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The best-selling author ever, Katy Evans, was born in Texas March 3rd, 1976. Katy began writing shortly after she turned 12 years old. Her very early works were mostly poems and short stories. She first felt that there might be an underlying talent in her writing when her school newspaper continuously chose her essays to publish.

Katy stumbled upon the romance genre when she was 15. She had found a poorly written romance novel. She read it through to the end only to find that the main characters in the book only shared one small kiss. Disappointed in the novel, Katy knew she could write better. If the dismal attempt at a book she had just read could be published, her work would certainly be printed. She wrote her first romance novel at the age of 16. Katy submitted the work to publishers, agents, and entered contests. Sometimes she received wonderful notes of encouragement, sometimes she finished high in the contest, but every single submission ended in a no.

Katy didn’t give up. For the next fifteen years, she continued to write and submit and get declined. The constant “No’s” seemed to fuel Katy’s determination to become a published author. Many times she would be set back or have her pace slowed by a nasty turn down, but she would gather herself up and begin writing again. Katy says the constant writing gave ert the ability to create scenes and characters that felt alive inside her head.

Katy says it wasn’t until she stopped writing what she thought everyone wanted to read and told the story she wanted to tell that things picked up for her. Real was her first breakthrough book. She says it was a book she wrote for herself without thinking about what others might want. Katy claims the characters grab her and make her write their stories and won’t let go until she does.

Early Books by Katy Evans

REAL (2013)

Real was awarded the Book Junkies 2013 prize for Best New Adult Romance Novel and nominated as a Goodreads Best Romance Novel of 2013 finalist. Katy herself was a finalist for Best Goodreads Debut Author for 2013.

Real is about a disgraced boxer, Remington “Riptide” Tate and Brooke Dumas. Brooke is a former runner and Olympic hopeful. During training, Brooke suffers an injury that ends her career as an athlete but begins her career in Sports Rehabilitation. Remington is fighting for the championship on the Underground boxing circuit.

Brooke and her best friend Melanie attend a fight at the Underground and Brooke falls completely in lust with Remy from the first glance. As soon as they make eye contact they both realize that there is a powerful connection.

Remy invites Brooke to his next match and offers her a three-month contract to travel with him as his physical therapist. Brooke accepts the job. She is driven to near madness as she stretches him out after his fights and workouts. Remy is interested, but he is not making a move which further adds to Brooke’s frustrations.

Remy has had a complicated past. Institutionalize by his parents at 13, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was only able to leave once he became old enough to check himself out. Remy refuses to take his medication during his training because it makes him unpredictable. He has very high “Highs” and or he will go “black” and lose time and become unaware of his actions. Brooke is not prepared for Rem’s lows but doesn’t feel a threat from Remy. She offers support while he is in his lows and spends her time with him. Remy is afraid he will hurt Brooke and refuses to become sexually involved with her.

Brooke wants Remy so badly. She doesn’t just want to touch him professionally. He is afraid to allow her to touch him any other way for fear of losing himself to her completely.

Mine (2013)

Brooke and Remy return in the sequel to Real. Mine was released in the fall of 2013 and premiered as number one on Amazon’s Romance Best Sellers list as well as hitting the Best Sellers list at the New York Times. This time around, Brooke and Remy face different challenges. Remy is more determined than ever to win his championship belt. His opponent, Scorpion is more determined to keep the belt away from him.

Brooke is pregnant. She has a horrible miscarriage scare and has to be placed on bed rest with restrictions. And cannot travel as Remy’s physical therapist. Remy cannot stay at home and care for Brooke. He has to leave her behind while he tours fighting in the Underground.

Remy and Brooke must learn to deal with their insecurities or allow time distance to tear them apart before they ever really get started.

Real and Mine are books 1 and 2 in the Katy Evans’ six book series. Brooke and Remy are the main characters throughout. Fans of the series adore Remy. You want to root for him. Katy paints this character as impossible not to love. Under his tough and sometimes violent character lies a sweet, caring and vulnerable man. So vulnerable that it can break your heart at times, but you never forget that he is a strong and sexy fighter. Katy’s third book REMY takes you inside Remy’s mind and really lets you see what makes him tick.

Katy made the decision to publish Real herself. The novel shot to the top of the top four self-publishing marketplaces including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The books new found best-seller status garnered it much attention including the attention of Simon and Schuster’s Gallery Books who quickly acquired the rights to the Real Series.

Katy is also the author of the four-book series Manwhore which documents a larger than life Chicago Entrepreneur and the sexy undercover detective hired to reveal the truth behind the stories.

When Katy isn’t busy writing critically acclaimed romance novels, she loves to run, bake, read and spend time with her family. Katy lives with her husband, 2 children and three dogs in southern Texas. Her original romance novel that she wrote at 16 has not been published.

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