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Katya Apekina is a renowned Russian novelist, who is well known for writing contemporary, fiction, adult fiction, and literary fiction stories. She is particularly popular for writing the standalone book The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish. This book is very successful in different parts of the world and has helped author Katya to establish herself as a noteworthy writer. In addition to this exciting novel, Katya has had her stories published in several literary journals such as the Santa Monica Review, Pank, Iowa Review, Joyland, West Branch, and others as well. She has featured in the list of Notable Best American Non-required Required in the year 2013. Prior to trying her hand in the field of novel writing, author Katya used to translate prose and poetry . One such translation done by her was for the Night Wraps Sky : Writings about and by Mayakovsky. The Farrar Straux and Giroux published it in 2008. This translation was shortlisted for the award for best translation.

Author Katya has collaborated with another writer for writing the screenplay of a feature film called New Orleans, Mon Amour. This film features Elisabeth Moss in the lead role and was premiered in 2008 at SXSW. Author Katya was born in Moscow, Russian Federation. She has acquired the US citizenship and currently resides in Los Angles, California. In her debut book, Katya has featured multiple characters with interesting roles and has brilliantly structured the events of the story. She has used a rather unusual technique for doing the narration. It appears to give a stunning effect and creates a type of narrative tension that tends to propel the plot forward. The characters, structure, story-line, set up, and the overall story look refreshing and original. Author Katya’s style of writing looks excitingly gorgeous. Katya seems to have given her literary career a great start with this stunningly accomplish novel. She even got the well deserved response from the audience, each one of whom not only fell in love with her book, but also gave motivating comments. She seems to have woven a stunning magic in the book’s story that took the readers by surprise and carried them to very beautiful and very dark places.

Author Katya felt very happy and proud of herself with the grand success of her first book. She showed her gratitude towards her fans for supporting her and liking her work. Katya hopes that she will hold on to the support of her dedicated fans throughout her career and will keep entertaining them with interesting books and stories in the future. Numerous critics and fellow writers gave amazing reviews to her novel and boosted her confidence with their comments. Their praises and appreciations made her much more confident and made her feel that she is on the right career path. Katya considers herself blessed to have found this career field. She believes that she was destined to become a writer. Her interest in contemporary and fiction stories had begun at a very young age. It only became stronger with the passage to time. Even today, Katya likes to indulge in reading the books of different writers so as to gain inspiration for her future novels. As of today, author Katya is busy writing her next book and is expected to publish it next year. She hopes the readers will continue to shower their love on her next novels just like her previous book.

The debut book penned by author Katya Apekina is entitled ‘The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish’. It was released in the year 2018 by the Two-Dollar Radio publication. The central characters mentioned in this book include Eddie, Marianne, Mae, Dennis, and several others. Author Katya has done the setting of the book’s plot in New York and Louisiana. At the beginning of the book’s story, Mae and Edie are introduced as teenage sisters and Marianne is their mother. The family lives separately from Marianne’s estranged husband in Louisiana. Edie is 16 years old, while Mae is 2 years younger than her. One day Edie enters her house to find her mother Marianne hanging from the ceiling of the living room, barely alive. It appears that she had used jump rope to hang herself, and urine was spread on the floor. Edie gets her mother down and goes upstairs to find her sister Mae fallen in a trance.

Mae always felt very closely attuned to the dark moods of her mother, which had resulted in her trance condition. Marianne is admitted to an asylum, even though she is not willing to go. Following this, Edie & Mae have no other option but to move out of their childhood house in Louisiana and relocated to New York for living with their father, Dennis. He is a former activist of civil rights and a literary figure, but has not achieved any success in life. Both the girls look homesick and grieving. Dennis attempts to provide all the affection to them so as to make feel good. They seem wary of this unexpected affection and attention. After some time, the close relationship of the girls begins falling apart. Edie continues to be loyal to her mother. She looks convinced that the person responsible for Marianne’s worsen mental condition is Dennis. But, Mae appears to get pulled towards her father. She feels suffocated by the striking resemblance she to Marianne.

The distance between the sisters continues to grow further as they move in opposing & destructive directions in life. They find it very difficult to cope up with the struggles and pain. Soon, the history about the romantic past of Marianne and Dennis comes to light and this leads to the fracture of the family even further. The plot is written by moving through several first person accounts. Katya has penned the book with a humor sense of the sinister kind. The novel has powerfully captured the torment in the lives of 2 sisters, who crave for attention of their parents. Author has skillfully crooked the line between fantasy and fact, freedom and escape, and between obsession and love. The book was very much liked by readers, critics, and reviewers. They gave exciting reviews and praised every aspect from start to end. Overall, the book is deep, charged, thought provoking, and impressive. The characters look unforgettable and each play excellent roles to carry the story forward.

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