicated feelings.

On his part, James is a man used to scoring off and on the field, and his reputation in the tabloids is only surpassed by his reputation in the game. But then Nicole gives him the best night of his life and he has a very new experience.
She is a woman who knows who he is and what he can offer but keeps her distance and will not throw herself at him.

To make matters worse she is funny and witty and he can not resist her charm, even as she cannot get him out of her mind as he is not like all the other football players.
Will their one-night stand result in something real or will the standoff end in a draw?

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