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Publication Order of Tielmaran Chronicles Books

Wind from a Foreign Sky (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tremor in the Bitter Earth (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prince of Fire and Ashes (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Rulers of Hylor Books

with Cherry Wilder
A Princess of the Chameln (By: Cherry Wilder) (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yorath the Wolf (By: Cherry Wilder) (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer's King (By: Cherry Wilder) (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wanderer (With: Cherry Wilder) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Katya Reimann is a fantasy author from Saint Paul, Minnesota best known for the “Tielmaran Chronicles” series of novels. Earlier in her career, she spent six years teaching, writing, and getting her doctorate in 18th Century Literature from Oxford University. While still a student at Oxford, she was granted the A.C. Irvine Travel grants. The grant was established in memory of A.C. Irvine, an Oxford graduate that lost his life attempting the first summit of Mount Everest alongside George Mallory. She has always loved the mountains and spent a lot of time in the Picos de Europa in Spain, where she had first-hand experience of the tough conditions of an expedition. As a member of the Oxford University Cave Club, she explored tens of deep mountain caves in the Picos. As such, compelling natural environments, caves and mountains often appear in her writings.

As for her writings, Katya admits that she has been influenced by many authors over the years. Some of her biggest literary influences have been obscure authors from the 18th century such as “Asterix the Gaul’s author Rene de Goscinny and T.H. White. She is a huge reader of pre-twentieth-century literature and this combined her love for vigorous outdoor activity to come up with fascinating story ideas. Katya Reimann wrote her debut novel “Wind From A Foreign Sky” in 1996 to much critical acclaim and commercial success. The novel would become the first of the “Tielmaran Chronicles” series of novels. This is a high fantasy trilogy series in a setting where complex and troubled characters and squabbling deities are often at odds with each other. For her efforts, she made the finals for Best New Writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction at the John W. Campbell Awards. Katya is also the author of the posthumous collaboration “The Wanderer,” which she would publish in 2004. In 2020, she was working on a contemporary fantasy series of novels set in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She currently lives in Saint Paul Minnesota from where she writes her novels.

Before she became an author, Katya Reimann did all manner of odd and eclectic jobs just like many of her contemporaries. She has said that one of the most interesting of these was when she spent two summers as a tombstone carver doing commissions with a sandblaster, stencil, and occasionally stone. These would provide a lot of real-world experience that she would then use in her later work as an artist. Katya has also been the lead fundraiser to The Handel and Haydn Society’s and this would have become a career if she had not decided to take a different route. She was great at fundraising as praising and talking up someone else’s virtuous work has always been a strength of hers. While these were not so terrible jobs, before these jobs, she had done more mundane jobs. Born to a painter’s mother and sculptor father, she had worked as an assistant to her father, helping organize architectural installations when she was in her twenties.

“Wind From a Foreign Sky” by Katya Reimann is the story of Prince Clarin of Tielmark. Centuries past, he had made a pact with the Great Twins, the patron goddesses of the land. He had vowed that he and his progeny would only marry ordinary citizens and in exchange, the goddesses had assured him that the Tielmark would always be independent of the Bissanty Empire, the powerful neighbor in the north. But now Heiraktus who is part Tielmark and part Bissanty Chancellor has managed to charm Prince Benet of Tielmark to work for his interests. If he manages to convince Mervion the young witch to marry Benet, Tielmark may come under the power of Bissanty since she is not a commoner and does not get her abilities and powers from the gods. Moreover, such a union will mean that Heiraktus will acquire her power and have unparalleled influence in the realm. But Gaultry who is the equally talented sister to Mervion still roams the realm and is unlikely to be captured. Gaultry has sought refuge with a warrior who possesses a magical blade. With such protection, she seeks to awaken her once-powerful magic so that she can use it to save Mervion her sister. However, Heiraktus works hard and finally manages to capture Gaultry, who is horrified to learn that her sister has been so brainwashed by the Chancellor that she will no longer resist. Somehow she now has to save Tielmark, her sister, and herself.

Katya Reimann’s “A Tremor in the Bitter Earth” is a much darker novel than the first of the “Tielmaran Chronicles” series. Tielmark is about to celebrate liberation from the millennia-old rule of the powerful yet decadent Baissanty Empire. The empire had ruled them with an iron fist and they are happy that they can now get to be free at last. Gaultry Blas the young glamour witch is going on a journey to attend the sacred rites which she hopes will renew her bond to the twin goddesses and the land. However, it is going to be a treacherous journey and at the end of it, there are many trials to come for both Tielmark and Gaultry. She attempts to foil a plan by Bissanty assassins to corrupt the prince with poisonous and dark magic, but finds herself in the mid of a dangerous and sinister plot. She makes an unlikely ally in one of the assassins and together they make a journey deep into the enemy’s empire. She will need to put all her magic and skills to work to unearth the hidden ties between her kingdom’s destiny and that of Bissanty her former master.

Reiman’s “Prince of Fire and Ashes” sees the prince of Tielmark free from the shackles of its enemies but still not immune to the many conspiracies hatched by the Bissanty Empire. Gaultry Blas the sorceress who had been blessed by the goddess twins of Tielmaran has come back home hoping to find peace only to find evil magic has taken over. The coven of witches is determined to protect the prince and have come together to take care of Melaudiere the dying duchess, who is to bear the unborn heir to the throne. They had failed to protect Tielmark from outside forces in the past and this time they are determined not to fail their oath as it could cost their lives and those of their descendants. Gaultry the forest born is not comfortable with politics and prefers action but now has to navigate intricate court intrigues. She is forced to learn politics and work with witches from the Common Brood if she is to break the ancient claims the Bissanty Empire has on the Kingdom.

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