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Katie Ruggle is a rather uncommon fellow, as she loves anything that will give her the status of a “bad ass”. This is not a common attribute that you find among ladies but she has inculcated the habit and it is clearly seen in the books that she has written in the past. To further prove that she loves to be bad-ass, she is a honor role student of the police academy where she received her ice-rescue certificate. Her period with the Police academy certainly suggests that she knows a thing or two about the extreme conditions of the reservoirs of the Colorado mountains.
The nature of her books clearly shows who Katie Ruggle is and her training in boxing, gymnastics, and Krav mega are well justified. She also spent a good part of her life, living solar and wind enabled house near the rocky mountains, where if she isn’t writing, she;cross country skis and scuba dives in warm places and do lots of other exciting things.

Since she came out publicly as an author, her books have always fallen under the Romance, suspense and fiction category. This has always ensured that she captured the attention of all her numerous readers across the globe and they are always yearning for more.

Books By Katie Ruggle

Hold Your Breath

One of her earlier book which shook the Romance and Fiction world is “Hold Your Breath”. The book was totally mind blowing, the carefully laid down scenes, characters, suspense and humor with which Katie presented the details of the book is unbeatable. Hold Your Breath is a romantic suspense which revolves around a Rocky mountain search and rescue team.

The story line features Louise Sparks, fondly referred to as “Lou” who left her hugely demanding and controlling family and a less than admirable job, in search of a brand new life in the rural parts of Colorado. Soon she became an expert with the Gumby suit used by search and rescue divers because that was the job that she could secure. This offered her the opportunity to live in a cabin that is powered by solar generator and a wood stove. This book makes the perfect match if your are looking to read a romantic piece with a female heroine.

Lou’s adventure took an unusual turn during on of their numerous cold water rescue practice with her team when she kicked something lose and surprisingly, a corpse that was headless floated to the top. Lou felt responsible for the man and was fired up to look into what happened to him and who he was. She also gave the corpse a code name HDG (Headless Dead Guy).

In the midst of this uncertainty and confusion, a stalker appeared to be menacing Lou. “Callum Cook”, her boss who has a rather odd personality had soft spots for Lou and in a very silent way became her body guard because he was worried about her and the things that she was getting her self into. Taking a closer look at the character of LOU and Callum, you will notice that they are actually two separate people in terms of personality. Lou is funny, and disorganized while Callum is uptight and a bit secretive about his feelings. Strange pair you might say but together they would make great detective and hopefully future lovers.

It wasn’t surprising therefore when Lou and Callum started investigating together who HDG was, who the mysterious stalker was and if they had any connection whatsoever.

The book wasn’t without its own flaws. The investigation that Lou and Callum where running alongside a supposed cop who somehow knew about the situation didn’t make much sense. Just one cop seem a bit off track but the rest happen to be fine. Its also strange how they can be fine with the fact that two people from an unknown team will handle and a solve a murder case.

The Books isn’t perfect but it is widely accepted and it laid a good foundation for the series.

Fan The Flame
If you are a lover of slow and sweet romance, cozy neighborhoods, snowy little towns, then this one is definitely a must for you.

Fan the flame is an exciting romantic thriller and all the settings suggest exactly that. It features Rory who one can describe as someone who didn’t have a good childhood nor the kind of parents that normally buy toys for their kids. Although her parents are dead, she was home schooled and trained in all the techniques that she will need to survive a zombie apocalypse before she became a teenager. After her parents death, she decided to start a gun shop and sell to local factions while maintaining her low profile.

In the midst of all these existed Ian; an extremely hot Fire-fighter and biker gang member who has had serious feelings for Rory right from when they were little but never got the opportunity to tell her because of her parent’s strict nature. They were only able to become friends now that they’ve grown up and her parents are gone.

Rory according to the book’s description is a gorgeous lady who no semblance of a social life nor the slightest idea as to how to handle all of Ian’s flirting. One thing she couldn’t resist however is his help whenever anyone comes sneaking around her shop at night. This problem persisted as all the bad guys in the environment started targeting Rory’s shop.

At a point she had no choice but to move over to Ian’s house which unlike her house had windows. She freaked out at some point but Ian was a gentleman and he made her feel as comfortable as he could. The romantic tension described here in the book was explosive.

The story is a continuation of the first book where Lou and Callum were still deep in their investigating on the Headless Dead Guy case. You can pick up from this point in the book but reading the first book would definitely help you catch up faster.

The book continues with an exciting twist of events which shows how Ian gets all twisted up in Lou and Callium’s investigation. At some point, Rory needed to forget about the nature of her up bringing and concentrate on what is right in front of her. The action, romance, tension and humor is unbeatable and certainly something every reader will enjoy.

The Book has its flaws but in general terms, its worth the time, energy and money.

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