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Publication Order of Pinch of Nom Cookbooks

with Kate Allinson, Laura Davis
Pinch of Nom (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Food Planner (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Everyday Light (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy Food Planner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Comfort Food (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Family Meal Planner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinch of Nom Enjoy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kay Featherstone is a diet cookbook sensation that is best known for her work “Pinch of Nom.” It was the work that ousted bestselling author Mary Berry who was topping the charts and closed in on Dan Brown and JK Rowling.
In less than a week following its release, the novel sold more than 210, 000 copies, which made it one of the nonfiction’s fastest-selling books ever since records began.

The work would make Kay Featherstone and her partner Kate Allinson who is also a fellow food blogger into overnight literary sensations.

Featherstone met her life partner Kate almost more than 14 years ago and together, they went on a weight loss journal that saw them lose more than 14 stone between them.
According to Featherstone, she used to enjoy food too much, given that she is a Brit and loved to celebrate with a lot of drinking and eating. She now likes to make recipes about food that people could eat and not feel like they are on a diet.
Since she is a big girl, she knows just how hard it is to shift weight which is why she tries to come up with the most delicious low-calorie recipes in her cookbooks.

It also helps that Kay Featherstone is very much experienced in the food industry since she used to run the Merseyside-based Cromwells restaurant for several years.

Featherstone once worked for more than 100 hours every week in the restaurant she co-owned with Kate Allinson. However, they had to shut down the business when Kate’s parents got ill and they had to take care of them.

It was probably this that led to the two gaining a lot of weight since they lost all interest in cooking and used to snack all the time. At some point, they left Merseyside and moved to Toronto Canada, and ultimately to Orlando Florida.
As a big girl who was practically obese, things were very tough for Kay Featherstone. She used to attend all manner of Slimming World meetings and was shocked that most members never bothered to do any real cooking.

As such, she used to make use of her love for food and her restaurant skills to come up with her own recipes inspired by normal recognizable meals. They would then share them with other members of their group and post them on a blog they had started.

When she came back from her first meeting, she decided that it was important to show people how to cook. Having recently lost her job, she resorted to working on the food blog as a side thing.
She repurposed what had then been a naughty food blog which was full of all manner of pastries into a new healthier blog.

Things were tough for several months as Kay Featherstone worked as a freelance consultant, even as the blog took a lot of her time and money. By the end of her six months working on the blog, it had more than 60,000 visitors each month.
The good thing was that she had experience in online marketing and social media which was significant in making her blog a success. At some point, she decided to compile the best recipes from her blog into a diet book.
With more than 700,000 followers on Facebook, more than 400,000 fans on Instagram, and more than 1,000,000 likes on Facebook, the work would become one of the most successful of its time.

At its height, only Dan Brown, EL James, and JK Rowling had sold more titles in a single week. As a result of her success, she has had the privilege of working with brands such as Hellmann’s, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, and Kenwood.
All of her diet books have been published by the company Bluebird which was founded by Joe Wicks the diet and fitness guru. The publishing company has already signed Kate up for another three diet books.
The name of her blog found inspiration from “Pinch of Yum” another blog that Kay found to be very interesting and hip.

For the most part, Kay Featherstone‘s personal story is at the heart of her blogging and diet book business.

While she does not speak about herself much, the fact that she is fat and this inspired her obsession with healthy eating cannot be separated from her writing.
While she is a diet cookbook author, Featherstone has never followed any diet whether it be Keto, Atkins, or even intermittent fasting.

In many ways, she is an unlikely author of a diet book. In some ways, she believes that this is what pressurized her to speak to her community about healthy eating.
Together with Kate Allinson her partner, she has often been described as a fat chef which she had always found funny. Nonetheless, she has said that she never lets this get her down as she continues to share her message of healthy eating.

Kay Featherstone’s diet book “Pinch of Nom Enjoy” is a work that provides low-calorie recipes you will love and never feel like you are missing out.

The work comes with more than a hundred delicious recipes that were inspired by the recipes she used to provide to her reader on the blog Pinch of Nom.
It has all manner of irresistible recipes ranging from one-pan meals to cheeky fakeaways, scrumptious desserts all day breakfasts.

There are all manner of crowd-pleasers that are so delicious and satisfying that you would never in a hundred years imagine that they are good for your health.

The novels feature trademark simple, bold flavors, easy-to-find ingredients, and flexible cooking methods. The recipes are full of food that you will want to share and savor over and over again with your loved ones.
The many recipes also come with simple ingredients that you will find at your local supermarket and easy steps so that food preparation is as easy as it could be. Lastly, it comes with all manner of bright pictures that are a joy to look through.

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