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Katz Cowley is an English bestselling and award winning illustrator & author of children books. She is best recognized for the illustration of the award-winning wonky donkey. Katz Cowley has spent a substantial amount of her life moving around travelling from country to country. When she is not into writing, she holds workshops and classes where she teaches creative expression, drawing which is greatly inspired by her desire to break down her creative blocks. She has taught in a number of countries among them, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, and the United Kingdom.

She is an author who believes in creativity and bringing out the inside out to show it out to the world. She naturally crafts her journals and personal works, and this always delivers quality work. Katz was never good in academics but had a creative mind which she has learned to transform into the reality to come up with the best of her abilities in the form of children’s character books with the aim of inspiring others who desire to follow her path. She has received numerous awards for her creativity among them The 2010 NZ Post Children’s Choice Award, 2010 Nielsen Booksellers’ Choice Award among others. Some of Katz Cowley’s illustrated books include The Fidgety Itch, Willbee The Bumblebee and the Seesaw Po not forgetting The Bee’s Sneeze.

The Wonkey Donkey

The Wonky Donkey is a children’s fantasy book created and illustrated by Cowley. This book won the APRA Silver Award back in 2008 for the children’s song of the year for the song by Craig Smith. It tells the story of a three-legged, who is also one-eyed and has a flatulence issue.

The book describes the ass as a character that is quite clever and persistence despite the problems that he encounters along the journey. Each page gives the reader something new concerning him which also adds to the fun and is meant to deliver for the readers. He goes through life with persistence and determination even though he does not have four legs like any other donkey. It’s a book full of fun and automatically draws the attention of the audience more so when it comes to the songs included.

Not only is the book suitable for kids but it is also ideal for grown-ups as it has funny incidences that will automatically make you laugh from the descriptions given about the donkey and also has great life lessons. She has woven a piece that will stick in your mind even long after reading it to the future. Katz has done an excellent job when it comes to describing this character at the same time giving it a great rhythm and rhyme. At the same time, it is simple to read with a good flow. In simple words, it is a brittle journey of mirth and discovery and fun.

Seesaw Po

Seesaw Po is another book illustrated by Cowley. Kyle Mewburn wrote it as a children ’s fun book, but Katz Cowley takes over the illustrations. The book tries to teach the readers the importance of being good to others as one might not know when they would need them the most and also the advantage of always being good to others

Four animals go out on an adventure on the roundabout, the swing, and a seesaw. On getting there, they find an ant sitting on the swing. The other three suggest that they shoo the ant but all of them except Po the hippo refuses, but he decides to give the ant a push as he was the first one to arrive there, so he deserved. They begin their fun and while all of them have chances on the swing hippo is left out as he is too heavy and they leave him out. They have fun at every other place but leave Po out of each of them which make him feel low. It is funny since he is left with the aunt that he had not objected on being swung and in fact, was the one who did the favor for him. Its emotional especially for the young readers as they will find themselves sympathizing him and later on celebrating as it approaches the end

The story takes an unexpected turn where his kindness is rewarded at the end of things taking away from him the burden of sorrow that had settled on him for being ignored by his friends. Cowley has done an incredible job that to encourage children to read as they chase the fun. The story is straightforward making it possible for the reader to follow through the events of this book in a systematic manner and further assisted by the use of pictures.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth is another illustrated book by this author. It was however written originally by don gardener. Santa is the detective and Mokey brings up a case about his lost teeth and is begging him to find them for him.

The story is about a lovable and very jovial monkey who has only one problem, his two missing teeth. In each page, he makes a little friend all the way and which makes him overly happy. At the same time, he is on a quest to find the missing parts adding to the fun each time it full of fun and exciting pictures that will make the reader spend some time on each page though still creates the urge to move on to know what comes next.

The setting depicts a holiday mood, Christmas time that makes it even more fun as what is brought up including the making of new little friends, the inclusion of Santa all point out a jovial and interactive time. The book will attract both children and other ages from the pictures and also songs that contain great rhythm and rhyme all along. Cowley has made it clear and understandable especially with the use of pictures.

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