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Katy Munger is an American author born in Hawaii. She has written fiction under the pen names Chaz McGee and Gallagher Gray. Her works are available in physical form and as e-books. She tends to walk the fine line between serious and comical.

Katy Munger was born in Honolulu in 1956. She remembers climbing to the hospital roof at a very young age and watching the fireworks explode in the sky during the Chinese New Year.

The author’s family was quite large, not only because of the six children but also the live-in relatives and the pets they carried with them when they finally moved to North Carolina in the 1960s.

Life for Katy Munger was such an adventure, not only because of the diverse personalities that existed within her household but also because of all the lodges and dilapidated mansions they lived in over the course of her childhood.

It wasn’t until they got to Raleigh in North Carolina that the author found stability, at least with regards to her living situation. But even then, life was never dull, not with all the unique individuals from all corners of the globe that saw fit to visit her parents on occasion.

Munger learned early on just how different people could be. She was also fortunate to come from a family that enthusiastically embraced new cultures. A former student of Broughton High School (Raleigh), Munger eventually left UNC-Chapel Hill having successfully completed their creative writing program.

She admits that the influences of the 1970s made her education rather difficult and she doesn’t believe that she would have gone so far if it wasn’t for the strong support system around her.

Life eventually swept the author to New York City. She reveled in the insanity of the city, experimented with every haircut she could find and tore through a litany of boyfriends, not to mention all the bar hopping she did.

Katy Munger was thirty when writing came into the picture. This was after she discovered that she might have a mind for finance, a revelation that shocked her family to its core.

By the time she left Wall Street, Katy had determined to make her literary debut under the ‘Gallagher Gray’ pen name. Her husband came into the picture around that time.

While Munger admits that she loved the man to bits, she had a feeling early on that things wouldn’t end well. After all, he was a pretty enthusiastic rock musician when they met and Munger had nothing but disdain for the misogynistic world of rock music.

Their divorce was a reluctant one but she also believes it was necessary. And it inspired the author’s Casey Jones novels. With more than a decade in the fast lane of New York under her belt, Munger’s southern roots began to call to her.

So she gave into the homesickness and returned to North Carolina with its kind people and gentle landscapes. She settled in Durham shortly before the luxury high rises came into the picture.

She started a family and began to write with a little more fervor. The ‘Hubbert & Lil’ series marked her foray into publishing. The Casey Jones books came about in the 1990s and 2000s.

She took a long break from writing and then returned with a bang with the ‘Dead Detective’ Series. That one she published under the Chaz McGee Pen name.

Katy Munger is passionate about writing but the habit doesn’t consume her life, primarily because she is so extroverted. The author doesn’t have what it takes to commit to several isolated days of writing on her computer.

She would rather be out in the world, meeting new people and collecting experiences. Besides her work with Duke University, Munger spends a lot of time traveling and hanging out with her friends.

She imputes her lifestyle to her age. As she’s gotten older, Munger has seen her priorities change. She has always been a cheerful woman. But age has brought with it even more joys.

She prefers to live a life that has no patterns. That means letting the circumstances of life sweep her in whatever direction they wish. Her free spirit manifests in her work.

Casey Jones is as smart as they come. She’s also durable and there’s no end to the diverse nature of her talents. In other words, Casey would make a perfect private detective. But that life is more or less closed off to her, not unless she is willing to leave Raleigh behind.

Casey went to prison. Her bad luck took a turn for the worst and she ended up in a Florida Penitentiary. The stint still haunts her. It also means that she cannot get a PI license.

But Casey’s found a way around that particular restriction. She has taken a position under Bobby D, a PI with a horrible diet, worse health, and a conspicuous toupee.

Casey does Bobby’s legwork because he doesn’t really have the physical capacity to do much on his own. Casey doesn’t expect to encounter much in the way of trouble when she meets Mary Lee Masters, a tough politician hoping to sneak her way into the Senate.

Casey knows that Mary’s work has garnered her a long list of enemies, but she’s also pretty confident that she can keep the woman safe. But then someone dumps a corpse in Mary’s car and she has no choice but to turn to Casey for assistance.

Casey is about to be dragged through the muddy and treacherous waters of politics.

+Out of Time
Casey Jones has stuck her nose into the case of a woman on death row and now she’s on a collision course with the police force in her hometown. Casey knows that not every figure in blue is a friend to justice.

But she is about to find out how ruthless the police can become when they become the enemy. And the timing couldn’t be worse. Not only have bodies begun to fall but if she isn’t careful, she could take the fall for the murderers.

Luckily for Casey, she is one competent, no-nonsense PI, a tough-as-nails femme fatale hiding behind the façade of a southern belle.

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